To be honest, he'd seen a lot of possibilities for the heist's end. Success or failure, he saw end results for both, and contingencies had been planned for failures to make sure they got out safe.



He thought he'd expected everything, but this wasn't a success story he'd planned for.

"How long before Moist gets here?"

"Shouldn't be long. He's quick, usually."


The heist had gone just as planned. They'd gotten in, grabbed the P-grade Awesumtonium, and were headed out before security had even known what had hit them. He'd expected that. He'd even expected Security would know something had happened before they got out of the building.

…He wasn't quite ready for a laser system though.

"So, it could've gone worse."


He knew she was right. There were worse things than having your clothes fried by a low grade security system, and standing on the side of a desert highway in nothing but the Lord's finest.

"It's warm at least."


He'd have to apologize to her later. Penny had known the risks when she'd started this trade, being a bad guy as it were. Associating with Dr. Horrible, one of the newest upcoming members of the Evil League of Evil wasn't all flowers and sunshine (or the evil equivalent anyway.) But, he'd promised it'd keep food in her stomach and clothes on her back.


Moist chose that time to drive up in the Team Horrible van, and it took everything in the younger man not to begin to laugh at the two who were without a stitch of clothing.

"Doc, Penny. Things go that bad?"

Across the 'Verse, Penny, Dr. Horrible, nor Moist had any way of knowing that another man, looking similarly to Dr. Horrible's largest nemesis was dressed quite similarly. Captain Malcolm Reynolds sat in the middle of a desert dressed in nothing but his birthday suit.

"Yep… that went well."

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