Chapter 3


The silhouette of the young gnorc became more clear as it came towards us, a giant sword with gems melted was steadily stuck into their hand. The gnorc smiled and raised his sword, he ran very fast for a gnorc. He came, pounding the pale sand, slamming the sword harshly next to me. He wasn't exactly a very good aimer. I shot fire at him. Accidentally freezing instead. He was totally immune and he acted as if nothing had just happened. I then caught a slight glance of his necklace. It was a shard of some kind of crystal. When I had frozen him, all the coldness was somehow absorbed. He held his amulet up and pointed it at Samantha.

"ICEALAMO PALA FREEEZ TO!" cried the gnorc as Samantha was frozen and shot into the amulet.

I watched him run away, I didn't attack him scared of hurting Samantha, she's inside that amulet. I then thought I should just pin him down and remove it with my horn. But then maybe his plan is for me to do that. But also maybe if it's destroyed she'll come out. I still didn't want to take any chances.

Being alone wasn't exactly my idea of a happy time in the desert, but I had a pretty good idea of where the temple was. A jolt of fear struck me as I saw flame rising behind me. It was really hard to see it because of the sand storm but I got closer. It was the temple. Why right now? Out of all the times the temple being destroyed, now? The flames were becoming heavier now. I acted with instincts. I totally iced the place creating just frozen ashes. I noticed some bones, on fire, yet cold. I shook my head. What now? I guess it's just time to start off fresh. I walked over to Spryners frozen statue. I looked in confusion. He was melting yet He wasn't on fire. All the heat from the fire around us was melting him. He was a completely unharmed. I saw him sleeping. I couldn't feel any pulse though. He awoke.

"Uhhh, sooo c-c-c-ooold!"

"Sprynder!, you're alive!"

"No $#!T sherlock! Now help me up!"

I lent down and he grabbed support on my horn.

" Where are we?" he asked, confused.

"In what used to be..."


"The temple."

"Oh...oh alright... hehehe nice try now WHERE THE HELL ARE WE!"

"I told you! We're in the temples ruins!"

He looked down, seeing his favorite stuffie Zap the dragon.

"Oh no."

"Yeah, suck dudn't it?"


"Yeah, sounds cooler that dosen't"

"Oh right... where were we?"

"Something about the temple being destroyed and you being really shocked and sad."


He started crying and whimpering while I looked past all the sand to see nothing. I was really bored.

"What the? Fire!"



"Oh... right... what?"


I looked in which way he was and saw a giant machine.

"What is that?"

"I don't want to find out!, lets get out of here!"

We jumped and flew away. I wasn't very good but I managed. I felt the warm yet cool air flutter my scales. It felt great. We were really on a roll. I spotted a really big dome with spikes sticking out in congruent directions. Looked like a gnorc base.

"You know what to do Fire!" said Sprynder confidently.

"The names, Coldfire."

"Oh yeah cool!"

"No... semi-cool"


"Hot and Cool"

"Yeah cool"

"No... hot and...ugh nevermind"

We then headed towards the dome ready to assault.