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Arthur and Merlin were inseparable, but they held a secret to this. Arthur was Merlin's older step-brother. No-one really knew this because Arthur couldn't risk his father sending Merlin away. Merlin was his Man-servant and as the prince of Camelot he wasn't supposed to have a decent friendliness to the servant. But Merlin meant much more to him than just a servant.

Of course it wasn't always like this. When Merlin first came from Ealdor looking for work in Camelot, Arthur had treated him horribly. But after being made his servant, Arthur began to grow friendly with the younger boy.

It was only after about a year when Arthur had been under a spell when he had looked into the past he'd seen about the real birth of him and Merlin. It turned out that Arthurs mother Ygraine had not died instantly however she had been ill for so long. However when she died, a powerful witch took her form and conceived with Uther, unbeknown about his real wives death, he agreed. It was a few years later when Uther discovered the real truth he banished Nimeuh and began the great purge on magic.

It was only months later when Merlin was born, after hearing this Arthur reluctantly told Merlin about it all. The poor boy was taken aback, and Arthur; Newfound older brother; held him tight as he sobbed on his Shoulder.

Right now you know the past, let's get back to the present

Merlin was late as usual to Arthur's chambers. before, Arthur would likely have thrown a tantrum about Merlin's lateness and constant clumsiness beginning to becoming a habit But now, he respected how much of a late sleeper Merlin was, so he could just get him back later if he was late; again, for another one of his father's meetings because of the boy. About 10 minutes later Merlin eventually came in, but he looked really upset as though he'd been crying.

"Merlin…Merlin what's wrong" he reached out and put a hand on the smaller boys shoulder.

"I…its Gaius, he's gotten ill, a…and I don't know what to do…" he paused so Arthur gripped his shoulders and hugged him.

"Merlin, it's alright" he paused himself, and then smiled "you should be with him, I'll be fine, but you worry about Gaius." Merlin forced a smile; Arthur went to hug him again.

"Thanks Arthur." He nodded and went back to Gaius' workshop. Arthur stood there a couple of moments. "That's what's good about my little brother" Arthur thought to himself "Typical his magic stops him from a lot of things" Arthurs smile went into a small frown as he remembered the meeting he was supposed to be at with his father soon. He quickly got dressed and left the room.