Percy's POV

The next morning my Aunt Jemma got me, Grover, and Annabeth up before the sun was even up and so we got on the carriage and when I asked my Aunt about where we were going she simply told me that I would see when we got there.

All of us were going to be in for the surprise of our lives.

By the time the sun was up we arrived at a very large cave and it was there that Jemma ushered all of us out of the coach and into the cave.

Inside the cave there was a elderly man who also looked incredibly powerful.

I was awestruck I looked at my aunt and then at the man as if waiting for her to introduce us to this man and him to us. I didn't have long to wait but it was not my aunt who responded to my questioning look but the old man himself. But he already seemed to know me and my friends though how that was possible is a puzzle to me. The old man rose from his seat and smiled at me and said in a very courteous voice, " Ah Perseus Opal Jackson it is wonderful to finally meet you. Your aunt has told me about you and has told me about the friends you brought with you." He then turned to Annabeth and took her hand in his and kissed her hand and smiled as he said, " I take it you are Ms. Annabeth Chase, you are very beautiful I can understand why Perseus took such a liking to you." Annabeth just blushed three shades of red as she indeed replied, " Yes sir I am Annabeth Chase, Percy and I have been dating for about a year now. Though I must admit it is indeed an honor to have been able to accompany my boyfriend to this beautiful place."

Gallivant smiled, the wizard had some words with Grover too but as telling of those words would take up to much time and I wish to reveal the surprise news that we had been brought there to receive.

It was indeed special news but never in my life had I expected a history lesson. What Gallivant told us was this that Jewel kingdom was a place where Immortality had at one time been the norm, and that Long before Lord bleak had ruled it there had been many rulers over the kingdom.

And that those rulers had been over thrown by Lord bleak and banished to the world where Annabeth and I had come from and with them went all of the creatures who had been loyal to them. There had been thirteen primary Rulers along with many lesser rulers who ruled over different provinces.

The thirteen primary rulers it turns out were Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Demeter, Athena, Aphrodite, Artemis, Apollo, Hermes, Hestia, Ares, and Dionysus.

And yes Gallivant also told us that the Greek myths were very close on somethings the fact that before their rule there had been another Dark age when Kronos had ruled and he had tried to prevent his children from ever succeeding him by eating them all save Zeus and I assume most of you know that tale.

But yes it all was true but Earth had never been the place it had happened in however once the gods had managed to take over the rule of Jewel Kingdom it had passed from a dark age to an age of prosperity.

Until Lord bleak found away to over throw them and banish them to earth however in Jewel kingdom times and even in earth times all that happened several millennia ago and from what Gallivant had been telling me I soon learned that my uncle had not been trying to persuade my mother to come here with me to hide me from my father or the other gods but from the monsters that had not been with the gods when they had been the rulers of Jewel kingdom, creatures like the furies, and the Minotaur were unable to get to Jewel kingdom since they had never known that world however he knew the gods would be more than able to find me and follow my mom and me. As would Chiron for that part of the Greek stories was also true Chiron was also a son of Kronos and had helped the gods end the Dark times but preferred to pursue a dream of teaching and helping the young to find their full potential so while the Olympians and the minor gods and goddesses had the joy of ruling the kingdom and siring princes and princesses all across the land Chiron saw to the education of those children in fact it turns out that my uncle and my mother were actually two of the spawn of those previous days but had been handed off to a peasant couple just before Lord Bleak over threw them (meaning the Gods) I know we have heard that Hera never had any children outside of the ones she spawned with Zeus well that is partly true she had chosen to stick with only having children with him after the banishment had happened because she had been heart broken because she had been forced by the others to give up her only two babies in order to protect them from Lord Bleak. The two babies Hera had been made to leave behind just happened to be my mom and my uncle. I know who would have guessed it right talk about freaky imagine my shock when Gallivant told me that. I know some of you are probably thinking that is so wrong that my father laid basically with his niece but in truth it isn't like that at all because due to the bloodline there is something about it that almost makes it as if my mom and him were not related. To say that I was shocked would be an understatement. Because that meant that all the gods originally belonged to this world and that in a way so did all the demi gods. Gallivant then went on and told me and Annabeth that it had been prophesied that one day the gods would come back to Jewel Kingdom and that the doorway for their return had been opened when my uncle Regal took the throne of Jewel kingdom from Lord Bleak and that me and Annabeth had a part to play in the rejuvenation of the way things had been before Lord bleak I can't claim to fully understand it but I am sure that when I need to know I will find out.