One morning Alvin was in his room as usual playing Sonic The Hedgehog. Then Simon came in.

"Alvin you've been playing Sonic The Hedgehog all day don't you think you should stop?" Suggested Simon.

"Nope." Said Alvin. Then Theodore came in with his teddy bear.

"Hey guys what's going on?" Yawning Theodore.

"Alvin's in his mode again." Sighed Simon.

"For how long has he been playing?"

"Since I got up." Said Alvin. Then the game turned off.

"Simon what the heck?" Said Alvin.

"Alvin I was in back of you the whole time." Said Simon.

"Oh you expect me to believe you." Said Alvin. Then the floor started shaking.

"What's happening?" Panicked Theodore holding his teddy tighter to his chest. A giant flash spread through the room the boys were gone!

The boys were falling for a very long time then they landed on the dirt floor hard. They looked around.

"Where are we?" Said Theodore.

"It seems we're in the game Alvin was playing." Said Simon.

"Hey guys look!" Said Alvin. Alvin spotted a gemstone that was on the floor.

"This must be a Chaos Emerald!" Said Alvin picking it up. Just then Theodore saw something dashing towards them.

"Hey Alvin what's that?" Said Theodore.

"I don't know but it looks like...." In slow motion the boys dodged the speeding object. Out from the dust revealed Mecha Sonic.


"Don't worry guys I know how to handle this." Said Alvin.

"CHAOS CONTROL!" Shouted Alvin nothing happened.

"Awww crud I don't know how to use this correctly." Said Alvin.

"HAND IT OVER NOW!" Demanded Mecha Sonic in a more annoyed tone.

"Just hand it to him Alvin!" Said Simon.

"No! Because he's a villain!" Said Alvin. Then Mecha Sonic drop kicked Alvin in the face sending Alvin flying.

"Alvin!" Shouted Simon and Theodore. Then Mecha Sonic uppercut Simon and then kicked him in the air. Mecha Sonic grabbed Theodore's teddy bear.

"Hey give me back my teddy you meanie!" Cried Theodore.

"HAHAHAHAHA! WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT?" Laughed Mecha Sonic. Theodore got really angry. Alvin and Simon woke up from their consciousness and saw the emerald fly out of Alvin's hand and flew in midair next to Theodore. Theodore's fur began to turn black and his pupils were gone.

"WHAT THE......." Then Theodore punched Mecha Sonic then teleported then elbowed him from behind then kicked him in the air. In rage he multiplied and trashed Mecha Sonic from side to side then smashed him down to the floor. Mecha Sonic was defeated. Theodore returned back to normal and grabbed the teddy out of Mecha Sonic's hand.

"Never touch my teddy!" Warned Theodore as he got off him. His brothers were speechless.

"Are you guys okay?" Said Theodore.

"Alvin how did Theodore just do that?" Said Simon with his eye twitching. Alvin looked at the emerald in his hand it glowed.

"I think when Theodore was struck with fury he must've absorbed some energy from the Chaos Emerald." Said Alvin.

"Amazing." Said Simon. Out from the sky landed the a plane. A two tailed fox popped out from the pilot seat.

"The emerald should be around here somewhere." He said looking at his radar. He looked up and saw the Chaos Emerald in Alvin's hand.

"Ah, there it is!"

"Excuse me but can I have that gem please?" He asked.

"Well......." Alvin thought. In the middle of his thinking Mecha Sonic recovered and stood up.

"YOU'LL PAY FOR THAT!" Shouted Mecha Sonic from behind.

"Maybe we can discuss this later." Said Alvin.

"Everyone get in the X-Tornado!" Said the two tailed fox. They quickly went inside the plane and took off.

"Guys I think he still after us!" Panicked Theodore looking out the window.

"Don't worry the X-Laser has started charging." Said the two tailed fox.

"Do you think it will charge enough units of energy just enough seconds to blast him in time?" Predicted Simon.

"Let's hope so." Said the two tailed fox.

"HE'S GETTTING CLOSER!" Panicked Theodore.

"It's ready!" He said. He fired the button and successfully sent Mecha Sonic in the ocean.

"That was a close one." Said Theodore in relief.

"That's was an impressive beam." Said Simon.

"Thanks, by the way my name is Tails."

"And who are you guys?"

"I'm Simon the smart one." Said Simon.

"He's Alvin."

"The awsomest one." Added Alvin.

"And I'm Theodore." Said Theodore.

"Nice to meet you." Said Tails.

"And about the Chaos Emerald....."

"Hmmmm, well it did help us defeat Mecha Sonic when Theodore used it." Said Alvin.

"I'll hang onto it for safekeep whenever you guys need it you can use this." Said Tails. He straped Alvin's, Simon's, and Theodore's arm with a sensor watch.

"These Sensor Watches can help you contact anyone." Said Tails.

"So whenever you need a Chaos Emerald I can give it to you anytime." Explained Tails.

"Say Tails could you explain the Chaos Emeralds to me I would like to know a little bit more about their power and what they do." Said Simon.

"Well you see the Chaos Emeralds where once created by the gods, they each contain a various amount of power, to activate it you must feel power within yourself, if it falls into the wrong hands who knows what chaos or destruction it will bring."

"Chaos Emeralds are also very helpful with machines, my X-Tornados was equipped with four Chaos Emeralds when we were battling Mecha Sonic after I took them out cause they need time to charge."

"Then how are we still moving?" Said Simon. Everyone paused for a minute.

"Uh oh."


"MAYDAY! MAYDAY!" Said Tails. They were falling at full speed almost like a meteor.