(keep in mind… Clare is only 6 so… I'm writing like a six year old would…)

June 24, 1978

My name is Clare Abshire, and I am six years old. I don't really like journals… but I never want to forget what happened today…

I was having a tea party in the meadow today and I heard a voice from the bushes. I thought it was Mark being an idiot but then he said "Greetings earthling" and it wasn't Mark's voice. He asked me for my blanket and I got scared but he told me not to be. When I gave him it he came out wrapped up in. He said his name was Henry. He said that he was a time traveler and I didn't believe him. So told me a bunch of facts, like that was gonna convince me! So he told me that Mark is gonna break his arm by Tuesday and that he would meet me back in the meadow then. He wants me to bring him some of Daddy's clothes this time… but the best part was when he disappeared! For real! He just disappeared and he was gone! Ok well that's all I've got right now. Bye!.