Chapter 14 A New Family

"Tony, are we going through with this I won't be able to let you go, and there's no taking it back, I'm ready but are you sure you're ready to go through with this."

"Yes," his lips took hers hungrily.

Soon Tony had Ziva was in the bedroom as they stripped off their clothes.

Ziva held on to Tony for dear life as he thrust into her. They climaxed together. Tony kissed Ziva quieting her scream.

Tony rolled off Ziva and lay down next to her. Running his hand through Ziva's long hair.

Ziva sighed as she ran his fingers through Tony's chest hair. Kissing his neck. Tony moaned softly. Ziva straddled his hips kissing his lips. Once again Tony and Ziva were locked in each other's arms.


3 months later

Ziva was standing taking the oath to become a US citizen. They all went to the bar and celebrated and laughed when Tony couldn't get out of the chair, "I better call you a cab for the both of us," Ziva said helping Tony up.


Ziva paid the cab driver and help Tony up to his apartment. Laughing slightly doing so, "Come on, Tony give me your keys." Unlocking the door was a feat in itself. Closing the door with her foot. Tony leaning on his girlfriend made it to his bedroom. Once Ziva laid him on the bed he started to snore, "Aren't you romantic," she sighed and undress him knowing he slept much better if he was in his boxers. She then got in her underwear and snuggled up against him.


Ziva woke with somebody's arm wrapped around her waist. Seeing that it was Tony she smiled, "You better be wake DiNozzo," she said.

"Barely," she heard, "Thanks for taking care of me last night."

Smiling she laughed and got up, "I'm going to make breakfast," Ziva brushed her teeth, and slipped into his maroon robe.

Tony got in his own sweats and brushed his teeth to get rid of the beer taste in his mouth. Knowing Ziva brushed her teeth already. He walked into his kitchen to see Ziva making pancakes. Her hair was still tousled from last night. He smiled god he loved seeing her in his kitchen and in his robe. He walked up behind her and kissed her neck, "You know how sexy you are?"

"You need glasses."

"No I don't, you look amazing," she flipped over the pancake, as his hand slipped into his robe that she was wearing and cupped her breast.

"You keep this up Tony and your breakfast will be burnt."

Tony reached over and turned off the burner and removed the skillet from the burner and picked Ziva up and carried her to the bedroom. Needless to say breakfast was forgotten.


1 year later

Tony stood with Ziva as they were married. Ziva looked amazing in her white dress and her hair done up.

Tony was handsome as always in his tux. Smiling as he smashed the glass covered with a napkin and then kissed his bride.

They toasted, ate cake, and everybody wished the bride and groom good luck as they left for their honeymoon.


40 wks later

Ziva clung to Tony as she pushed their child from her womb when a cry filled the air (figures he get her pregnant on their wedding night), "It's a boy."

"Tony, we have a son," Ziva said as she watched as the doctor cleaned him up.

"What do you want to name him," the doctor asked the new parent.

Tony looked at Ziva who was smiling, "Seraphim Arye DiNozzo."

"What dose those names mean?" Tony asked wondering what kind of name Ziva just gave their son.

Ziva smiled as the nurse gave Ziva her son, "Seraphim means fiery and Arye means lion."

Tony pulled a chair to Ziva and his son after he told the rest of the team to come in to see the new addition to their family. As a dysfunctional as they were they were still a family. Something Ziva always wanted and finally had when she came to the states.

Maybe someday in the future she would find her real father, but right now she had her family.

Till next time...

A/n: I don't own NCIS but I do love to screw with their lives. I know you were more than likely wanted Ziva to find her real father that's why there is a sequel named Shattered. I hope you enjoyed the story and hope you read the Sequel.