I'm nowhere

I'm nowhere

Beneath the dead rubble, extinguished hopes and charred burning flames

Lies sacrificed pawns, what callous shame, callous shame

There the lost child started laughing with her broken doll, her broken doll

Frozen truth and delusional dreams

I'm nowhere

Flowing teardrop fragments into melted lies and tangled memories

Churning the remains, of lost realities, lost realities

There the flame haired child continued running with the red fiery haze, the red fiery haze

Gunshot winds fused with bleak normality

Is there a place where I exist? For I'm just a causality

If my faint image disappear, will you recall me then? will you see me then now?

Chasing the original paternity

Confounding my chains of identity

Taluting me to your door, it's your call, it's my core

Marching military fraternity

Consorting my tag in trinity

Assigning me instantly, wait no, don't go

I'm nowhere, I'm nowhere

Beyond the innocent face, aloof expression and quiet childlike gaze, quiet childlike gaze

Your shadows staring bloodstain moments, bloodstain moments

There the jade eyed child wept in sorrow spoke only the truth, spoke only the truth

Asphyxiating breathing life, blanding normality

You are nowhere

I'm nowhere

Is there a soul where we live? shattering causality

Where hidden facts reappear, right now? right now?

Crying into dying maternity

Foraging the life in fatality

Sacred books is the key, to our door, to our lore

Is there a time when I exist? For I'm a temporality

If my time were to disappear, what is now? when to now?

Living in secret eternity

Last bastion of integrity

Whispering to her doll, wait no, don't go

I'm nowhere

you're nowhere

we're nowhere

I'm nowhere

*****Author's Notes******

This poem is written to the Madlax song (5 min single version) "I'm here", so it's possible to sing to it and is inspired by when Madlax meets Laetitia in her world to the tune I'm here.