Playing to Win

It's not like she's a virgin (and yeah, isn't Spike kicking himself for that missed opportunity), but there's still something…innocent about Willow even after having shagged a werewolf. Not quite sure how that works, but he's not gonna fret over it. Spike stopped the cerebral shite way back when in that dirty alley. He leaves that to his pathetic excuse for a grand-sire now.

Speaking of which…

Wonder if the old boy remembers – remembers the plans he once had for the delectable witch Spike is angling to make his own. Because Spike hasn't forgotten, not one bit. He still remembers Angelus chortling over his first courting gift: the necklace he made of the poor girl's fish (sad sort of pets those were). And he remembers the look on Angelus's face when he described the scent of her knickers.

No, Spike hasn't forgotten a thing and he's pretty sure that somewhere deep inside, Angel remembers, too.

It may be part of why he's doing what he's doing, though Spike's not so pathetic that one-upmanship is the whole pie. Still, it makes him much keener, makes him more focused and more determined. Oh yeah, Spike's gonna win this sweet little girl over. Spike's gonna make her his.

He has a feeling she'll be a prize all on her own, even without the extras. All that sugar is sure to be hiding a whole lot of spice and he can't wait to see what she'll be like with the bedroom door shut and the clothes off. He's pretty sure he'll think that wolf is a bigger idiot then than he does now.

But of course, if he just happens to videotape the occasion and a copy just happens to find its way to Angel? That won't be too bad either. Let that wanker stew in jealousy and 'what-might-have-been'. Not like he could do anything about it; not without raising all sorts of questions he'd never want to answer, Slayer-whipped nancy-boy that he is.

This time, Spike will be the one who gets the girl. Spike will be the one who wins.

Angel? Angel will be the one on the outside looking in.

The End.