At a loss.

Arthur held Merlin close as the younger boy sobbed his little heart out.

"Shh, Merlin, it's alright." Arthur cooed trying to calm Merlin down but, it just wasn't working, the boy just kept on Sobbing, so he tried rubbing circles on his back, if he was just the Prince of Camelot, he would have ordered Merlin to get a hold of himself and get back to work, but. Being Merlin's friend and of course only brother, he felt the need to make Merlin feel better, rather than ordering him to.

"A…Arthur." Merlin whispered tears in his voice still. Arthur looked down to where Merlin was laid down on his knees.

"I'm here Merlin, What is it?" he said softly stroking the boy's hair as he said it

"Do you think Gaius I…Is hap… Happier now where he is? He asked now sitting up to face Arthur, Arthur thought for a moment than nodded his head.

"I bet he's happy, but, I bet he'd be even happier knowing you're alright." With that Merlin finally smiled and Arthur ruffled the boy's hair. He had known him long enough, to realise that he had always liked when someone did that. Arthur was about to say something when the boys heard a booming voice behind them.

"ARTHUR!" Arthur turned round to see his father stood in the doorway to the workshop looking sterner than ever.

"F…Father, I hadn't expected to see you here." He said rather confused, getting up and walking towards the King. But held to a standstill when the King raised his voice again.

"Nor I you Arthur, I have been searching the entire castle looking for your whereabouts." Arthur looked puzzled, why did his father been looking for him, he would have been informed if there had been an important meeting, and either way a servant would come for him. Not his father. It was definitely something bad.

"There isn't any more business to attend to today however." Arthur hated the way he had just said however. "However," he continued "I am to believe that you have spent less time on your duties and training, and spending more time with that blasted servant of yours." He looked over Arthurs shoulder and pointed his finger towards Merlin, who had tears still slightly streaming down his face. Arthur turned to Merlin then looked back at his father with a look of disappointment on his face.

"Father, Merlin was upset; I was trying to make him feel better…" the king did not look pleased

"Arthur, it is not your job to please your servants, it is supposed to be the other way around; you of all people should know that."

"Father, Merlin is MY manservant and MY B…" he stopped himself "Friend" Uther looked even sterner than before at Arthur.

"ARTHUR, YOU CANNOT POSSIBLY BE FRIENDS WITH A PATHETIC SERVANT" Arthur felt like yelling back at his father.

"Father, do you even want to know why Merlin was, and still is upset."

"Of course not Arthur," he wasn't yelling anymore, but instead of talking anymore, of even saying goodbye, he left the room storming. Arthur was tempted to shout about Gaius unfortunate death, but after remembering that Merlin was behind him, he just didn't have the heart to bring back those torn memories