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It was another day, another day to train with Neytri, another day before those fucked up humans would destroy this planet, and I didnt have the guts to do anything about it, not even tell Neytri. But today that was not the problem I would run into. This problem was a bit more personal. I followed Neytri, through the canopy. I noticed Tus Tey below watching us observing the progress I had made. But today I was loosing my footing on countless events and began to notice. Did my brain think that I was still in my other body. The one that was parylized from its waist down. I had gotten used to using my legs but why was I being so clumsy. I'm a marine for god's sack. I'm suppose to be strong and sturdy. I kept walking and finally regained my balance to my relief. Then I stumbled again.


"I'm afraid I will have to call you very clumsy Jake," Neytri said in a annoyed friendly teasing way that I didnt mind. I just smiled and rolled my eyes. I followed her to wherever we were going she wouldnt tell me where this time. She didnt realize that humans have an itch to know and itch of curiosity. I tried to explain that to her but she wouldnt listen.

Flash Back

"Jake we are going somewhere new today," Neytri said.

"where?" I asked

"I cannot tell you," she said.

"where," I reapted again hoping she would answer me this time.

"I'm sorry Jake but I cannot answer you," she replied.

"why," I ask.

"I think that its better if you see it without knowing about it ahead of time," she said.

"I'm a sky person, not a navi, sky people have an itching to know more, to learn, they are very curious creatures......" I said.

"I can see that," she smiled.

" Well you better show me quickly or else I might dye of anxiety ," I joked. She gave me a puzzled look.

She grabbed my arm and pulled it and said," just come along skwaking." I tried to protest but she wouldnt listen.

End of Flash Back

I stumbled over my own feet and fell flat on my face. Neytri was about to help me get up, and say something like am I going to do with you. But before she could say that Tus tey said something that made me angry and frustrated because I knew it was true. He said," looks like the Skwaking cannot, walk he cannot even use his legs." Anger surged over me and I snarled at him. And said take that back. I was about to grab his throat( I wasnt going to kill him, I was just really angry). But Neytri pulled me back for to seconds before I pushed away from her grasp, and chased after Tsu Tey. And I was running I mean really running. I didnt care what I ran through. I went through the brush carelessly. I kept tripping over my own feet stumbling but I chased him. My heart beating hard against my chest. My body growing hot with anger, my yellow(navi) eyes glaring. We reached camp, and Tsu Tey stopped to take a breath, I still had enough enegry to run a mile. He thought I'd be tired. Well he thought wrong I'm a marine, marines dont get tired that fast, marines arent weak like the rest of the sky people. But then I thought but I am weak. I pointed my dagger at him and said "you better take that back what you said."

"You dont scare me skwaking, you probably dont even know how to use that," he said fiercely.

"Does this like not using it," I said as I edged closer and pressed the dagger against the lower part of his neck. But not hard enough for him to bleed.

"Yes you know how to use it," he said. I took the dagger away from his neck. "But you do not know how to use your legs."

"Take that back.... take that back God Damn it I swear that if you dont take that back.........." I threatned at him.

Then we both heard a rustle near the bushes. We turned and saw Mo'at walk toward us. She asked," whats all the commotion about."

"Jakesulley has been threatning me," Tsu Tey answered automaticly. Which made me even more angry.

"And why have you been doing that Jakesulley, what has he done to you," Mo'at asked.

Then the whole clan came out and said," what has he done to you Jakesulley," (in navi).

"So what did he do Jakesulley?" Mo'at asked.

"Well he said something that hurt my spirit, he said something deeply personal," I told them.

"And what might that be," Mo'at asked.

"Well I will tell you what happened," I said.

"Well get on with it we dont have all day its nearing sunset," she said.

"Neytri was going to take me somewhere new and I was following her, Tsu tey was watching my progress. But today I was very clumsy I dont know why but I kept loosing my footing. Eventually I fell flat on my face Tsu Tey said looks like the skwaking cannot use his legs, if someone said something like that I probably would've shook it off, but this this was a bit more personal. After he said that anger surged over me and I chased after him. And thats when you ran into me." I said.

"Yes, but what about the bit more personal part," mo'at asked.

"I was getting to that," I said. " This is why its personal, its personal because its true." "How is it true, your walking right now?" " Yes I'm walking in this body, but what about my other one?" "In my other body I used to be able to walk, but not anymore, not ever." "I injured my leg, I didnt break it , I parylized it." "Do any of you know what parilyized means?"

"No, whats does it mean Jake," Neytri asked

"It means you cant move that part of your body, no matter how hard you try, or want to you cant." I paused sadness coming over me. "I was parylized from the waist down.............. I cant........" once again grieve came over me I couldnt bring myself to say it.

"Cant use your legs," Mo'at said calmly finishing for me.

"O Jake that means you cant walk, run, climb, or swim outside this body," Neytir said sadly.

"Yah, I know." "It happened when I was at war against another army, there was an explosion, I should have died but I didnt instead I was parylized." "But I hate it when people act like I cant do anything, like I'm helpless." I felt my anger begin to rise. "I hate it when people stare at me when I'm in my wheel chair." I hate how they look at me with sympathy just because I'm in a wheel chair." "I've to hell and back GOD DAMN IT !" "But what I hate most is that those people dont know what it feels like to never walk, run,swim, they dont undestand, they dont get the pain I do, whenever I see people walking and I'm never able to do it." "I hate what happened to me."

"O Jake, thats horrible," Neytri said.

"Well I guess I deserve it I'm a sky person after all," I said glaring at Tus Tey.

"No Jake you didnt desereve this you have a true spirit, greed hasnt taken over your spirit like the rest of the sky peoples." Neytri said.

"Well, maybe I didnt but I got it anyway," I said looking down at the ground sadly.

Mo'at translated everything to the rest of the clan.

I walked away out of the camp,Neytri followed me, I sat on down on a rock Neytri sat next to me patting my back. "I need sometime alone," I told Neytri.

"Ok Jake," Neytri said. Then she backed away slowly giving me sometime to relax.

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