Chapter 1


"Ignitus, I have proposition for you." said a calm, smooth, dark voice from the shadows of the cave.

"Wh-wh-who's there?" The blood red, elder dragon trembled in fear as the silhouette emerged from the chaos black corner. Revealing a tall, intimidating Gnorc.

Ignitus didn't flinch, with a quick flame, the Gnorc was toasted in a matter of seconds. As he looked down he saw a small bundle of baby blue cloth wrapped around something. He grabbed a pointing outwards corner of the blanket to reveal a cute, small, dragonling snuggled with the blanket firmly closing it's scaly eyelids tight. It's red texture brought a warm feeling to his veins. Something waddled playfully into the den.

"Hewo mista ignitwus, wutz the pwoblwem?" withered a small purple dragonling as he blinked in wonder.

"Nothing young one, please go back to sleep, it's very late." said Ignitus to the little purple guy. The dragon waddled back out unhappy. He probably just wanted to play. Ignitus looked back down at the sleeping red dragon only to notice that the dragon looked very much like himself. Could this be his son, he thought to himself in wonder and awe. He regretted that time he met that dragoness at that club. He thought they were in love, things happened. She got captured by Gnorcs, it definitely served her right. He had a son. Was this the time to celebrate or cry? Ignitus made his decision, with permission from Volteer, Cyrl and Terrador he would raise this dragonling to a dragon with care and greatness to continue his name for generations to come.

"WAKE UP FIRE YOU'LL BE LATE FOR TRAINING!" cried an old red dragon in stress.

I didn't want to go to training, too.... tired... ZZZZZzzzz


I shot up, trotted over to the bathroom den and brushed my fangs with a smooth comb. Sprynder was laying down in the clay tub sleeping. I suggested that he woke up, It was awkward and it would be strange and sad if my best friend drowned in a bathtub. I looked at the dirty mirror to see my red face, red eyes, red horns and a red crest. That color was starting to get a little boring. I was very UN-humble and had a lot of pride when ever I won something. Also sort of a sore loser. Today I was turning thirteen, I could start my training as an adventurer just like Sprynder's dad, Spyro. He was the most brave, powerful smart, witty and chickmagnety dragon in the whole universe. I want to do better than him, actually... I don't want to...I need to. I won't kill him and say I tried to save him, that would be terrible... he would win. I'll just prove myself better by beating an unbeatable quest that he can't even beat. I glided raggedly over to the center square of the den. First I had to practice charging at cracked rocks and cardboard mannequins that were shaped as Gnorc's. Since Gnasty Gnorc was resurrected by an evil force; Gnorc's have been attacking our cave and seem to never run out of hideous beasts to throw at us. There were mannequins of dragons popping up now. If I hit one I would have to restart training all over again. I slammed my tough horns into a large boulder and heard it smash to pieces. I looked back at it. The rubble contained crystals of all shapes and color's. I went over and once I touched one It would sparkle and disappear.

I didn't know what happened but it made me feel better every time I touched one, so I continued smashing boulders and collecting strange gems. The whole training was computerized, so I couldn't ask any questions until the training was over. I was supposed to breath fire now. I didn't have a clue of how to so I tried coughing and stuff but I ended up barfing all over the dusty concrete floor. A robotic dragon came in and breathed fire. It told me to follow what it was doing. I did what it showed me but nothing came out. Not being able to breath a spark of fire and being the son of Ignitus somehow didn't fit. I sighed deeply. I then realized that I had just melted the robot with a powerful blast of intensely dense flame. "G-g-g-go-oood j-job..." The pile of melted iron shut off as I walked out the cavern door with pride.

"Took you long enough!" cried Spynder Like he had just been waiting centuries.

" Not like you did any better." I shot back.

He went silent and gave a friendly smirk as he walked away with a bunch of pretty girls. I didn't have a girlfriend because I was the youngest dragon In the cave, all the girls were at least five years older than me. Sure, I was very mean but that would all change with a girl companion. I went over to my separate den and laid down. I wanted to do good.

I awoke to the sound of singing. The song was very familiar. I poked my head out of my den to see a huge cake and the whole cave standing in front of me singing Happy Birthday. I accidentally smiled and trotted in front of the cake. Vanilla icing on roasted butterfly larvae flavor stuffing, YUMMY! I chomped down on the cake and the bottom pan went with it. I looked up and gave a cheerful face. Sprynder nudged a present In front of me. I tore it open to see a cool, golden horn ring tailored to fit me. I pushed my right horn into it and looked up giving an XD face. "How do I look?." I said in a funny, deep voice. A girl that almost looked my age said "Hansome, as always." Because of my red face No one saw me blush but I knew I did. Oohs and Aah's filled the cave. I never saw this girl before. Spyro emerged from the crowed and told me that she was from a very far away place and she's staying here for a while until her mom gets out of prison. The part that shocked me was that she has been in this cave for six months already and right now I notice her. She was beautiful. Her deep green scales and shimmering orange fruity eyes made me thirsty for love. Her neon yellow crest made me smile and her straight, turquoise horns made me calm. It's definitely weird I never noticed this precious dragoness. It's also weird how I didn't noticed I was staring calmly at her in love. She didn't look uncomfortable and neither did I. Everybody looked at eachother and agreed to leave us alone to have some loveyduvy time.

I looked down not knowing what to saw so I said stupidly: "H-h-h-hi-hi?"

She smiled and walked away like she had just beat me up or something. I know two thing clinging onto me: This ring on my horn and, her.

I walked out thefront of the cave, I felt stuffy. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

"Ahhh." The great four walked out of the cave as well.

"So Fire... found your love have you?" My dad asked abruptly.

"I guess." I replied awkwardly.

"What the... Oh no, Ignitus!, LOOK!" cried Volteer.

All of us looked in front of us to see zounds of Gnorc's charging at us from about a mile away.

"Fire, get to safety and warn the others, we'll take care of this!"

I shot inside and screamed: "Gnorc's! hide everyone!"

I peeked out to see Gnorc's getting pwnd and flying away dead. I was shocked to see Cyrl get hit by a large monstrous rhino and then turned into an ice statue, which was weird because they always looked like an ice statue. All of the elders got totally frozen. The Gnorc's ran in and started freezing random dragons with staff's. The girl I loved was cowering in a corner. A Gnorc was about to freeze her but I pounced in the way. I fell down feeling cold yet hot at the same time. What happened? I don't feel like an ice statue... I awoke in another split second to see everyone petrified. I started crying. I heard whimpering behind me and shot my head to see the girl crying as well. She looked up at me with a strange look.

"What's going on?" She trembled painfully.

" The Gnorc's attacked us, it's just us now." I replied hurt.

She looked me up and down.

"Wh-what happened to you?"

I widened my eyes and ran over into the bathroom.

I had long icicles for horns, cool blue fangs and claws, ice colored eyes, a deep navy blue, spiky crest, a multi length arrowhead for a tail tip and my face was a little weird looking. I was, Frozen.