What can I say? I'm in a Silvaze mood. This is just a random idea that attacked me a while ago, and I couldn't stop my mind from continuing it. Sort of set in the Sonic Rush Adventure kingdom. Ages - Blaze is around 14, Silver is around 13, give or take. As for the genre, it will be a romance/friendship/adventure.

Enjoy :)


"Your majesty, your daughters are here."

Lance nodded, and watched his three daughters walk into the large throne room. One lavender, one turquoise, one coral. Three graceful, stunning princesses that made this king proud.

The royal midnight blue cat surveyed his daughters. There was Coral, of course, with her beautiful namesake fur. The king's only regret concerning her would be that she hadn't been born first and would not become the next queen. Crystal, though a little immature, would grow up to be a delight at future balls. And then there was Blaze.

It wasn't that Lance didn't love his eldest daughter, it was just that she could be...difficult. Blaze seemed to have no interest in learning the etiquette and grace of being a princess. She was always distracted, distant, quiet, unwilling to engage in polite conversation. Very unprincesslike indeed. And then there were her flames. It wasn't unusual for commoners to be born with powers, but in the royal family it was almost unheard of. Especially among girls.

"Blaze practically is a son to you," one of his most trusted advisers remarked to him once, and the king knew he was right. But Blaze was still a daughter, and his eldest at that. She would become the next queen.

Yes, Lance had 3 daughters, and yet no sons. No son to be the next king. No son to be the next guardian of the Sol Emeralds.

If only that were the worst of his problems right then.

"Ah, looking beautiful as always," the king remarked. Though it was true, saying this was really more of an obligation. Seeing his daughters looking so lovely was a nice distraction from thinking about the looming threat of neighboring kingdoms, however. "Carry on, my darlings."

As soon as the three sisters left the throne room and headed through the garden, Blaze pulled her unruly hair into a ponytail. She really didn't care if it was dignified or not; Blaze just hated to have her hair in her face.

"Oh, let's go look at the new recruits," Crystal suddenly said and giggled. "I've heard some of them are really cute."

Blaze rolled her eyes. "You're being silly. The recruits are commoners. Our partners will be picked for us. Among the nobles."

"You're never any fun, Blaze," Crystal whined. "Who says we can't look at them?"

"You need to stop being so stuffy," Coral agreed. "I'm surprised you haven't burned that dress as well. Let's go, Crystal, before Lola finds us again!"

Blaze sighed and followed after her silly younger sisters, ignoring their giggling. She would go along with them, not to see the boys, but to see the action. Blaze would watch the recruits almost longingly, almost feeling like she should be with them. After all, if she hadn't happened to be born a princess, Blaze would be among them.

Yes, it was all because of her cursed flames that Blaze didn't belong here. As if she couldn't feel the stares and hear the whispers as she walked the corridors of the castle. Blaze knew she wasn't the typical princess. She was never what anyone wanted: a daughter when they'd prayed for a son, yet they were upset when she acted more like a son. When their kingdom was getting more and more desperate for soldiers, she had been one of the ones born with powers. As a princess, she could not be called upon to fight.

The flames had made her different, and she just felt out of place in the castle. Like she was born for a different purpose than just being a figurehead queen. Somewhere deep in her soul, Blaze longed for more than that, and hoped her life would be more than just sitting around in pretty dresses and having kittens.

Blaze had often entertained thoughts of running away, but she knew nothing of life outside the castle. Besides, Father would send an army of guards after her. No, it appeared her destiny, her future would take place within the four walls of this castle, where Blaze would always feel like an outcast.


"They're all just boys," Gardon, a captain of the palace guard, muttered to himself as he surveyed the new recruits. It was true; none of them could be a day over 14. And it was his job to make them all into soldiers. How in the world had he gotten stuck with this duty?

Well, at least it was better than having to be the one going from door to door, recruiting and telling sad-eyed parents it was for the good of the kingdom. This was how desperate things were getting; they were resorting to pulling preteens out of their own homes. Males, females, it didn't matter. Just anyone blessed with powers.

