Hello All I am Nor (I always introduce myself when I post in a fandom other than the Tudors). So last night I was watching the beginning scene with Eva and Proctor's convo where the luscious Jeremy Northam (I am huge fan of him loved his performance as Thomas More on the Tudors) and I got inspired by this number. A series of Vingnettes that will depict Eva's secret love for her boss. I want this to be fun and interactive, so if you have any 'prompts' or 'distractions you would like to see please either pm me or state it in the review.

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She was supposed to be in there because apparently Dr. Matthew Proctor was the only one who knew about Tuck's status. But instead she was caught off guard by something she didn't expect.

Dr. Proctor was doing his normal cardio routine. She knew he was an avid runner. It was probably to help his heart-rate after having that life threatening heart attack.

She found the man to be rather odd. He said things that didn't make sense. There was one time he said something about a BLT but she didn't remember the context it came out of. To add he did rather strange things like sitting shirtless on top of the hospital roof. Yet beneath his odd exterior, he was a gentleman. One night she became heavily intoxicated and instead of leaving her to embarrass herself she took her to his home to care for her (which for a moment she thought was a one night stand). Things changed between them.

There were moments she found herself randomly staring at the man. Like now, as he was exercising.

She kept telling herself to turn her head away but her body betrayed her. Her eyes didn't want to look away from that muscular frame. Her ears reveled in the sound of his heavy breathing. The beads of sweat that formed on his skin made him shine in the light.

But then there were his legs. He was wearing shorts. His legs were long and slender. His calves were thick and hairy. He had strong legs. Strong legs she was tempted to caress with her fingers rather than her eyes.

But her daze abruptly ended when Proctor spoke with that ever so proper English about his old trail in Maryland. She blinked and shook it off. It was just a phase, she kept thinking….

A phase that will soon pass.

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