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"Kiss him." orderd Cartmen with a smirk "What! No way dude." protested Stan.
"You picked dare now you have to do it." explained Cartmen "No chicken outs"
"Shut up fatass, we're not doing that." said Kyle angrely "You have to." laughed Cartmen "Don't they have truth or dare in your religion you stupid jew?" Kyle and Stan exchanged bewilderd glances. By the laws of truth or dare they were bound to do what Cartmen said. Stan sighed "Sorry Kyle." apoligized Stan, he closed his ees and leaned in to kiss Kyle, their lips touched for a moment before they pulled back with faces of disgust. Cartmen just fell over laughing.
"I can't believe you guys did that, you guys are so gay!" laughed Cartmen. Kyle groweled and punched Cartmen in the face.
"Common Kyle, you can sleep over at my house." said Stan, there was no way in hell he was going to continue playing truth or dare with Cartmen. "You guys have fun spooning." laughed Cartmen, this earned another punch from Kyle. Kyle followed Stan back to his house. Later they were both in their pj's and curled up in Stan's bed because Kyle hadn't brought his sleeping bag.
"Can you believe Cartmen?" asked Kyle 'making us kiss like that"
"Yeah that was sick." agreed Stan. They were compleatly silent for a few minits.
"Stan?" asked Kyle rolling over to look at his bestfriend. "Yeah?" asked Stan "Do you want to do it again?" asked Kyle "Yeah." answered Stan. They kissed gently again and again until they fell asleep in each other's arms. Everyday after that they kissed and cuddled in secret. Noone found out until Mr. Garison kicked them out for being gay, but that's a story for a diffrent time.