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A Promise Is Made Today And Kept Forever

Chapter 1

I'm Not Going And That's Final

Alice's P.O.V.

Sigh it's so boring today Julius doesn't need or "want" any help and there's nothing to do. I can't go to the Queen's castle because Peter will bug the crap out off me not to mention Ace to but he's probably lost in the forest somewhere damn so now I can't explore some parts of wonderland.

I don't want to go to the amusement park because Gowland will probably play the violin/cello/what ever it turns into. I can't go to the market since I have no more money so I'm just stuck in my room. I can't believe this happened to me.

It all started back in my world. I, Alice Liddell, was just taking a nice nap with my sister, Lorina Liddell, then this white rabbit comes out of nowhere. He tries to make me follow him but I thought it was a dream so I ignored it and tried to go back asleep. He then transforms into a human picks me up then jumps into a hole I didn't know we even had.

Then we landed in Wonderland. This crazy bizarre world where everyone is MAD and has clocks instead of hearts. He makes me drink liquid from a bottle and now I can't get home until I beat the game meaning fill the bottle back up.

I take it out from my pocket and look at it. It was ¼ filled up. I realized that it fills up when I interact or talk to people in this world. Maybe I should stay and live here. I mean anyone would be happy to live in a world where everybody loves you.

I wonder why I don't… maybe because no one really loves me except for one back in my world. I had a family of 5. Me, my mom, my dad, my little sister, and Lorina. My mother died a couple of years ago. My dad, depressed, worked all the time to try to forget her.

My little sister hated me since I didn't cry at mommy's funeral so she doesn't talk to me anymore. The only one who loved me was my older sister Lorina. Even though I should hate her I can't seem to.

You see I used to have a boyfriend I loved very much but he left me for another woman who happened to be my sister. Maybe that's why I don't like this world because I promised myself to never love again after what he did to me.

I intend to keep that promise but its hard when your surrounded by hot guys plus one of them looking like my ex. Blood Dupre he looks exactly like my ex-boyfriend but he hates me. He even tried to kill me just because I saw his secret date with him and the Queen of Hearts Vivaldi.

He literately choked me when I told him about it. He let go though when I said I feel sorry for Vivaldi for having such a lover. Why is love so hard? Why can't you just meet your perfect match in the beginning of your life?

I thought my ex was the one. We did everything together including um you know… (sex). It was his idea (that I agreed with) and we only did it once (I wonder how many times he did it with my sister). I was naïve back then thinking he was the one.

Now I'm thinking that "the one" might be in this world. I just hope it's not Peter White (I mean I love it when he turns into a rabbit but he's annoying in human form). Or the twins Tweedle Dee and Dum (I mean there children plus I would have to pick only one of them then the other might kill the other one to get me).

Let's see Mary Gowland looks way to old for me (even if he owns an amusement park). Boris Airay might be nice (when he doesn't make me hold guns) but his cat ears and tails are to weird for me. Plus he likes guns and fighting even though he doesn't care if he dies because he can come back to life but I told him it would be the same Boris I know.

Ace maybe. Even though he gets lost all the time because he refuses to accept his destiny and kills people just to get one clock. Julius Monrey I don't know. He lets me live with him for free and I (try to) help him with the clocks and make him coffee.

In Wonderland everyone has a clock instead of a heart (I'm the only person with a heart). When someone dies their clock stops and its Julius's job to fix them and make it movie again. They come back to live after he does that (even though I've never seen it happen).

That's the reason almost everybody in Wonderland hates him. It's Ace's job to retrieve those clocks because some people don't want to live forever. That's the reason almost everybody in Wonderland hates him. If you destroy a person's clock you can't come back to life.

That's a dangerous crime in Wonderland which leads me to Elliot March. He destroyed his friends clock so he got locked up. Blood Dupre broke him out so now he serves him. Elliot is cute and has super fluffy ears but he's so violent.

Blood Dupre… well if he didn't try to kill me I would tell you about him but he did so I won't. Did I miss anyone…oh yah Nightmare. Now there's a weird one. I only see him in my dreams or nightmares and I think he's connected to my world somehow.

