The cruel life of being a fire Pokémon.

They are many people out there with harsh, cruel lives, for example. There are starving people in Africa. But out of all of them I don't think any of them would match how a fire Pokémon would live.

Why would life be cruel for a fire Pokémon?

Well let me tell you the sad story of Lefty the Charmander….

Lefty the Charmander walked in the park one day to see Bubby the bulbasaur trying to play on the swings.

Now usually Pokémon just speak their own names. But for the sake of this story, let's translate what the Pokémon in this story speak.

"Hey, there!" Lefty said cheerfully. "Would you like a push?"

Instead of getting an answer. Bubby backed away in disgust. "Holy hell dude, you stink to high heaven! When's the last time you took a bath?"

"I can't take a bath. Water hurts me." Lefty replied.

"Hell no! I don't want a push, you're probably covered with disease!" Bubby shouted loud enough for everybody to hear.

At this every Pokémon in the park fled, leaving Lefty to play by himself. Lefty sighed. "Well at least I have the big long slide."

After playing for 5 minutes., Lefty failed to notice the big rain clouds up in the sky.

Now let me tell you a fire Pokémon's idea of the apocalypse is. It isn't flaming meteors, it isn't earthquakes. It was a simple rain shower. Yes, folks. Rain for humans may drive you nuts, but at least it won't kill you!

Can you imagine how many fire Pokémon meet their fate every time rain happens? Or any other Pokémon hurt by water?

Lefty heard a sudden noise of thunder, looked up and gulped. He ran for his life, diving into a rabbit hole. (I have a theory, that animals do exist in Pokémon, you just never see them.)

The two rabbits were terrified of having a huge fire monster in their home, especially one that smelled, but Lefty apologized for invading the rabbits' home and asked if he could stay until the rain stopped. (In my story , Pokémon are also able to talk to regular animals too.) The rabbits replied yes and didn't argue seeing as how they were tiny rabbits and he was a fire-breathing monster.

Now in the Pokémon World, humans not only train Pokémon for battles. But some people keep them as pets. Now people who want Pokémon as pets, would never ever get a fire Pokémon. Why you may ask? Read on…..

After the rain stopped, Lefty left the rabbit's hole, taking care not to go into any puddles.

Lefty's stomach growled. He was hungry. His growling attracted the attention of a kind but rather idiotic boy named Henry.

"Hey there little guy." He said. "Are you hungry?"

Lefty nodded a yes. For some reason Henry wasn't bothered by the Charmander's B.O.

Lefty followed Henry into his house and Henry told Lefty to wait in the living room while he went to go get some food. Lefty then sat down on the couch comfortable, not noticing that his fire tail had just set the couch ablaze.

Lefty then smelled smoke, looked, gulped and then looked for something to put out the flames. He then noticed that as the flames spread throughout the couch, on the couch was a can of air freshener, that said "Warning: Highly flammable."

"Oh sh…" cried Lefty but he couldn't finish. The can exploded, causing the entire house to collapse, crushing and killing both Lefty and Henry.

And that's my story on how fire Pokémon would live the most cruelest lives.