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Mello stared at where Jason had just been standing, open-mouthed. Well, that encounter certainly stopped the tears. Yes, really. He no longer felt like crying. No, Jason was not some magic-worker – Mello was just a whirlwind of emotions, he could honestly never tell when they were going to change. Maybe he was bipolar. You couldn't put it past him.

"What was that?" a familiar voice sneered, and Mello whirled around, thankful there weren't any tears left in his eyes, and that he wasn't one to turn red and puffy when he cried. "Already moved on to another guy after you figured out that your old boyfriend is straight and doesn't want you?"

Mello was silent at first, shocked by Matt's nasty attitude, but then he shifted into a more Mello-y persona, and smirked. "Ooh, am I sensing some jealousy here?" he threw back.

"You wish," Matt scoffed.

As soon as Matt said this, Mello was brought back to the first time he met the redhead. Matt was the only one to ever talk back to him, and Mello admired that. That was why they had become friends in the first place.

~Matt's First Day at Wammy's~

Five-year-old Mello was already a force to be reckoned with. Several of the older children feared him – even A and B kept their distance, and they were both insane (in their own unique ways) – and all of the children his age ran away as he walked by. Being one of the smartest children in the orphanage (but not cracking the top three, grrrr… if only A or B would leave – or better, if Near would die), he was intimidating not only in evil ability, but in intelligence and cunning.

An amazing feat for someone who would normally be in kindergarten playing with finger paints.

He took joy out of terrorizing the other kids (mostly the ones his age, of course, though there were some exceptions). So when young Mello heard a new orphan, their age, was to be arriving at Wammy's that day, he was excited that he would have a new person to torture.

The poor kid was even assigned to share a room with him! This was going to be fun…

Mello stood with the other kids at the front gates of Wammy's, waiting for the car holding the new kid to drive up. L would be with him this time. Apparently this kid had been found by L himself, making him of much interest to the other orphans. Mello just saw this as another reason he would tease the boy.

Not that he needed a reason.

The car rolled up and L, hunched over as always, crawled out, a tiny redhead emerging right after him. The orphans were silent. No one moved.

Until Mello took the first step and approached the redhead.

"I'm Mello," he said, with surprising assertiveness for a five-year-old.

"I'm Matt," the boy replied.

"Did I ask for your name?" Mello snapped.

"As much as I asked for yours," Matt shot back. Mello's eyes widened, L smiled slightly, and the orphans stared. No one ever talked to Mello that way. Mello's face slowly started to turn red from anger.

After a few moments of silence, Matt laughed, "What, stunned into silence by my gorgeousness, oh Mello who is not at all mellow?"

Suddenly a smile crawled onto Mello's face, Not a smirk, a smile. "I like you," he stated simply. "You're my new best friend, got it?"

Matt shrugged. "Okay."


"Hey! Are you paying attention?" Matt's impatient voice snapped Mello out of dreamland.

"What?" Mello asked, slightly dazed.

"Oh, God, don't tell me you were fantasizing about me." Matt shuddered. "When I said 'you wish', I hadn't meant for you to actually wish." He added a muttered, "Creep."

"If you really hate me that much, then why are you even here?" Mello asked tensely.

"Graham asked me to go find you," Matt said.

"Doing exactly what Graham says?" Mello said incredulously. "Are you her dog or her son?"

"Shut up!" Matt yelled. "I just care about the feelings of others, and so does she. She was worried about you, and you should be thankful for that! I know the idea of being considerate towards people other than yourself is a foreign concept to you, but try to understand, at least!"

Mello shook his head. "One minute into a conversation and you're already on the topic of feelings? And you say you're not gay," Mello laughed.

"Fine then – whatever, I don't care!" Matt burst. "I didn't want you to stay at our place anyway."

"Wait, what?"

"Graham sent me down here to find you and ask you to stay with us for a while. She's hoping your mere presence will help bring my memories, though I'm not so sure I want to remember being gay." He shuddered and Mello winced.

"You'd let some guy from your forgotten past who claims he was your boyfriend stay under the same roof as you?" Mello scoffed.

