"What are you doing out here?" Strong Bad's ears were pierced by the high pitched voice of his youngest brother. He grumbled in response.

"That cannot be good for your neck."

"Hey, are you even listening to me?"

"Strong Bad? Are you ok?"

Finally he lifted he head and opened his eyes. He was relieved to see the vaguely soft serve shaped head and beady black eyes of Strong Sad. "I don't know man. Between these crazy dreams and waking up to your mug..." He rubbed under one of his eyes. "What day is it?"

"Its November fifth." Strong Sad pointed out as he stood again. "Uh, Strong Bad, I don't suppose you could go somewhere else. You're blocking the way out, and I have an appointment at the stick."

Strong Bad slowly stood as well, stepping out of the way. Then it hit him. "Wait, the fifth? That's not possible. What happened to the second, third and fourth?"

"What do you mean what happened? You been sleeping and playing video games for most of the last few days." His brother stopped as he opened the door. "Have you been into my medication?"

Maybe that was it, Strong Bad didn't reply. He just shook his head and went towards the kitchen. Maybe some food would help him focus.

As he wandered around, rummaging through the cupboards he heard a strange sound, like a cat's muffled cries. It took his a moment to pinpoint it, but when he did his attention turned to the fridge. Nervously he opened the door and peered inside. The little light bulb illuminated to reveal wilted vegetables and some leftovers from who knew when. He breathed out in relief, unable to hear the cat anymore.

Suddenly there was a squealing sound, followed by a thunderous crash. He turned towards the door and stumbled back at the sight. Before his eyes the whole house creaked, moaned, warped and shifted from the world he was use the other world he had been in, changing between human and cat.

Strong Sad rushed through the door, his hair soaked and mussed by rain, and his baggy clothing clinging to his thick, form. He rushed past Strong Bad towards the phone. He only turned to his brother after he quickly called someone. "There's been... An a-accident, Strong Bad."

Strong Bad turned his attention to his brother to give him a wide eyed look before he ran to the door. Outside he was instantly poured on by the chilling rain, and he could see his breath as he went. His front yard was stopped abruptly by a sidewalk and a street. His dark hair stuck to his forehead and feel into his eyes. But there was no evidence of an accident, no car to have caused the squealing, nothing out of place.

Then he spotted it, a large cat in the middle of the road, light grey with dark grey stripes. Its back legs looked almost completely dark grey. Slowly Strong Bad walked over to the next cat, picking it up slowly. As he looked at it, it slowly hit him, who it could be.

"Strong Sad?"

The cat opened his dark eyes, looking up sadly up to Strong Bad. Strong Bad shook his head, holding him away from his body.

"This isn't real. None of this is real. If you're like this, you're dead again. I mean not again, but...." He sighed sharply. "It makes no sense. You were just in the house, calling the police or something."

The cat made a pitiful crying mew at his currently human brother. From behind him he heard his brother's whiny tone. "Its not like anyone else would call help for me. Its better this way anyways."

Strong Bad turned as his brother walked right through him and into the cat. With ferocity in his green eyes he turned back to the cat. "No! No! No!" He screamed. "This isn't fair! It doesn't make sense! Why is this happening to me!"

The cat said nothing, getting dropped by Strong Bad. The green eyed human just backed away quickly. "Just stop this! I want to go back!" He grabbed his shoulders as the rain continued to chill him to the bone. Walking backward eventually lead to him slipping and falling on his butt. Strong Bad brought himself tightly together, hugging his knees. "I want to go back..."

"You want to go back whewe now?"

"Stwong Bad?"


Strong Bad finally looked up with a start. He was curled up on the couch, in front of the tv. Tight black pants and red boxing gloves instantly came into view; he was a toon again. The tv was glitchy and staticy, but he could hear the announcer.

"You are watching the all pet show. On next, hour six of our All About Tabby Cats marathon."

Strong Bad shook his head and looked over his shoulder. Homestar was standing there, with a doopy look in his beady black eyes. He was carrying a little cardboard box in his invisible grip. As soon as he had the wrestleman's attention he blinked.

"Oh, wight, wight. Happy Berwfday Stwong Bad!" He held out the box, shaking it. Strong Bad looked startled at this. But he new full well what was going on, and what was in the box. Surprise quickly became anger, which quickly became a growling rage.

"Oh no you don't! I'm not going through that again!" He grabbed Homestar from the back of his shirt, and the box with his other hand. He quickly dragged the white toon up the stairs and to the front door. Then he pushed the door open wide, letting in a breeze of night air. "You can get out of my face, and take your stupid cursed presents with you!"

With that he swiftly punted the Homestar Runner out the door, then tossed the box after him. He smacked Homestar smack in the head, causing him to form little Strong Bad heads with cherub wings fluttering angerly around his now bumped head. "Oh, youw welcome Stwo-Bwo..." He dizzily muttered.

Strong Bad snorted and slammed the door shut. "Good riddance." He shook his head tiredly before shuffling back downstairs. The tv screamed out as some possibly blond hotty got sprayed with chocolate syrup blood. With a glitching sound the monstrous man with a chainsaw and fencing mask was replace by a ruddy coloured tabby putting it heavy paws on the camera. It mewed, seemingly at Strong Bad.

Strong Bad stared at the cat that kind of looked like him in cat for, tilting his head. Then with a small chuckle he slammed a gloved fist on the top of tv. The tv changed back to the b horror movie. He sat down.

"Popcorn?" His voice asked from the other end of the couch. He looked over to see his feline self peeping over a large bowl of yellow coloured popcorn.

"What the crap?" Strong Bad pulled back. His feline self scratched behind an ear calmly.

"This is what you get for taking some of your brother's meds, man." The cat simply pointed out as he took a piece of popcorn, crunching it down.

Strong Bad blinked at the hallucination. Then he looked away. This was so weird. Then he looked back.

"Strong Sad seriously needs to get his prescription changed." Both toon and cat stated with a smirk at the same time. Then they both laughed as Strong Bad grabbed as some buttery flavored snacks.

"Seriously." Human Strong Bad casually pointed out as he too grabbed popcorn. "Now move over, cat self, the good part's coming up." With that he jumped over the back of the couch.

With a shrug Strong Bad turned back to the tv. Sure this situation was more than a little unsettling, but his human shaped hallucination was right. The good part was just about to start.

So there we have it... A quick finished story. I hope this was a decent adventure for you. - Spatze