Junge Frau


I do not own Criminal Minds, and if I did, its about time Hotch and Prentiss would be together already.

Sara Andersan had been running for half of a mile now, she was so tired, but she had to get out of the woods. She went on a walk when she heard gun fire echo throughout. She knew she was going to be next, she just knew. She had joined the BAU five months ago and now she was in trouble? Being fresh out of the Academy she interviewed for a position, and she got in. Even though it was already full enough, her parents pulled some strings for her, but that was before her parents died by sniper. Her dad was in charge of the military in Germany, and her mom was just a cook. Apparently someone didnt know about her mom, so killed both of them. Alot of crap had happened to Sara, that she was glad that she also had citizenship in the US for living there for almost all of her young life. But Germany was going to hold a special place in her heart. Sara jumped over a log and then hit her head on a low branch, causing her to fall semi-unconscious onto the forest floor. She could feel the blood dripping from her nose, and streaming down her forehead from the branch. She tried to get up, but being almost unconscious, she felt it very difficult. Reaching for her gun she pulled it out and leaned up against the tree that had betrayed her in so many ways. She closed her eyes tightly and could hear the forest floor being so quiet. She thought she had lost em, so she got up as much as she could, and looked back, seeing nothing she smiled to herself slightly and re-holstered her weapon. Then she heard breathing behind her she turned around and got knocked to the ground. The man hit her twice, before picking her up and moving her onto the highway. Dropping her off and getting out his own knife, but she managed to get him off of herself and got up. She then started to move quickly as she could without even looking back.

Supervisory Special Agent in Charge Aaron Hotchner, also known as Hotch was driving the suburban and looking for Sara. He just accepted her into the team five months ago, and two months later, her parents are killed. And now, she's missing? He felt like this is the same person who killed her parents, are killing these other women. Reid had noticed how all the women had the same hair color and the same skin tone. And now, it just clicked to them, they had some kind of German descent in them. He had Supervisory Special Agent David Rossi in the car with him along with SSA Emily Prentiss. It was fortunate enough that Sara had her phone on. And that the woods was so small, they they actually had service. Which was a blessing when it came to these types of things. Hotch gripped the steering wheel as they were speeding down the road, and making an immediate sharp right turn around the bend.

"Garcia, tell me, where is it?" Hotch asked into his blackberry which held the Techie Penelope Garcia at the other end.

"Forty yards, sir." she really hadn't known Sara for long, but she had that good vibe.

The making friends quickly vibe.

After snooping around on Sara's file, that's when Garcia had a major soft spot for the kid.

While Sara was running away from her attacker, her attacker just disappeared into the woods. Sara was crying out in German, a prayer for help and guidance. As she started to slow down and just finally collasping onto the road, she just disappeared into a short sweet bliss of nothing. She had finally given up hope that no one was going to find her, but she somehow knew that they were already looking for her, and possibly already on the road.

Hotch came around a second bend and immediately put on the brakes sending the other passengers in the car forwards. He unbuckled and gotten out quickly running up to the unconscious woman on the road.

"ITS HER! ITS SARA! CALL AN AMBULANCE!" he hollared to Rossi and Prentiss as they both gotten out of the vehicle, their weapons drawn. Hotch didnt know where to began, he started to mentally add up all the injuries and he just checked her pulse. "She's still alive!" he threw it towards them. "Sara, its me, Hotchner, can you hear me?" he quietly asked the unconscious girl. Well, now waking up slowly, she squinted her eyes at him.

"He's still out there, you gotta get out of here" she said. She started to worry for their safety now. And while still vulnerable to anything, she tried to get away from him so she could stand up. But Hotch wouldn't let her budge one bit.

The man still lurking near where Sara was was smiling. Seeing a man and a woman watching the area, while calling for services, he snuck out when the older man and the woman had their backs turned away for a short bit. He came up behind Hotchner and put a gun to his head. "Put, the girl down, and step away slowly or your brains will be her dinner." he said loudly, enough for Rossi and Prentiss to have hung up and their guns pointed towards the man.

"Drop your weapon!" Prentiss yelled at the man, but that didnt even make him move an inch. He just smiled back towards the two agents and cocked his gun onto Hotch's head.

"Why dont you, love, drop your weapon, or he will be dead, and so will Sara, then I'll make you watch as I kill him." he nodded his head towards Rossi and gave her the most freakiest smiles ever. So, in order for him to put the gun down, Rossi put his weapon down, then Prentiss.

"Good, now, open the back door of the SUV and put dear Sara in there. Then, step away from the vehicle." he stared at them coldly and lifted Hotch up by his collar. Hotch just went along with it, knowing that his life, and his team's life is at stake, he was trying to think of a plan to make this all calm down. But they had given out the profile that he would be a sadistic serial killer with no remorse what so ever. So all in all, this was gonna be a BITCH to get out of..alive.

After Sara was put in the back safely, they stepped away from the vehicle with their hands in the air and the man opened the passenger door and shoved Hotch in there, grabbing his handcuffs and handcuffed him to the handle on the side of the car on the inside. He then kept his gun trained on the two agents as he got into the drivers seat, and drove off, laughter filling the inside the car as he made his escape with the two agents.