n/b: Had this on an old account. I love it too much to let it go.

Castiel looked at the little box; he didn't understand it at all and found he should ask Dean, his raging curiosity for Earth's strange ways getting the better of him again. Leaving the bathroom, Cas walked toward Dean, the box in his hand with a confused expression on his face. He looked at Dean who was staring intently at the television screen; he seemed to be watching some sort of show about a hospital. "Dean?" asked Cas in his usual deep, gruff voice.

Dean's eyes didn't leave the TV as he answered, he seemed engrossed in this show. "What?" he replied.

"Your Earth objects intrigue me to some extent but I don't see how something so small could give you heavenly delight."

Dean looked up and took the box from Castiel's hands and read it.

Extra protection condoms-

For heavenly delight.

Dean laughed to himself and stuck the condoms in his back pocket. "Don't you be worrying about them Cas," he said and returned to his programme, amused by Castiel's innocence.