Present day

Sulfur-Tide was out of guns, out of bombs, and out of poison. She looked over to Redmist for a pistol, a knife, or a plan maybe but all he seemed to have was an inhuman fear of the bullets that were burying themselves in the wall they were hiding behind. Sulfur-Tide cursed silently to herself as she took a brief glance behind the wall where her brother, Hitgirl, and Kick-Ass were emptying their guns at them. Quickly she ducked back behind the wall, still clutching her oozing shoulder, where her brother had left a nasty gash on her trapezius muscle. Between the nasty gash on her shoulder and the one or two bullets that had nestled in her stomach she couldn't think. She tried breathing, remembering that oxygen helped the mind some how, but her breathing was in short heavy sputtering burst almost as though the air was something that she might have otherwise choked on.

Turning to Redmist she could see his fear spread across his body like poison, even when the sounds of gunfire ceased. This was it! She told herself her thoughts probing the silence quickly, before tapping Redmist's shoulder weakly before trying her best attempt at running away. Her movements were sloppy and sluggish, and blood fell from her lips in a mixture of saliva and crimson.

Her perfect plan was ruined, and her so-called partner was long gone. She wanted to scream something obscene and brash, anything that would describe her frustration in less than a sentence, but between the pain she was already feeling and the new sensation of blade burying into the inside of her knee, the only thing she found herself saying was an agonizing "Ah!" Just before hitting the bloody dust covered floor…