The koala was about to command them to get in line, but decided to watch them spar with each other first. Just to see how they'd handle it.

"So are you a hedgehog...or a parrot?" Frost, a cocky baby blue squirrel with the power of ice, taunted a silver hedgehog.

"A hedgehog," Silver said defensively and levitated himself up a little, his ears drooping.

"Hmph. Hedgehogs can't fly. So you must be a parrot," Frost said and laughed at his own wit, the others following in on him.

Silver had to bite his lip to keep the tears from spilling out of his eyes, knowing he'd never hear the end of it if he cried. Besides, he had to grow up and be a man now. But why was it he was called a man and expected to act like one, yet was treated like he was still a boy?

His thoughts were interrupted by giggling and Silver looked up to see 3 young, pretty cats standing a little ways away in a nearby garden. Upon seeing they'd been spotted by the boys, the coral and turquoise cats turned away and covered their mouths in an attempt to muffle their giggles. The lavender one, however, remained unmoved. And she was looking right at him!

Silver blinked and couldn't stop himself from blushing as he drank in her beautiful face. Her light figure was clothed in a stunning pale pink dress that matched the hue of her fur perfectly. Who was she, anyway?

He continued staring when Silver suddenly felt an icy coldness on his legs. Silver looked down, and to his horror saw that his legs had been frozen solid by Frost. Silver immediately focused on the block and tried to get himself out, but his concentration was broken by more snickering by his fellow recruits and the cats.

Suddenly, the ice was melting. Silver looked up and saw the lavender cat was suddenly standing right in front of him, flames spurting from her hands and melting the ice. Silver gaped at her, taking in her lovely eyes. They were golden, just like his, but hers were like looking into a gold mine.


She broke their gaze by veiling her golden eyes. Great, her nurse was here.

"How many times have I told you to stop those flames?" a plump chipmunk yelled as she ran to grab Blaze by the arm. "You are a princess, young lady, and it's not dignified - now, look your dress is torn. Oh, wait until Her Majesty sees - why are you getting involved with the recruits - oh and your hair!" she continued to fuss and tugged Blaze away.

Silver watched the chipmunk yank the cat around the corner, followed by the two other giggling cats. Blaze turned to stare at Silver again before she completely left his sight.


"Wowza, is that girl hot or what?" Frost cracked. "I mean, ow, steam-y!"

"She almost fought you, Frost," a tiger reminded him.

"I'd gladly wrestle with that chick. I'd show her a thing or two," he quipped, and the rest of the recruits were in stitches.

Silver didn't join in their lewd comments and cat calls, however, as he was still in total awe. A princess...who controlled fire?

"BOYS! In line this instant!" Gardon bellowed, and the recruits snapped to attention. The captain marched over to Frost and Silver and roughly grabbed their arms. "You and you, come with me!" he barked and pulled both of them to the side while his lieutenant dealt with the others.

"Might I remind both of you that you are soldiers now? You have both been blessed by Sol with your powers and from now on will only use them for the good of the kingdom-"


She was so pretty. Such smooth fur, gorgeous eyes...why did she have to leave so soon? And why did she help me? And why did Sol bless a princess with powers?

"Did you hear me, private?"

Silver snapped back to reality. "Yes, sir," he lied and tried not to flinch as Gardon slammed his fist into Silver's face. He could tell Frost was holding back a snicker.

"Get your mind off the girl, private," Gardon hissed at him. "She's way out of your league. Now, get back to work. And I'd better not have any more trouble with either of you." The captain then released the two troublemakers.

"Next time you won't be so lucky to be saved by a girl, parrot," Frost jeered as they joined back up with the recruits.

Even though Silver was completely exhausted by the end of the day from training, sleep would not come. It wasn't because the barracks were uncomfortable, or his roommates snored. It was because Silver found he could not block the images of the beautiful and mysterious cat from his mind's eye.



I know this is kind of short, but it's really just an introduction. Hope you enjoyed and don't be too shy to tell me what you think.