Almost Closing Time

Vampire Diaries/True Blood crossover fanfic

Damon & Sookie pairing

*disclaimer, I don't own any of the established canon characters, and the story takes place in a fictional town.

This story is co-written r/p style with Greenemage writing for Damon. As always, thanks for writing with me!

This was her favorite time of night.

Well not of every night, since it was better not to be working at all and snug in her bed at this hour; but as far as a work shift was concerned, this was her favorite part of it.

Nobody whistling for her attention like she was a dog, or trying to look down her blouse, or accidentally brush against her behind as she navigated her way through the tables. No more spills or having to sacrifice her tip because their fool cook put mayonnaise on the bun when they asked for none. Sookie could catch her breath now and get into a rhythm to set up for the next day.

The majority of the crowds had dispersed and only the hard core regulars were still in the bar, mostly keeping to themselves as they hunched over their drinks. The kitchen was closed for the night and most of the staff had already gone home at least a couple of hours ago. When she drove home traffic would be light and when she got to her front porch she'd be able to see the stars winking back at her from the velvet curtain of night.

Low music was playing from the jukebox, kinda mellow just like her mood and Sookie hummed to herself as she refilled the salt and pepper shakers. At times like this she didn't have to work so hard to keep up her mental shield. At times like this she could feel almost like regular human being.


The running commentary continued in the background...

Nobody can tell a navy man when he's had enough to drink...

Shoulda told him where he could stick his referral...

I don't think it's supposed to be that color, and all crusty like that...

Sookie recoiled from that last and scooted a little farther down the bar to work on the sugar shakers instead. A light sigh left her lips, so much for completely dropping her shields...

Damon stepped into the bar and surveyed the dim establishment, his eyes narrow as they ran over the few remaining patrons. Contrary to the name on the sign outside the place wasn't exactly heavenly, but that suited him just fine and it was still better than most places that could be found open at this hour. He would know... he'd spent enough time in them. The only thing in there that seemed to fit in with the name of the bar was the angelic-looking blonde behind the bar; she was tempting and it hadn't even been all that long since he'd last eaten.

His slight smirk spreading slowly into a smile, he crossed over and dropped into a seat at the bar well away from the drunk whose putrid breath had reached him from the door, giving the pretty bartender an expectant look.

Humming to herself, Sookie gave a sharp intake of breath as she looked up and found the new customer sitting almost directly in front of her. A sheepish smile tugged at her lips. "How long you been sittin' there? I didn't even notice you come in." She admitted with a slight shake of the head.

"Long enough." He lied, watching her with interest. There was something different about the girl, besides her bubbly cheerfulness that was a little out of place for three o'clock in the morning. It was something he couldn't quite put his finger on... but right now it didn't matter, all he wanted was a drink. Something to help him forget, if only for a short while.

Normally there was a slight buzz associated with someone, sort of a like a beacon in the darkness that she associated with people whether she was shielding or not, but he'd slipped right under it, cool as a cucumber. "It's gettin' on to closin' time but I think you got time for one drink, what can I getcha?" She smiled in a friendly way, her ponytail bobbing slightly as she stepped more directly in front of him.

"If I can only have one then I might as well make worthwhile. Scotch, make it a double." He was confident that by the end of that one he could talk her into another, probably without any... 'assistance'.

Sookie should have just complied with his request, poured him his drink and finished with the sugar shakers but all of a sudden in a rush it came to her and she stared at him, an expression somewhere between wonder and delight on her face.

He was a vampire.

He didn't really look like any of the vampires she'd met before, in fact he looked like any regular human guy, not especially pale and lacking the intensity with which Bill had always regarded her. But there was something about him… Extending her 'gift', sure enough, she was met with blessed silence. After a moment or two she realized she was just staring at him as though she was a little slow. "Sorry, I reckon you must think I'm a bit touched in the head. But did you say scotch? Are you sure that's what you wanna drink?" Her head canted to one side as she studied him before lowering her voice. "I think I got somethin' that might satisfy you a bit more'n that." The corner of her mouth tugged up into a lopsided smile.

Damon raised an eyebrow. "I think maybe you are a bit touched, sweetheart." He replied coldly as he tapped the top of the bar with his index finger. "I asked for scotch." What was with her? Maybe he should just eat her and do the gene pool a favor. "Just what was it you were going to try and push off on me?"

Sookie blinked at him, taken aback by his surly response. "I beg your pardon, I am sorry… but scotch? I mean, can your kind even drink that sort of thing?" She'd never known a vampire to take anything but blood before, but then again it didn't mean it wasn't possible. Instead she pulled a bottle of True Blood from the little mini-fridge and set it on the counter. "I could warm it up for you if you like?" She tried again with a
friendly smile.

Ah, so now her behavior made sense, though how she'd known what he was, was beyond him. His face softened a little, but his brow wrinkled a little at her offer. "I'll pass. Doesn't get you drunk and tastes like shit. Just the scotch, thanks." He looked at her curiously for a moment, considering her in a new light. She not only knew about vampires, but was able to identify him as one immediately. "So how did you know? I don't think I'm wearing my 'Vampire' sign today," he made a show of checking himself.

