A/N: So basically, Matt runs away from Wammy's, and 2 years later, Mello finds him, only to discover the redhead has lost all his memories! So he hatches a plan: If he and Matt start dating again, then maybe Matt will start to remember everything. Only problem, Matt doesn't remember Mello, and thins of himself as straight. And the question still remains, why did he leave Wammy's and how did he end up an amnesiac? MxM. AU-ish - there is still Wammy's and the race to succeed L and all that stuff, but there is no Kira. Enjoy!

Mello would never forget the day he and Matt shared their first kiss.

They were fifteen at the time, and had been dating for four months. Maybe most other couples would have kissed before then, but Matt and Mello had decided to go slow – they didn't want to mess up their friendship if it wasn't going to work out.

They were walking through the forest behind Wammy's, holding hands – something they had only just recently mustered up the courage to do – as they strolled down the trail. It was dusk, and even though they knew they shouldn't be so far from Wammy's when it was this close to getting dark, they didn't care. All that mattered to them was each other, and everything else came in a distant second.

"We haven't been here in while," Matt said, breaking the comfortable silence that had fallen over them for most of the walk.

"Yeah, since we were ten, I think," Mello remembered. "We used to play here all the time."

"I wish I had known back then that I was in love with you," Matt said.

"Why do you always have to sound like a bad teen romance book?" Mello teased, punching his boyfriend on the shoulder.

"Oh, how my boyfriend abuses me," Matt joked back, his emerald eyes – he had his goggles lying around his neck, so Mello could see them in all their green glory – sparkling playfully. They were so easy for Mello to read after all his practice.

Matt's eyes were not just green. Most people who had green eyes had brownish green, dark, clouded green, or mainly blue with what they claimed to be some green. But in all his years, Mello had never met anyone else with the same color eyes as Matt. They were emerald, the purest, brightest green any human, non-manga character's eyes could ever be. Big and sparkling, so open.

That was why Matt hated them, and consequently why he wore the goggles, which Mello hated because they hid his best-friend-turned-boyfriend's beautiful eyes. But Matt didn't want people knowing his emotions. Didn't want people to know when he was in pain. Both for pride and because he didn't want anybody worrying about him. Mello was the only person he'd ever let see him cry, just as Mello had opened up to him.

They had both seen each other's weakest, lowest, most pitiful moments, their points of breaking, and it didn't push them apart. If anything, it made them even closer. They were true, if not to the rest of the world, to one another. Because they cared.

"But seriously, I wish I had known."

Mello cocked his head. "Why?"

"Because of this…" Matt responded, gesturing to the fallen, moss-covered log they used to use to mark how far out into the forest they could go as children.

"Yeah, I remember this place." Mello's lips turned up in a playful smirk. "And the poisonous skunk spray – do you?"

Once, when the boys were seven, they had found a family of skunks living in the log. Well, Matt had actually discovered the skunks when he was crawling into the hollow log. Poor boy.

Startled to see a little boy intrude his home, one of the skunks sprayed Matt. Genius child he may be, Matt hated the outdoors, and therefore knew next to nothing about the creatures that dwelled there.

He quickly convinced himself that the spray was toxic, and that he was going to die in any minute.

Fearing his immanent death and not wanting to take any secrets to the grave, he had broken down and sobbed and told Mello, who was with him at the time of the spray and knew plenty about skunks, that he had been the one to take Mello's last Christmas chocolate last year, and not Near, and told Mello not to bother killing him, because he was going to die anyway now that the furry devil-creature had sprayed him with poisonous gas.

And then he asked him if Mello could be so kind as to take him back to Wammy's so he could die with his 'most precious' video games.

Mello, none too pleased about the chocolate revelation, cruelly let his friend believe he was going to die. He even carried him back to Wammy's letting Matt believe the whole way there that he was doomed to a death caused by a skunk spray. Only when they arrived at the front doors, now both smelling varying degrees of skunk, did Mello tell him he was not going to die.

Matt didn't believe him though, and he was in hysterics at this point. It took nearly the whole Wammy's staff and many other orphans to finally assure him that he wasn't going to die, and that he just needed a bath in tomato juice.

The redhead smiled at the memory. "How could I forget the day I almost died?" he laughed. "But what I was trying to say was I wish we were dating back then, because don't you think this could've made the perfect make-out spot?"

Mello cocked an eyebrow, getting a devilish glint in his eye. "Who says it can't now?"

What followed was steamy make-out session and much rolling around in the fallen autumn leaves that lasted well into the night, until a search party was sent out to find lovebirds and they heard their names being called.

They had grown so much closer that night. For both of them, it was their first relationship, first kiss, first make-out session, first everything, really, as both boys had next to no experience and limited knowledge on the topic of relationships.

And those were all reasons Mello would never forget it.

But the main reason that day was forever engraved in his memory was something that happened the next day.

Something involving the boy whom he was now sure he loved more than he hated Near.

Something that left his head swimming with unanswered questions.

Something that ripped his heart out and squeezed it till every drop of blood was spilled.

And what was that something that changed Mello forever?

Matt ran away.

So what did you think? This story doesn't really start going for a little bit longer, but this chapter gives you some insight. Sorry it was so short - next chapter will be longer, i promise!