Hermione sat at Ginny and Harry's wedding. This was going to be named one of the saddest moments.

Because her love of her life was being wed.

She stopped tears from falling, She stopped the world around her and wished for this to be over quickly. She was here for her friend, She would always be there for her friend. But still, This was hard. She watch as the Ginny and Harry we're leaning for the last kiss.. Just before their lips touched Hermione closed her puffy red eyes. She couldn't watch it. As the rest of their friends clapped and hollowered in cheer, Hermione sat there with a chessy smile on her face.

The newly wed couple got into the car that held the "Just Married" sign on the end and drove off to start their new wonderful life. Hermione waved and smiled, And avoided any further conversation from any of her friends.

'What about me?' Hermione thought as she sat down. 'After all i've done, Why did they have to do this to me?' She continued her selfish thoughts. As she finally let the tears fall.

Still there was nothing she could do. Harry and Ginny had left and their was nothing that anyone could do. If only they weren't so perfect for each other, Than Hermione could pray for divorce on the two of them. Hermione wasn't desperate to hope for death, That would be cruel. Too cruel for her to take on.

Hermione couldn't take it anymore and ripped up invitations from the wedding, As it only dragged her further into sorrow.

Everyone expected something from Hermione and (Ron), But that was never to happen.

As Hermione had lost her love.

Her beautiful love, Ginny Weasley....