Dear Karma

Dear Karma,

You are such a bitch, yeah I know I probably deserved it for laughing at cripples my whole life. Yeah I probably shouldn't have seen them as weak or useless. I know I shouldn't have stared at them when they passed me by on the street. But Karma did you really have to do this to me? I know I probably wouldn't have learned my lesson if this hadn't happen, but Karma this lesson is long and painful. Like copying the dictionary word for word, memorizing it, while I watch all the other kids run around and play in the playground. That's what it feels like Karma, it feels like I am always stuck, no matter how much I want to go outside and run around, I am stuck in this chair. Stuck, my legs are dead, no matter how much I want them to come back to life they never will. And yeah I could get prostetices, but lucky me can't afford them. Is everything in this world about money? Yeah they don't really sympathize with you in this world, not anymore at least, their just after your money. Is that the lesson you were trying to teach me Karma? Were you trying to show me how greedy and self absorbed the world has become? Or does that lesson come later on? Do you have more things in store for me karma? Are they good things karma? Or are you going to keep being a bitch? Do you know what it's like having people stare down at you like your less then them, like your weak and helpless? If not, then your one lucky bitch karma. But let me tell you, it is the worst feeling in the world. It is a reminder that everyday I will never be able to walk, swim, run, and jump. Whenever I see someone walking around, or just standing I feel envy. I know that's probably not the best feeling, but I can't help it. It's torture, when they stare down at me, as the walk by. Yes walk by, they mock me, not always obvious of it, but they mock me with every step they take.

And yes karma I do miss walking, running, jumping, swimming, I even miss those annoying cramps in your legs. I miss being able to just walk down the street, and not have everybody stare. I know most people don't value all those things, and I sure as hell didn't appreciate it back when I could walk, but now I realize how much I needed them, how much they meant to me. But they're gone, I know I won't be able to get them back. Even know in this world this amazing world Pandora it's still a beautiful but cruel dream. I am able to walk, leap for joy, swim, and run. In the back of my head I know I'll have to wake up sometime. It's a cruel trick to play Karma to take someone out of such a great fantasy, but I know you'll do it. I know you don't think I deserve this. I know how you enjoy taking away my dreams, hopes and desires, I know how cruel you can be Karma. Karma most of the time you're just one cruel cold hearted bitch.


I know long time since I've updated this, inspiration comes when inspiration comes guys! Don't blame me blame the muses! Anywayz I am quite proud of this piece I think it's deeper then my other shorts so I would really appreciate some reviews guys they do make my day! Thanks :D