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"I'm hungry!" Carlos moaned.

"You're always hungry." James said grinning. He playfully smacked his best friend's hockey helmet. "We just ate, doofus."

"But I'm still hungry!" Carlos straightened his hockey helmet and scowled at James.

"He needs his second breakfast." Logan muttered.

James, Carlos, and Kendall, the leader of their emerging boy band known as Big Time Rush, all turned to look at Logan. "Huh?" They asked simultaneously.

Logan laughed. "Second breakfast." He held up a well worn copy of 'The Fellowship of the Ring'.

"I'm not a Hobbit though!" Carlos protested. "I'm not short."

"Some Hobbits aren't that short." Logan informed him. "The tallest Hobbit on record was 4' 5". His name was-"

"Why are you reading that anyway?" Kendall interrupted. "Haven't you already read it like, twenty times?"

Logan rolled his eyes. "Don't be ridiculous, Kendall." He paused. "Seven times." Before his friends could say anything he went on. "Books are for rereading and movies are for rewatching. I do it all the time. Besides, Tolkien was a genius."

"Yeah, well I saw the movies." James said focusing his attention back on the TV in front of him.

"How do you read in the car anyway? I'd get sick." Carlos asked Logan curiously.

Logan smirked. "Carlos, you get sick when you have to read anywhere." He smacked Carlos gently on the head.

"Ow!" What is this, Pick On Carlos Day?" Carlos grinned goodnaturedly. "You're right about me and reading though, Logan. I don't know how you stand it."

"And I don't know how you don't like reading." Logan shook his head.

"That's why you're the genius, Logan." Kendall told him. "You're alone with the whole reading thing. I'd rather just see the movie."

"The movie doesn't cover half of what the books do though." Logan argued. "You're all missing so much!" He waved the book pointedly above his head.

"Yeah well, you can fill us in then." James told him. He pulled out a comb from his jeans pocket and ran it through his light brown hair. He let his head thump against the back of the seat. "I hate riding in the car. When are we going to be back at Palm Springs?"

Logan checked his wrist watch. "In about. . . an hour and a half." When the other boys groaned he added, "Hey, at least we made a good impression on the big wigs. Gustavo said the record company was pretty pleased with our session."

At this, James scowled. "Pretty good isn't enough though, Logan. You have to be better than "pretty good" if you want to make it anywhere in Hollywood."

"Hey, don't worry about it, James." Kendall cut in. "We're recording our first CD. That means they think we're worth their time."

"I just wish we didn't have to drive so far. I mean, two hours? What's wrong with the studio back home?" Carlos complained.

"The recording studio at Gulf Records is way superior to the one at Palm Springs." Logan reminded Carlos. "And we only have to drive up there three times a week."

"Yeah, well I think we spend more time in the car than we spend actually singing." Carlos rolled down his window and stuck his head out. "I mean, why can't we stay there until the recording is finished? Then we wouldn't have to drive back and forth so much."

"Because we're not that important to the recording company." Logan said sensibly. "Yet." He added when he saw James frown.

The four best friends had recently moved from Minnesota to California in hopes of making it big. Of their small band, James was the one who wanted it the most. He hated it when anyone, friend or foe, made any kind of reference that reminded him that he had yet to recognize his dream of becoming a star.

Kendall Knight loved to sing. And singing with his friends made it even better. He loved living in warm, sunny California and on occasion being recognized by a handful of people. But his first dream was to play hockey. That was what the four of them had done before this whole crazy ride had started. Fortunately, there was an indoor rink nearby the Palm Springs hotel where they stayed. He didn't have a clue what would happen to the band in the next year or so and he continued to practice as often as he could.

Since the boys were all still minors, Kendall's mom and little sister Katie had come to live with them. Kendall's parents had gotten divorced when he was eleven but his father still called once a week and kept in close contact with his children.

Kendall was the unspoken leader of the group. Although their manger had chosen his to be the lead singer, he also made most of the non-band related decisions. He also had a gift for getting the foursome out of trouble which James and Carlos frequently got them into in the first place.

James Diamond was the dreamer of the group. For as long as he could remember, he had wanted to be a star. With his good looks and good singing voice, he knew he had the talent. All he needed was a chance. It had finally arrived though not nearly as he had ever imagined. His three friends had been thrown into the mix as well. Looking back on it, James couldn't imagine being in Hollywood without his best buddies.

He was an only child so at first it was hard for his parents to let him go. But they kept in close contact. His mother called him every day and his father, lacking the female emotions, still made sure that he talked to his son at least once a week. They were loving and supportive parents and were proud and thrilled for their son's opportunity.

Carlos was the comedian of the group. He was always cracking jokes and having a good time. He didn't have any major ambitions in life but to enjoy the present. At first a stranger might think he couldn't ever be serious but in actuality, Carlos was sensitive and kind of another feelings.

He came from a fairly large family. The Garcia family was close and affectionate so his parents and five little sisters faithfully visited once a month to see their son and brother.

Logan Mitchell often jokingly said that he needed new friends. Really, he could not be more different than the others. Where Kendall was a leader, Logan preferred to stay in the background. Where James was a dreamer, Logan was grounded. Where Carlos was a fun-loving joker, Logan was practical in every sense of the word. He took his studying habits seriously to the point where his friends teased his about it sometimes. He was loyal to a fault, and would never let his friends get into a scrape with out him.

His mother had died when he was six years old. His father, once a loving, involved father had been shattered by his beloved wife's death and had become distant over the past eleven years. He rarely called Logan and when he did, the conversations were short. Logan missed his mother but he also missed his father who, though alive, seemed like a ghost to his son.

The four boys had been friends for eight years now. They had met on a frozen pond one day while skating because hey, everyone in Minnesota knows how to skate. Inseparable since that day, Katie often called them 'The Brotherhood of the Traveling Pants' even though they insisted that she couldn't do this because they did not share a pair of pants.

"I wonder when our first concert will be." James said dreamily. He stared out the window with that glazed look on his face that the boys had come to recognize as his day dream, or fantasy, face.

"Whoa there, James." Logan cautioned his friend. "Don't get ahead of yourself. We need a CD yet."

"Yeah, and this one's going to take us a month." Carlos groaned.

"It'll all be worth it." James said with a serious expression on his face. Seriousness and James was a rare combination so the boys had to work to keep straight faces. They all knew how badly he wanted this.

"We'll make it." Logan assured him.

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