Once upon a time in a faraway land…..

Just kidding. It was in L.A. In a hospital a baby boy was just born. The proud parents names were Martha and Thomas Scam. Yeah, Scam.

Hospital, 9:35 a.m. Right Wing.

"What should we name him?"


"I think John sounds stronger. Timothy sounds a little I don't know weak."


"Ok no John. How about-

"TIMOTHY. HIS NAME WILL BE TIMOTHY!" He shouted, raising his hand at Martha.

She gasped, she knew what was coming if she didn't give in. It hadn't happened for a few months since she was pregnant. "Ok his name is Timothy! You were right ok. Timothy is a beautiful name! Thomas!"

The nurse entered at that moment, frowning. She had heard the shouting. "Something wrong here?"

Thomas put his hand down quickly and said "No we're ok."

"Uh-huh. Fine." stammered Martha still shocked.

The nurse took the baby to be checked out. She said as she was leaving "He is gonna be a heartbreaker. A baby girl will be born soon. The mother's name is Gabriella. I think her baby is gonna have the prettiest red hair like her mother…."

Thomas was quiet for a moment and then said "Timothy Scam. I like that. Tim Scam.

And so Timothy Scam was born.