He didn't drink True Blood? That had to mean that he fed from humans, or possibly animals, the question was did he only take blood from volunteers or was he one of them evil vampires like the ones she'd met back in Bon Temps? Pouring out his scotch, she slid it across the counter to him, finding her smile again at his last. "I've met my share of vampires in my day." She said simply, not wanting to share overmuch, after all she didn't know him at all. "That ain't to say I'm one of them fang bangers or nothin'," Sookie
was quick to interject, not wanting to give him the wrong idea.

"Have you now?" He replied, his smirk widening a little. "Well I doubt you've met one quite like me." He picked up his Scotch and downed nearly half of it before returning it to the bar. "You know most of us can't even tell someone else is a vampire unless we really try... you know, smell, listen for heartbeat. It's a little curious to me how easily you did it." But then he shrugged, that particular curiosity passing quickly. "So if you aren't a 'fang banger', which is a real pity by the way, just how have you met so many of them?"

"Oh you know how it goes." She gave a delicate shrug of the shoulders. "You meet one and all of a sudden there's a whole passel of em a'knockin' at your door." Sookie really wanted to reach out and touch him, see if he really was different in any way and one hand actually started to extend towards him before she thought better of it and retracted it, instead picking up the tray of sugar shakers to go back to refilling them while she worked. For a moment she thought he might press her about her ability to pick him out as a vampire but he moved on blessedly fast and she inwardly breathed a sigh of relief. "So, Mr. ah… you just passin' through town or you fixin' to stay for a while?" She asked, paying more attention to him than her task at hand.

"I guess I don't really know how that goes." He said with the raise of an eyebrow. "But I suppose my last town had a girl like that... all the vampire activity seemed to revolve around her." He wasn't quite sure how Elena had managed to survive it, for the most part it had to have been because he and Stefan had kept rescuing her. "I find myself... undecided at the moment on what I'm going to do. Not really thinking much beyond my next glass of scotch at the moment."

"I don't mean to say everythang revolved around me or nothin', it just seemed like after the vamps came out we had one around every corner for a while." She replied. "Is that why you left your last place? Were you sweet on that girl?" Lord but she found herself curious about him, probably on the count of she couldn't tell what he was thinking.

"Sweet on her? No, I left that to my brother." He scoffed. Sure, there might have been moments where they... connected, but he sure as hell wasn't going to admit something like that to anyone, much less some bartender he'd just met. Picking up his Scotch, he swirled his glass for a moment before taking another drink.

"You best make that scotch last you for a spell, I can't serve you another tonight."

"Last one? No, I think you'll give me just one more. A double." He said, focusing his eyes intently on her, exerting his influence. He downed the remainder of his drink and slid the glass closer to her.

Her lips twitched with amusement. "Ah no, I said that was the last one Sugar, I kin offer you a soda or somethin' but no more alcohol." She insisted, eyes flicking to the clock on the wall, she was definitely past the time she was allowed to serve. "We're gonna be closin' up shop soon but you ain't got run off just yet." The truth was Sookie was enjoying the brief interaction with him. Just being in close proximity to him was enough
to dampen out all the other voices in the room and her head was blissfully devoid of chatter.

He frowned at that; how the hell had she resisted that? Vervain? He paused to extend his senses toward her for the first time, expecting to catch the faint whiff of the herb, either coming from something she was wearing or from her pores. What he did smell caught him by surprise... she smelled good, sweet, something he'd never smelled before. He looked at her intently for a moment, trying to figure her out. "Soda. I don't think that'll have quite the same effect. Come on, one more. I won't tell anyone if you don't."

It was cute the way he pouted like that when she refused him the drink, but she covered her smile with her hand as she filled a glass with soda. "No Sir, we got laws around here, and it's bad for business to go breakin' 'em. Why, what if you were an undercover policeman? Then where would I be if I bent the rules?" Sookie asked with a smile. He was much more difficult to resist when he smiled at her like that and she was again struck by a powerful urge to touch his cool skin. Fingers itching, she immediately went back to her sugar shakers with a clatter. Idle hands…

"Me? An undercover cop?" He had to laugh at that one. "Hardly. I've never been one for obeying laws... in fact I make it a habit of breaking them whenever possible just because I can."

"A real rebel huh? Sounds like you like to live life on the edge. Or is it really livin'? I mean you bein' dead and all, or do you find that term offensive? Should I instead say… livin' challenged?" She was nervous to be sure, not because she was afraid of him, but because for the first time in a long while, she was utterly captivated by another person. Her brother had often told her that one day her curiosity would be the death of her but so
far she'd managed to survive.

"While technically incorrect, it's true... I do like to enjoy my 'unlife' to the fullest." He smiled, giving her a wink. "And for someone like me, I don't like to let the rules stand in the way of that." Damon couldn't quite figure her out. She didn't seem frightened of what he was, not even slightly intimidated. And the way she smelled... he gestured casually toward her. "There's something different about you, but I can't quite tell what it is."

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