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The interstellar void was torn with war.

The hairline bolts of plasma shared between the Hellship and its seemingly infinite adversaries, which generated swelling clouds of hellfire that threatened to engulf the Hellship, were powerful enough to vaporize a planet. This adversary had already destroyed their homeworld of Möbius in their first gambit to silence these individuals.

But the renegades aboard had no fear. Their fighting spirit - and their deflector shields - would protect them from any danger.

The bridge of the Hellship was a flurry of orders being shouts back and forth, calls of panic or victory as they chipped away at their mountain of a foe. Their Captain had taken leave for the time being, to prepare the final barrage that he said would defeat their foe in a decisive blast. Only his Adjutant seemed to know what he was planning, and he kept silent on the matter.

The Adjutant, who oversaw the bridge activity in the Captain's absence, was a strange individual. The only people who seemed to know where he came from were the core founding members of their organization. Any attempts to ask who he was before were met with silence. But the Adjutant was, as far as anyone could tell, comprised almost entirely of water, but for a brain floating in the middle of his head. A metallic visor with a glowing line running across it covered whatever eyes he may have had, and also doubled as a vocabulator, allowing him to give orders or speak with the Captain.

Their foe's latest barrage had penetrated the Hellship's defenses, sending many fine officers floating out into the killing vacuum of space. The ship was old - far older than anyone present - but held up surprisingly well.

Still, no sense in letting it get too damaged.

That was the reasonable thought process of one of the highest-ranking officers, on the bridge...

"Activate screening shield, class 8!" shouted Science Chief Walrus, one of the oldest in their band, who was there almost from the beginning of the resistance. His age was beginning to show in a droop in his whiskers.

"The mirror armor plating is dissolving!" called out Colonel St. John. The skunk was still a hardy man, but like Science Chief Walrus, there was a slight list to his whiskers that told anyone who looked at him that age was catching up to him.

"Block number 3628 has been destroyed!" said Commander Echidna. He was a few years older than the Captain, but a junior member to the Commander. He was still relatively young, but he complained of his age becoming more obvious to him by the day.

"Damage?" asked their bio-computer, who was in a past life the dictator and defender of Möbius. Now, reduced to a head to access the memories and experiences of its past self, it served as a liaison into the Hellship's operating systems.

"Minimal, but the turbines are spinning erratically now!" Commander Echidna called back. If the battle did not turn fast, the rebellion would not last much longer. The Captain had gotten them out of many pinches before - single-handedly, most times - but his presence was needed badly.

"Stand fast, men!"

And that's when the bridge went silent.

Standing by the door was the Captain. Looking back and forth to see that everyone strode in, his mechanical legs whirring and clinking as he strode to stand beside the Adjutant.

The Captain was an intimidating figure, if only for the way he carried himself. When he looked in your eyes, one could see a mad devotion to go forward that you couldn't help but fall in line with. If you got in the Captain's way, he would stomp you to the curb and keep advancing. He would do the same if you threatened one of his friends as well; being hardened to loss did not make him more callous to his men, but strengthened his resolve to see that they were alive and well at the end of the battle. Several star systems had learned this the hard way, as he played them like a mad orchestra in his quest to defeat this interdimensional menace. Many planets were razed to cinders by the Hellship under his command. If it meant pushing the enemy out of the star system, or protecting his comrades, what was the price really but the population and habitability of a single planet?

He was also one of the founding members, and the most senior member of the Great Freedom Fighters onboard the Hellship. And in terms of level of power, he was unmatched by anyone on their side... or on the enemy's. Some enemy vessels that dwarfed stars were destroyed by his trump card.

Freedom Emerl.

First the symbol of the freedom of Möbius before their interstellar foe made its presence known, now it was the emblem of destruction across the galaxy and beyond.

"Stand fast," the Captain repeated. "We'll teach them a lesson. In exactly who they're dealing with!"

"Enemy fleet size is off the charts, sir!" said Ensign Mongoose, who was relatively new to their group. She blanched at the readout in front of her, which was so cluttered with enemy signatures that it was almost entirely white with malicious blips.