"I don't particularly want you to stay, but you'll be sleeping on the couch, and I figure if you ever try anything while I'm sleeping, I always have my pepper spray."

Mello rolled his eyes, then thought about how much said eyes would sting should he be pepper-sprayed, and winced slightly. "Okay, sounds good," Mello said. "Your apartment is much nicer than mine anyway. Do you have a car? I need to pack my stuff up."

"Uh-uh," Matt shook his head sharply. "I can't trust you to drive my car. You'd probably steal it or something."

"Then why don't you drive me?" Seeing Matt's look, Mello added, "I'm not going to molest you or anything. If I do, you can throw me out of the car without stopping."

"Fine," Matt huffed.

Mello followed Matt down several more flights of stairs, out the front door, and around back to an area filled with several one-car garages. They climbed into a rusty old pick-up truck, at which Mello shook his head.

"What's your problem now?" Matt demanded.

"This seems like such an un-Matt-ish car," Mello replied. "But hey, maybe it fits Daniel perfectly. Not like I would know."

Matt gripped the steering wheel tighter as they made it onto the road. "No, it doesn't fit Daniel at. In fact, Daniel hates this horrible scrap of metal that's probably going to break down on him someday soon. But Graham can't afford anything more right now so Daniel makes due." He glared at Mello out of the corner of his eyes. "Not all of us can be rich like you, you know. I'm surprised you're down-grading to stay with us. Maybe, if you really thought me being around you would get my memories back, you could've had us stay with you instead."

"There are a few things," Mello responded, "that you got wrong in that little rant of yours. First of all, I never said me being around you would help bring back your memories. Graham did. And Graham was the one to offer for me to stay with you – I didn't invite myself to. Oh, and you're going in the wrong direction"

Matt turned to him. "What?"

"You're heading towards the richer, newer side of town. I live in the complete opposite direction," Mello informed him. "That was another thing wrong with your argument. Or do you not remember what I said when you were informing of Graham's gracious offer?" Matt looked at him questioningly. "I said, 'Your apartment is much nicer than mine anyway'. I highly doubt you'd want to stay there. Heck, I only stay there because it – " Mello stopped himself there. He couldn't believe he'd almost slipped up and said that the reason he lived in that shitty apartment was because it provided good cover and anonymity from the law. He might've told Matt, but never Daniel, who already hated him and was probably just waiting for a reason to report him to the police.

"Wait, why do you – "

"Just turn around," Mello cut him off, not giving him a chance to finish his question. "I'll give you the directions from there."

When they arrived at Mello's apartment, Matt stared, looking slightly shocked. "I know, it's a shithole, right?" Mello joked, though that was an accurate description. Mello's joking mood dropped when he recognized two sleek black cars parked outside the run-down building, cars that definitely shouldn't have been there.

"Matt – sorry, Daniel, stay in the car," Mello ordered.

"Hey, you can't order me around!" Matt protested.

"Look, I can pack fast, okay?" Mello said. "I'll just be a minute. So just stay here. If you want something to do, load my bike up onto the bed of the truck."

Matt slumped back against the seat, pouting. "Fine, whatever," he muttered. "Just hurry up or I'm leaving without you."

"Aww, you're so cute when you pout," Mello teased, patting Matt on the cheek.

He laughed as he got out of the car, Matt's horrified expression following him inside the building. His laughing was tinted with a tinge of sadness, though, because, while he could've called Matt cute every second of every day if he wanted to and Matt would've been slightly embarrassed and turned red, Daniel would have probably punched him after that, if given the chance.

But he should stop obsessing over this, at least for a moment. He had more important things to deal with. Besides, Matt would eventually come around, whether he wanted to or not. Right now, he had to protect Matt from meeting the people waiting for him in his apartment.

He closed the door behind him and stared at the four men, with their bald heads and giant guns. Though, he wasn't scared, really, only one of these people even had the authority to shoot him without their own life being ended as well.

"Mello," that very same person spoke, "we didn't expect to see you here."

"You were waiting at my apartment and you're surprised to see me?" Mello scoffed. "Even you're not that dumb, Rod."

