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A/N: Ok, so I'm still pissed that they killed Anna off so lamely. So I wrote a story where she survives.

Summary: Anna survives the fire during Founders Day Parade because of something Emily gave her. She goes to find Jeremy. But does she like what she finds when she gets there? Takes place after the finale.

Ch 3

He walks through the door with a smile on his face and licking his lips remembering his kiss with Elena. His smile fades as he notices someone was in his house. He rushes the living area and sees her long dark hair cascading down her back. She turns around and his face registers an emotion that he wasn't used to feeling. Shock.

"You're dead" he manages to spit out.

"And you're dead I'm so glad we established the obvious" She replies.

Damon closes his eyes and opens them again and she was still there. "You were extra crispy" he says the words through gritted teeth. This was impossible, she couldn't be here.

"And now I'm back to original recipe" She says with a smile. "And now that we've exhausted the KFC references we can get down to why I'm here." She walks along the bookcases trailing her hand on the shelves then picking it up when she notices how dusty they are. So she turns back to face him.

"How?" Is all Damon can say, his mind was still reeling on the fact that he saw her not only get staked but set on fire. Vampires can't survive one of those let alone both. He needed a drink. He walks over to and pours the liquor into a glass.

"I was friends with Emily" Anna replies knowing that Damon would ask more questions so she says the one thing that will get him to change thought processes. "Katherine's back"

Damon brings the tumbler to his lips and the glass drops shattering on the floor. "What?" he asks looking at her ignoring the broken glass.

"She was in the Gilbert's house when I got there" She tells him "And John Gilbert's dead" She adds an afterthought; she didn't have to tell him who killed him.

Damon touches his lips and whispers "Katherine"

"I thought I'd warn you and remind you that you can't let her get to you" Anna tells him.

"You think I'd let that bitch anywhere near me" Damon replies.

"Yes" Anna says. "You forget that I was there in 1864. I know how you feel about her. Just keep your guard up around her that's all the help I can give you" She says to him knowing that it he won't and neither would Stefan. Katherine's had the ability to get to people and make them do her bidding and she wielded that power for all it was worth, no one was safe not humans and especially not vampires. She was a siren eventually everyone would come to her. It just depended on if she wanted you or not.

"Are you going somewhere?" Damon asks her.

"Well now that I'm back from the undead, dead. I have business to take care off" she tells him. "See you around Damon" she says and speeds out the door.

She's packing her bag when Jeremy wakes up. "Hey" she says throwing the bag over her shoulder.

"Are you going somewhere?" He asks stretching out on the bed worried that he was going to lose her again.

"We…are going somewhere" she tells him with a smile as she sees his face light up.

"Where we going?" he asks intrigued.

"Boston" she replies.

"What's in Boston?" he says standing up.

"Someone I've been trying to find for a long time" she tells him. She had been searching for a long time a hundred and forty years to be exact. This particular person knew how to hide better than anyone she knew. But she had her people out looking for her and they finally found her.

"A friend?" He asks wondering how many other vampires she knew.

"We can call her that" Anna replies she no longer needed her for the original reason she was searching for her for, now she had another. She throws a bag of blood at him. "Drink up"

"What's this?" he asks knowing what it was.

"It's blood, what do you think it is?" She asks raising her eyebrow at him.

"I know that, but why can't we get it from a person?" he asks.

"We don't have time so that will have to hold you over until we do" she tells him.

After he finished they walked out of the hotel and around the back. "What are we doing?" Jeremy asks.

"The second lesson of being a vampire" She tells him. "Running" she smiles at him and speeds off. Jeremy stands there confused for a few seconds then tries to follow her lead. It takes him awhile to notice what was happening. He looks around and at the trees and the ground to see them as if they were moving in slow motion only they weren't, he was moving faster. He lets out a loud laugh as he sees Anna in front of him. She turns around and winks at him and runs faster. Not to be outdone he picks up his speed.

He's enjoying his run when he hits something hard and falls to the ground. "Sorry" Anna tells him. I tried talking to you but you were in your own little world. We're stopping here" She tells him as she pulls open a huge sliding door.

"What's in here" Jeremy asks.

"My baby" she says with a grin and throws the brown tarp off.

"A car?" he says confused.

"A car!" Anna says. "This is a 1967 Corvette Stingray" she says rubbing the exterior of the car. It was marina blue with a black leather interior. "They don't make cars like this anymore" she tells him. Jeremy laughs. "What?" she asks.

"I just never figured you for a car person" he says.

"There's a lot you don't know about me" she tells him with a grin. "When you've been around as long as I have you find a lot of things to enjoy, especially driving really fast cars with no fear of death. Now get in"

They drove all night, only stopping to compel the cops to forgetting they saw them. Jeremy had fun trying that power out. She stopped at a hotel in Connecticut before dawn so Jeremy could sleep. As soon as it got dark she woke him up and they started driving again.

She pulled into the apartment complex and parked the car. She nudged Jeremy to wake him up. "We're here' she tells him. She opens the door and stretches, she loved driving but driving for hours on end made your muscles stiff even when you were undead. They take the elevator up to the third floor and she knocks on 322B and waits.

"Does this friend know your coming?" Jeremy asks.

"Nope" Anna replies as the door swings open.

A young African American woman stands on the other side of the door dressed in black skinny jeans and a Zeppelin concert tee. "Annabelle" she says with shock in her voice.

"Hey Lucy" Anna says to her with a smile. "It's been a long time"

"How did you find me?" She asks.

"I'm your maker" Anna replies. She knows Jeremy's ears are perking up at that. She hadn't told much about why they were coming here, who they were seeing or most importantly how many other vampires she's made.

"You and I both know that's not true" Lucy says to her

"I know, I think I've been watching too much True Blood. Have you seen that show?" Anna asks her continuing their friendly banter.

"You watch vampire shows?" Jeremy asks speaking for the first since seeing the women open the door. "And your real name is Annabelle?" He had spent a lot of time with Anna but in the span of three days he was learning more and more about her. He was ashamed at himself for never asking any of these questions before.

Anna smiles and turns to him. "Yes to the first. And my real name is much harder to pronounce I've been going by Annabelle since the 18th century. "She tells him. "This is Jeremy" She tells Lucy.

"A newborn" She says looking at Anna.

"Yes" Anna replies. "We need your help, may we come in?" She asks.

Lucy looks at her, then at Jeremy the back at her. Anna could see the confliction in her eyes.

"Fine" She finally replies with a sigh "Come in" she holds the door open so they could cross.

"We still need to be invited in even when it's a vampire's house?" Jeremy asks.

"No, only hers" Anna replies following Lucy into her apartment. Anna looks around she'd hadn't been here long there was still boxes that weren't unpacked.

"What do you want?" Lucy asks getting straight to the point.

"I need you to make daylight ring for Jeremy" Anna tells her.

Lucy looks at Anna in shock she wasn't really expecting that. "You know if I could, I would" she replies in I'm sorry I can't help you voice that sounded way too excited.

"I figured you say that which is why I thought you can use for inspiration." She says reaching into her bag and pulling out the book.

Lucy looks at her with amazement. "My mother's Grimoire" Lucy Bennett says taking it running her hand along the top.