The adjutant turned to face the stars. The enemy had ramped up their assault just as the Captain entered the bridge, as though they sensed the impending attack signified by his arrival. Every visible star appeared to go supernova at once, but the adjutant knew that these were energy attacks from the enemy's nigh-infinite battleships exploding against their shields.

"Are all the lights in the heavens... our enemy?" he mused, more to himself than anyone, his vocabulator expressing his awe and slight tinge of fear.

"They aren't worthy to be called our opponents," scoffed the Captain, tossing his Core Drill in the palm of his right hand.

The adjutant faced the Captain, very stiff. A pregnant pause filled the air.

The Captain clenched the Core Drill in his hand, a mad grin crossing his face.

"I'll take the fabric of space-time itself and wring 'em all out of existence!"

If possible, the bridge went even more silent. Even the battle outside seemed to go quiet, as though even the enemy itself was fearful of the Captain's proclamation.

As the Captain strode to the forefront of the bridge, the Adjutant paused.

Should I go through with this? he thought, something he was still unused to. He had only evolved to this form six months ago, and being capable of higher, abstract thinking was something he still marveled at. Theoretically, this could cause more destruction than just this star system.

After a moment, he sighed to himself.

I suppose he wants to be reunited that badly. But still, he's led us this far without leading us astray.

The Adjutant beckoned the bridge crew with his hand.

"Prepare the Maelstrom and Mega Vortex Cannons! Fire off the fore and aft Dimensional Anchors and target the dimensional rifts they create! Let's end this conflict... ONCE AND FOR ALL!"

There was a brief pause, as the Great Freedom Fighters processed this battle plan.

"YEAH!" came the unanimous reply. The Captain was a charismatic figure, and had protected them so long, that his orders could not be questioned.

The Captain raised the small drill made entirely from emerald in his right hand, pointing it towards the heavens.


The Core Drill glowed like a green sun. Beneath him, the Hellship hummed even louder as the Super Spiral Engine activated.

A maniacal grin crossed his face as he turned to face his enemy.

The Great Interdimensional Soleanna.

And shouted the words that always inspired the members of the Great Freedom Fighters to continue to push forward, to continue to advance, to continue to live.


The Hellship's Dimensional Anchors fired.

The Interdimensional Soleanna forces converged and coalesced into a singular shape that spanned from the end of one galactic arm to another, a pair of titanic wings framing a star larger than the sun from their perspective, but easily as large as the galactic center.

The Captain laughed. And only laughed.

"In just a minute, this drill will open a hole in the universe!" he shouted at Soleanna. "And it will carve a path of destruction for a new beginning! That's what I call piercing the heavens! And my drill is the drill that pierces the heavens! No matter what kinda crap you pull, I will always believe..." The Core Drill glowed still brighter, to the point that even the light-filtration devices in the Adjutant's visor were insufficient, and everyone on the bridge looked away, but the Captain did not look away even as his own eyes were burned out of their sockets by his own power. "...that this drill... IS MY SOUL!"

The Dimensional Anchors retracted, and as soon as they were free, the Hellship's eyes flashed, firing off the Maelstrom and Mega Vortex Cannons into the resulting rifts.

The sound of pulling heaven down rent the air about them. Nearly everyone's ears began bleeding from the sound, but the Captain's did not so much as twitch as his lifeblood poured out his sensitive fox ears to join his liquidated eyes.

The Adjutant thought, I see. He does want to win that badly. And he wants to have one last great story to tell in the hall of heroes.

And in that instant that the dimensional rifts between the dimensions were torn open by the Hellship's blasts, all the lights in the heavens were sucked into the resultant singularity, along with Soleanna, which gave off one last roar of defiance before collapsing into itself and dying, and the Hellship itself and everyone on it, along with every whirling galaxy in outer space.

The Great Freedom Fighters had defeated their greatest enemy...

By destroying the universe.

Tengen Toppa
Freedom Emerl


Amras Felagund

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