Three months after Ziva became a Special Agent.

Chapter 1The Fight

Ziva was lying in bed, and staring at the ceiling knowing she had to get up. Gibbs called wanting her to come in early. Getting out of bed she got dressed.

She then put on a pair of her black dress pants along with her black work boots. Pulling a crème blouse on she gently pulled her long brown hair out of her shirt. When she heard a click come to her ears. Ziva grabbed her Sig from under her pillow, "Tony, I told you to knock before you use the key," Ziva said going into the leaving room. She gave Tony the key so he have a place to go in case his apartment was being worked since three weeks ago it was flooded, and he needed a place to go.

"It's not Tony," a raspy voice came behind her.

Turning around as she fast as she could she was going to attack however it was behind her. However the man threw her to the floor knocking the Sig from her hand, "You were always slow,"

"Kalburg," Ziva hissed, "I should have made sure you were dead," Ziva said as he kicked her in the stomach.

"Yes you should have, my dear," Kalburg replied before Ziva knocked his feet out from under him. Then kicking his face giving him a bloody nose he went on to say, "It was fun to hear the neck of your daughter break under my hands.

Kalburg groaned and tackled Ziva. Wrestling on the floor, "Son-of-bitch" her home phone began to ring, (one with the wire and the cradle.) "I won't make the same mistake twice."

Ziva threw a punch he blocked it, and he threw her on the coffee table that held the phone, "I wonder what your father would think," the phone was no longer on the cradle.


One the other end of the phone was Special Agent Jethro Gibbs. He was going to ask her to pick Tony up. Tony called saying that his car was in the shop.

On hearing the crashing and curse and a male voice and the gun fire from two separate guns while listening he was grabbing his badge and gun followed by McGee. Grabbing the car keys he ran to the elevator with the younger agent following after him.


Grabbing Tony on the way he barely had time to buckle his belt when Gibbs speed and siren blaring.


Gibbs got out of the car along with Tony and McGee following. Grabbing his pack up and handing it to Tony.

Walking into Ziva's apartment is was quit. The apartment was trashed. Tables were knocked over. The glass table that Ziva had replaced was broken. A man's dead body lay not far from the shards of glass lying around his body and some shards were embedded into the man's body.

They found Ziva leaning against the far wall. Gun in her right hand Ziva left hand was grasping her chest. Coughing up blood. Surprised she held her gun up, "Ziva, it's me," Gibbs said putting his gun away.

Dropping her gun she clapped her hand on chest tighter, "Call for an ambulance. I've been shot," Ziva said coughing harder making more blood come up.


Paramedics were doing CPR on Ziva keeping her heart beating as they drove up to Bethesda, "Her name is Ziva David. Thirty-one years old. Works at NCIS. Shot once in the chest," the paramedics said

Tony, Gibbs, and McGee were behind her. The body that was in the house was being taken to NCIS headquarters for Ducky to do an autopsy. Gibbs called Abby and Ducky and told them to stay put and that things were coming.


The team was in the waiting room, "Ziva David," the doctor said.

"How is she?" Gibbs asked standing up.

"We removed the bullet. She slipped into a coma. She was shot in the lung. We repaired what we could."

"We're going to need that bullet," Gibbs flashed his badge,

"I'll go get it," the doctor said leaving the room.


Abby was pacing down in her lab waiting for news of her friend that was in the hospital fighting for her life.

Abby thought Ziva could survive anything. She was stronger than most people Abby knew. Ziva and Abby didn't always get along till Ziva invited her over for dinner to get to know her and Abby thought what could it hurt.

Gibbs came in and saw Abby near tears, "Is Ziva alright?"

"Tony is staying there at the hospital. She slipped into a coma," Gibbs told her, "Ziva took the man out. His body is on Ducky's table."

"I'll find out why he did this," taking the bullet that was in Ziva and in the man and both guns that were in Ziva's apartment and the rest of the evidence that Gibbs gave to her, she then signed for it.


Ducky remove two bullets from the chest cavity, "It looks like Ziva got the best of you," Ducky replied to the man on the table.

"How did he die, Ducky?" Gibbs said to his old friend.

"Double tap to the heart by Ziva's Sig no doubt. To Abby, Jimmy," Ducky handed Jimmy Palmer the evidence jars to him along with the man's finger prints, "Ziva did a number on him. If the bullet didn't kill him internal bleeding in his left kidney from the shard of glass that was embedded deep inside him would have. She also gave him some broken ribs, and a broken nose."