Rod laughed, a big, booming laugh. Like everything about him, it was loud, self-important, and obnoxious.

"What are you here for anyway?" Mello asked casually, starting to go around the room and pack his things up into a bag he had pulled out from the closet.

Instead of answering his question, Rod asked, "What are you doing?"

"Packing up," Mello said simply. "That's what I came here to do in the first place. I'll temporarily be living in another residence."

"With who?" Ro asked, and Mello didn't bother to correct him on his poor grammar.

"A friend of mind," Mello answered. "He's not affiliated with our business, so he's not a threat. More of a liability."

"We don't have room for liabilities," Rod said.

"I'll take responsibility for him okay? And if he's kidnapped or something to try and get some information out of us, then I'll just let him die." Mello winced internally at the thought of letting Matt die – it was a total lie; he would never let that happen, not even to this new Daniel-Matt. "So could you tell me why you're here now?"

"There won't be any raid on Saturday," Rod said. "We took care of it." The other men nodded.

"Fine, whatever, is that all?" Mello asked, as he packed the last of his items, including Matt's goggles (can't hurt to dream, right? Wait, actually, it can).

Rod nodded and his men stood up to leave, when the front door to the apartment was thrown open.

"Mello, what's taking you so – " Matt stopped in his tracks when he saw the four huge muscle-bound men in Mello's apartment. "W-what the…"

Mello cussed under his breath. Stupid Matt!

Daniel was bored. Really bored.

He hadn't intended on actually following Mello's orders and loading the motorcycle onto the truck, but it gave him something to do. So did flirting with the woman who pulled the bike off of him when he dropped it while trying to get it up onto the bed of the truck. What? Gamers weren't known for their arm strength. Yes he was a gamer. But in secret, so shh!

And that woman was hot.

Well Misa wasn't around, and he knew for a fact that she slept with other guys, so why couldn't he flirt with other girls? Emphasis on the 'girls' part. As in not men. As in not Mello. And he was not cute when he pouted damn it! He hadn't even been pouting!

The chick left soon after they had loaded the bike (about which Daniel had lied and said was his) onto the truck, and he was back to being bored. God, Mello had said he was only going to take a minute. Where the hell was he?

Daniel decided he was going to go find Mello, though his gut twisted at the idea of being alone in an apartment with him. He checked over the metal mail boxes. One had been painted black and an M had been sketched out of the paint. He rolled his eyes. That was definitely Mello's.

He didn't bother knocking, just threw the door open (it looked like the lock had been broken anyway), demanding, "Mello, what's taking you so – " and stopping short upon noticing the other people in the room, all very huge and intimidating. "What the…"

He heard a muttered curse come from Mello, before the blond was at his side in a slightly protective stance.

The biggest one there was the first to speak, "Mello, who is this?" he asked in a chillingly pleasant way.

"This is… the guy I told you about," Mello said. "The one I'll be living with for a while."

"So he's the liability."

"Liability?" Daniel yelled, facing Mello. "I'm a liability? How the hell am – "

Next thing he knew there was a gun pointed at his had. Mello's gun. Mello was pointing a gun at his head! And he was doing it so casually! "Shut up," Mello said simply. He still wasn't looking at Daniel, choosing instead to stare down the other men.

"I don't see why we just can't kill him," the bald man said. "Why take unnecessary risks?"

"Because I won't let you kill him," Mello said icily, and his tone sent a shiver down Daniel's spine.

"Why does it matter so much to you? He's just some person who's letting you stay with him. You could just kill him and take his place for yourself."

"He matters to me because…" At that moment Mello shot Daniel a pleading look that none of the others noticed, one that said 'please just go along with this'. "He matters because he's my boyfriend, and I'm not letting go of him without a fight."

And then, he did something the already shocked Daniel couldn't believe. Mello grabbed his shoulders and roughly pulled the redhead closer to him, and mashed their lips together.

Daniel was too shocked to respond, and then angry at himself for the tingles that went up and down his spine. But they were from disgust, right? He didn't like it, right? Because he was totally straight and even if he was gay, would never be interested in a guy like Mello.


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