Well now I think I've caught you up to speed except that Vivaldi, the Queen of Hearts, is throwing a ball. I want to go but can't because Blood will be going there and I'm trying to avoid him now. Not forever but you know until the bottle fills up and I leave this place and never come back.

Well not never I would like to come back you know just to see everyone again maybe I'll talk to Blood then.


I looked at the door. "Come in" I said. Julius walked in. "Do you have a moment" he said. I sat up in my bed and nodded. He walked over and sat next to me in my bed. "So" I said to Julius he was awfully quiet. "Have you heard about the ball the Queen's having" he said.

"Yah" I said. "Are you going?" he said. "No" I said. "Is it because of Blood Dupre" he said. What how did he know that? "Who told you?" I said. "Well Gowland called and said that the servants were showing you how to dance then Elliot mentioned Blood's name then you left" he said.

I didn't respond. "Either way you are going to the ball" he said. "What! Why?" I shouted. He looked at me "Because you really want to go don't you Alice" he said to me. Huh? "Alice don't let Blood or anyone stop you from doing what you really want to do. Besides your not going to stay here forever you said so yourself so make memories of us and Wonderland so you won't forget that we love you" Julius said.

What Julius said does make since but "we love you" I said raising an eyebrow. "Um you know Peter and Ace and you know" he said blushing a little. "If you want I'll be your escort" he said. I laughed "I'll think about it" I said.

"Very well then" he said and started walking towards the door. "Oh and Julius" I said. "Yes?" he said. "Thanks" I said. He smiled then went out and closed the door. Maybe Julius was right. Maybe I should go to the ball wear a sexy dress with Julius as my escort that'll get Blood jealous wait no I don't want to make him jealous I want to avoid him all night especially eye contact.

There's something about his eyes that…appeal to me, draws me in. Maybe if he was more like… no what am I doing? I shouldn't compare. Even if there faces look alike. That's exactly what Blood said I would do. Aargh this is so hard so I won't worry about it.

What will I wear to the ball? I only have one outfit and no money. I know maybe the Queen will help me even if it does mean I'll have to see…Peter. I'll do anything for Blood…wait I mean I'll do anything to make Blood jealous… Wait no uugh I'm just going to leave now.

I walked downstairs. "Alice where are you going?" Julius said. "To beg the Queen to let me borrow a dress for the ball be back later" I said then walked out. I started walking through the forest but I kinda got lost which I hate because every time I get lost I always see "Oh hey Alice where you headed to" Ace said.

"Oh to Vivaldi's Castle" I said. "Oh really me too let's go together" he said then grabbed my hand and started dragging me with him. "Wait I just came from this way" I said. "Oh well this way" he said then changed directions.

"ACE" I screamed this was going to take a while. Once Ace finally let me go we started walking, I hope, in the right direction. "So Alice why do you want to see the Queen" he said. "To ask for a gown" I said.

"So your going to the ball" he asked his eyes sparkling. "Hmmh" I hummed. "Yes so do you have a date or escort" he said. "Hmm well Julius offered but I didn't answer" I said. "Wow he must really love you Alice and you must love him to, to think about his offer. I'm jealous I might have to…"

"ACE I do NOT LOVE JULIUS and were you about to say kill because if you were I'LL NEVER SEE YOU AGAIN" I yelled. "Uh no Alice uh I was going to say might have to uh congratulate him yah that's right for asking you" Ace said.

"Oh well that's good and don't worry Julius is just a friend, a special one" I said. Ace walked up to me and hugged me. "Ace wh-what are y-you doing" I said blushing. His head was on my chest. "Am I special too" Ace said.

My heart started racing. "Alice your heart is beating fast…Am I doing this?" he said. "No now could you please let go" I said struggling. "Not until you answer" he said. "Yes alright yes you're a special person to me" I said.

"Good" he said smiling then let me go. I started walking away. "Alice…Alice wait…slow down" Ace said trying to catch up with me. Right Ace was being as annoying as Peter, I'd rather be with Peter than him right now and it looks like I'll get my wish because up ahead laid the Queen's Castle.

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