UchiSays: For the purpose of easing any anachronisms (big word! But it pretty much just mean timeline mistakes) I'll take this time to point out that Draco left for England in late May in this chapter takes place mid-September, and I know the last chapter only said he was gone for two and a half months, but that was bad math on my part.

Final Rainstorm

There was very little traffic so late at night/early in the morning. Disregarding the rules of the road and taking advantage of the way Sirius had taught him to drive, Harry sped down the highway at a speed 15mph above the posted speed limit. As he neared the airport, he gradually slowed the car down, because coming to a sudden stop at the speed he was driving could be quite dangerous.

He arrived at the airport with five minutes to spare instead of the twenty minutes late he would have been if he'd adhered to all the traffic laws. Parking the car Draco had given him as close to the entrance of the airport as he could get, Harry hopped out the car and rushed inside. He glanced at the arrival/departure board and saw that Draco's plane was actually landing now.

Draco had told him to wait by the baggage claim, so that's where Harry headed. It wasn't long before Harry was standing on his tiptoes, craning his neck to see over the crowd of people getting off the plane, hoping to catch sight of a familiar blond head. When he found the person he was looking for, Harry's face lit up with joy.

"Draco!" he called, jumping up and down and waving his arms to catch the other's attention. Draco looked his way and smiled and Harry began pushing his way through the crowd to get to Draco that much sooner. "Draco!" Harry called again as he stepped around the last person separating them, only to freeze in his tracks, eyes widening in surprise.


The sun was rising as they drove home. Harry sat in the passenger's seat, eyes fixated outside the window in order to keep from turning and looking in the backseat.

"Aren't you going to say anything?" Draco asked after a while.

"I don't have anything to say."

"Are you going to allow me to explain?"

"The situation seems pretty self explanatory to me, Draco."

"You're jumping to conclusions, Harry."

"I don't see how. There's really only one thing that could have lead up to this."

"And what's that?"

"Well, obviously you slept with her."

"Her who?"

"Pansy, who else?"

"Harry, when I left London back in December, Pansy was already pregnant. She was three months along. I had never so much as touched while her clothes were off."

"Then who…" Harry glanced in the backseat, but immediately turned his eyes forward again.

"Not Pansy," Draco said. "Never Pansy."

"So you're saying there's someone else, as if that's supposed to make me feel any better."

"Well if you let me tell the whole story, I'm sure we'll both be happy by the end of it."

"Hm," Harry sniffed, looking out the window again.

"Her name was Astoria. Astoria Greengrass, we grew up together. She was one of my closest friends."

"I'll say," Harry mumbled.

"Two years ago she fell pregnant and married one of my other friends. Last year they had their second child together. I was named godfather of both."

"Is this story going somewhere?"

"Astoria and her husband both owed me favors," Draco continued as if Harry hadn't spoken. "With my father acting like a complete asshole, I figured it was time to cash in those favors."

"And what, you decided you wanted to have a threesome?"

"I never slept with her, Harry!"

"Obviously you had to or we wouldn't be having this conversation!" Harry snapped.

"Would you stop being stupid and let me finish talking!"

"So I'm stupid now? Good to know how you really feel!"

A cry came from the backseat. Both Harry and Draco fell silent. A few seconds later the crying stopped.

"I wasn't calling you stupid, Harry," Draco said after a while.

Harry didn't reply.

"As I was trying to tell you before," Draco continued, "with my father acting stupid, I thought it was time to cash in my favors. I needed something that would make him happy enough to stay off my back and not complain when I came to America after you. His problem was that I refused to sleep with a girl for the sake of furthering the family. I decided to give him half of what he wanted. I didn't sleep with Astoria, Harry, but I needed to give my father a grandchild some kind of way. Ever heard of a process called In Vitro Fertilization?"

Harry was silent for a minute, letting the information set in. He sighed. "I'm sorry for acting stupid."

"It's ok," Draco said, taking one hand off the steering wheel and gripping Harry's thigh. "It was a perfectly understandable reason to act stupid."

Harry sighed and leaned banc against his seat. "I love you," he admitted, placing a hand on top of Draco's.

"I know," Draco teased.

Harry turned and looked into the backseat. The baby in the car seat looked exactly as he imagined Draco having looked at that age.

"What's his name?"


The baby blinked open his grey eyes and looked at Harry. "Is this why you had to go back to England so fast?" Harry asked, smiling at the infant.

"Yeah, there was some complications with the pregnancy. Astoria nearly went into premature labor. They managed to stabilized things enough to extend the pregnancy another month, but he was still born in late-June, six weeks early. He spent the first two weeks in NICU, until he reached all the milestones saying it was safe to take him home. I spent the rest of my time in England making sure he was healthy enough to take on the plane."

"He's beautiful," Harry said.

Draco pulled the car to a stop outside Remus and Sirius house and turned to Harry. "He's going to be the most special bay in the entire world, because he's going to have two daddies that love him very much."

Harry saw the pleading in Draco's eyes and offered him a reassuring smile. "Don't forget Remus and Sirius, his two grandfathers that are going to spoil him rotten."

Draco smiled and leaned over the armrest to capture Harry's lips in a gentle kiss.

The End.

(And, sorry, there will not be another sequel)