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Red tallest groaned in ecstacy as purple tallest sucked lightly on his lekku. The fact that this was forbidden made it so much hotter! "mmm" purred Rod caressing the naked flesh in front of him. Purple let go of rod's lekku and settled comfortably on his lap to kiss and lick at his neck.
"Red?" asked Purple between quick nips at the others smooth green skin. 'Mhmm?" purred Red, his eyes fluttering closed, melting into Purples kisses.
"Do you love me?" asked Purple stopping to gaze at his fellow tallest. Red opend his eyes to return the gaze. "Sure I do." answered Red petting Purples excited lekku. "Why don't you ever say it?" asked purple, trying ver hard not to lean into Red's touch.
"I just did." said Red "No you didn't. Could you please say it? Just this once?" pleaded purple "Purple, I love you." saikd Red smiling at his lover. Purple squeed in delight and kissed Red fiersly. Love was love, forbidden or not.