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A/N: Ok, so I'm still pissed that they killed Anna off so lamely. So I wrote a story where she survives.

Summary: Anna survives the fire during Founders Day Parade because of something Emily gave her. She goes to find Jeremy. But does she like what she finds when she gets there? Takes place after the finale.

Second Chances

Ch 1

The first thing she feels is a searing pain that brings her back into consciousness, she bolts upright. All her mind registers is the throbbing aching pain, but she can't make a sound, her throat was so dry. She pulls herself up slowly. Her eyes feel as if they are covered with smoke so everything was blurry. She takes slow careful steps feeling the soft crunch of ashes beneath her feet. Her eyes start to focus more wherever she was it was gone now and she was standing underneath a starry sky. There were still some flickers of flames that have not yet died out. She makes her way through the rubble, stumbles around for a little while before collapsing.

She catches her reflection in a piece of broken glass; she reaches up to touches her face and sees her hands looked the same. Her face was gone all that remained was a charred, blackened skull. Her eyes were blood red. She looked like the monster she was supposed to be.

Suddenly she feels heat on the nape of her neck she grabs it and looks down to see her necklace was perfectly intact and glowing red. She lets out a silent scream. Pain and thirst are the only things she feels.

She hears footsteps running towards her and she feels her fangs descend. "Oh my god! Are you ok?" the man asks with worry in his voice. She couldn't imagine what she must have looked like to him.

The man kneels besides her and his hand shakily reaches out to her. She tries to resist but she needed the blood and he was so close she could hear the blood pumping through his body. Her throat was so dry and she was so thirsty. Her mind only saw him as food, she was feral.

"We need to get you some help?" he asks leaning toward her face.

She looks up at him and he stumbles backwards in fear she grabs him, brings him to her and bites into his neck, the warm blood pours into her like sweet nectar. She drinks greedily letting it fill her up and her mind starts coming back to her. She hadn't fed like this in years and she missed it. Old blood didn't taste the same nothing could compare to warm pulsating blood filling your mouth.

She drops the body and pushes it away from her. He was her first draining in over a hundred and forty six years. She looks as her skin starts to regenerate and turn back to normal. She runs her hands through her hair as it starts to grow back. She looks at her necklace that was blue now. She brushes of the ashes were the stake was. She was staked that bastard John Gilbert had staked her.

She looks at the man and closes her eyes. "I'm sorry" she tells him. She looks down at herself she was naked so she begins to pull of his clothes. She was grateful that he wasn't that tall. Now wearing his clothes that were baggy on her Anna picks him up and brings him to last remaining flames and set him on fire. She bows her head in shame for what she had done. She hadn't felt like that monster in a long time.

She looks down at her brown necklace and holds on to it. "Emily" she whispers into the night.


They were in a cave deep in the woods. Emily was chanting and throwing things into a pot over a fire. She was pacing back and forth. "Enough with the magic's Emily, let me kill him" Annabelle says to her.

"No, Annabelle no more blood will be spilled" Emily tells her.

"Jonathan Gilbert's will" She tells her angrily. "I helped you with that compass" she says through her teeth. Emily told her they needed to enchant the compass so Katherine would know how dangerous this town was, so they could leave, like always she had gone into town and gotten the ingredients that Emily needed. She wasn't a witch but she knew all of Emily's spells, she wrote them down as Emily chanted them. "And now my mother…"

"I will save her, I promise you that" Emily tells her. The threat of vervain and a compass that could detect vampires were not enough to get Katherine to move on. She wanted to play with the Salavatore's and the townspeople until she was bored of them. She owed a lot to Katherine but it was becoming too much. Her selfishness was a threat to all of them. She liked Pearl and Annabelle; she was surprised they were friends with Katherine. But it wasn't just Pearl she was saving; her brother had been captured too. Katherine had turned her brother after he had been shot. She couldn't let Harper burn in a fire.

"I will handle Jonathan Gilbert" Emily tells her. "What I can do to him is far worse than death." She holds her hands above the pot and a piece of twine floats out of it. It burns red, than blue and finally a dark brown. She walks over to Annabelle. "Put this on" she tells her.

"What is this?" She asks as she puts it on. Then she doubles over in pain as it feels like it's burning into her skin. She vamps out and stares at Emily. "What are you doing to me?" She asks as she tries not to scream.

"The pain will stop, it needs to go through your entire body, it will protect you Annabelle, and you must wear it all times" Emily tells her.

She lets go of the necklace. "Jeremy" She says out loud and speeds to his house. When she gets there she smells blood, she runs to the kitchen.

"…Goodbye John"

"Katherine" she whispers.

Katherine spins around and smiles as John slides down the cabinets and slumps on the floor. "Annabelle, what are you doing here?" She asks as her face changes back. "And what…are you wearing?" She asks with a look of disgust on her face.

"Surprised I'm not dead?" Anna asks her.

"Dead? I thought you would've left" Katherine tells her.

"After you killed my mother"

"Belle you're over five hundred years old you don't need a mommy anymore" Katherine says to her. "And he killed Pearl" she says pointing to John.

"On your orders, Kate" Anna says through gritted teeth.

"She would've wanted to kill me after what I did" Katherine says to her.

"What makes you think I don't want too?"Anna asks her with menace in her voice.

"If you did you could've done it all the times we met up through the years" She says. "And he went a little off course from our plan that's why I came here to kill him."

Anna laughs. "You came here because you're done with him, he served his purpose" She knew that was true but it looked like Katherine honestly didn't know what had happened to her. She didn't know that John had killed her.

Katherine smiles. "You know me too well Belle" she says. "He's still alive if you want to finish him off, I know you've kept all that anger deep inside for the first Jonathan Gilbert"

Anna walks over to John and she tilts her head and smiles as his eyes register fear. She looks over at Katherine who was too busy admiring her reflection in another knife she picked up to notice John pushing himself against the cabinets and mouthing "How?". Anna kneels in front of him and picks up his bloody stump of a hand to show him that she also had something that protected her. She watches his hand try to reach the top of the counter. She grabs the hilt of the knife and stares into his eyes. She tilts the knife and jams it further and higher into his body and she watches the life drains out him.

His hand managed to reach the counter and when it falls he brings a coffee cup crashing down to the floor. Katherine and she both look up as they hear Elena's footsteps running towards them. They had heard her come in and call of Jeremy. Anna lets go of the knife and rushes past Elena up to Jeremy's room.

She walks into his room and feels the crunch of glass beneath her foot, she bends down and looks at the broken glass, it was the vial she gave him and it was empty. She runs to his bed where he was curled up. His heartbeat was very faint. "Jeremy, what have you done?"


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A: Anna takes Jeremy to hospital, they pump his stomach and he lives.


B: Anna's too late and Jeremy dies and becomes a vampire