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Timothy Scam was becoming too familiar with the hospital. The sterile smell. All of the white. He almost thought he was in heaven. Almost.

"Where's my mom?" No one was there.

"HELLO!" Finally a nurse popped her head in. Her eyes widened. "She quickly called the head nurse. "Elena! He's awake!" Elena rushed in.

"Where's Mom?" "Hush dear we need to get you to testing."

"WHERE'S MY FUCKING MOM?" Elena looked at him sternly. Are all women able to use that look? "Sorry" he muttered.

"Martha's fine. Well as fine as she can be now that-"

"Now that what?" Elena looked at him, puzzled. "I thought she told you" looking at him with pity. "Told me what?"

She backed out of the room, the testing forgotten. "I'll wheel her in here."

A few minutes later just as she promised Martha was wheeled into the room. She had a cast on her left arm and leg. A bruise on the right side of her face. She smiled weakly. "Took you long enough to wake up. You've been unconscious for the last 3 days. Weird since I'm the one that took the impact."

"What happened and what is it that Elena knows that I don't?"

"You always did cut to the point. We were driving to a diner and your father was going to meet us he was late and he was speeding. His truck hit us." Timothy's anger overflowed as soon as he heard the words father and truck. "WHY WAS THAT BASTARD GOING TO MEET US? ARE YOU GOING BACK TO HIM. I SWEAR TO GOD IF YOU DO I'LL KILL HIM! I'LL RUN AWAY! I'll-

"Timothy." She hated swearing. "I am never going back to your father. Never. I wanted both of you there because I needed to tell you that I have cancer."


"I have cancer. I'm getting an operation that will save me for now but I only have a few years."

The reality of what had happened lately hit him hard. He lost his dad. He lost Sam. He had to move. He had a broken leg and for all he knew he could be disfigured forever. And now he was losing what was most important. His anchor. His mother.

"Go away. I want to be alone."

"We need to talk about this."

"I said GO AWAY" Martha looked at him stricken. The same expression she had when Thomas would yell at her. God, now he was turning into whom he hated most. Her face shut down and she wheeled out of the room.

1:00 Timothy and Martha Scam's home.

Timothy drunkenly opened the door to his home. Michael followed him in. A lot had happened after the hospital. He had started becoming a wild child. Going to Parties, drinking beer like fish drink water. Do fish drink water if they live in it? He thought. He had even lost his virginity to some wasted hot girl at a party last week. He always thought he would lose it to Sam. The thought of Sam sobered him up. "fat chance of that happening" he muttered under his breath.

"What? You nailed a fat chick?" Michael whooped. Obviously he had 10 too many beers.

"Sorry Michael you're going to have to go home. Timothy and I need to have a talk." Martha said as she calmly walked out of her room.

"Mom he's drunk out of his mind. How's he gonna get there. Damn you're slow."

Michael looked at Timothy. "You shouldn't talk to her like that. It'll ruin my chances of hooking up with a MILF." Timothy just looked at him. Michael stage whispered/slobbered in Timothy's Ear "Your mom is hot. Did she do any centerfolds when she was young?" Timothy shoved him off "Go to sleep on the floor in my room." He lumbered off like a drunk bear.

Martha looking at both of them "Go to bed. Michael I'll drive you home in the morning. She went into the kitchen, obviously expecting Timothy to follow her. He did.

"I know things are hard right now but you DO NOT just drink your life away. Do you know I got a call AT WORK from you school about you mouthing off to the teachers even swearing at them. AND you got in a fight."

He regarded her with boredom "My teachers are rude smug pigs who don't know anything about the subject they're teaching. I was just showing some cocky freshman who was boss.

"You're a sophomore."

"Don't be a bitch mom."



"Say it."


"GODDAMMIT JUST SAY IT" she screamed smacking the table.

"Your CANCER. ARE YOU HAPPY? CANCER!" the tears were streaming down his face.

"Oh Timmy." she said moving forward. He moved away and a bottle of wine fell out of his sweatshirt shattering on the linoleum. She looked at him and he stared right back, with defiance.

"You're just like him" she whispered, horrified.

"You know what" he said calmly, "Maybe it wasn't him. Did it ever occur to you that it was your fault? That maybe it doesn't have anything to do with him but it was you?"

SLAP! He could feel on his face where her hand was.

"Your father was, IS a psychopath who was selfish and only thought about himself. Pack you bags. I can't handle you. Your father found a boarding school that might straighten you out."

He was stunned. "You're sending me to military school?"

"Not military school. It's just a place so you can get away from all the bad influences and maybe me too. I just can't deal with you anymore. I give up. Martha calmly walked out of the kitchen. "And you better clean up that glass and wine on the floor. It'll be sticky tomorrow."

She slammed her door shut leaving him standing there. The door opened again and he looked hopefully until Michael walked out with nothing but Martha's black lace bra and red thong on. A note was pinned to him Burn these for me.

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