At Redmist's "hideout"

Redmist lay in a crumpled heap on the floor of what had once been his father's but now in his death had become his own dojo. He had been holding his stomach protectively as he coughed and spat bile on to the nice wood tile just some inches away from Sulfur-Tide who stood menacingly over his body.

"Ah shit!"

"Okay somebody obviously doesn't know how to take a punch." Sulfur-Tide said smugly as she tossed Redmist a cool smirk, as though that a smile of some sort would help him to his feet.

"Ah, fuck! What are you talking about? You asked me to show you where I do…..all my working out and then you…..totally punched me!" Redmist hissed as he sucked angrily on his teeth, though Sulfur-Tide believed this to be more out of pain than anger more then anything else.

"Yeah what else do you expect me to do in a dojo? Fuck, are you even sure your name is Redmist?" Sulfur jeered starring at Redmist's reddening face that like everything else seemed to amuse her.

"I don't know but I don't expect you to try and maim me as soon as I walk into a fucking room! And yes, it's Redmist!" He hissed pulling himself from the ground with out his so called partner's help.

"Ya don't say? Well personally I think you should change it to something that actually suits you….something like Pink spray, or fucking pansy ass bitch." Sulfur said teasingly and Redmist tossed her a look.

"Bitch." He mumbled beneath his breath as he rubbed the back of his head and back where he had landed abruptly. Despite being cursed at Sulfur-Tide was clam, oh so calm and it frightened Redmist terribly; she was never usually this calm, especially after being bad mouthed.

"Throw me your best punch." Sulfur-Tide said at last breaking the silence her voice still very much calm.

"What?" Redmist chocked causing Sulfur-Tide to repeat herself angrily.

"Wait you want me to punch you?" Redmist asked choking on confusion that Sulfur-Tide deeply wished he would shove down his gullet.

"Yes, I want you to fucking punch me you puss!" Sulfur hissed again at which Redmist responded with a quick jab to the chest that sent Sulfur stumbling some odd inches backward.

Slowly a smile began to spread across Sulfur's lips as she returned the blow.

"Defend yourself!" She hissed and at first Redmist didn't understand and was slow to react as though he were trying to register what were going on in his head, but soon he was able to get it, and Sulfur couldn't help but smile.

"Shit I'm doing it." Redmist said blocking another one of Sulfur's punches with his forearm.

"Yeah, you are. Okay time to crank up the speed." Sulfur said, and with that her movements became untraceable and Redmist was lucky enough if he managed to dodge one of her punches.

"C'mon stop evading me and hit me!" Sulfur hissed just before sending a sharp punch to his solar plexus. Redmist fell to the floor with an agonizing grunt, that was almost automatically followed behind with a barrage of heavy footsteps that had sounded as though someone were running in their direction. The door to the dojo slammed open, and Sulfur-Tide and Redmist both turned to see a rather large gruff looking man standing outside the door way.

"What the hell is goin on in here, huh?" The man asked and Redmist weakly waved his hand.


"She causin you an trouble boss?" The big guy asked referring to Sulfur who only folded her arms over her chest and rolled her eyes.

"No, she's good B man." Redmist responded with a weak nod and the man raised his head slightly still starring at Sulfur who only smiled.

"What the hell does the B stand for? Big guy?" Sulfur jeered and the man tossed her a look.

"No, it stands for Buttons." The gruff man said sternly and Sulfur's face lit up with amusement.

"No…really?" Sulfur asked trying to sound as serious as possible, a act that was extremely hard with her voice cracking with laughter.

"Yeah, Buttons Mahoney." Buttons said again and this time Sulfur couldn't detain her laughter no matter how much Redmist tried to help her do other wise.

"Wow, okay I'm just going to come out and say it here, was your mother on the good stuff when she named your ass cuz damn. You do realize you have gayest stereotypical Italian mafia body guard name in all of the fucking universe right? Shit….I have to ask do you have an equally more threatening brother named Mittens?" Sulfur said her voice cracking here and there as she laughed at what she thought was a completely ridiculous name, but buttons didn't seem to think the same way.

"Yeah, yeah, laugh it up…you think this shit is funny? Ya think I haven't heard this shit before? Ya think I'm above beating the shit out of children? Huh, do ya?" Buttons hissed cracking his knuckles in his large fists.

"Aww c'mon B. man it's not even that big a deal. Cant we just ya know…let this go?" Redmist asked trying to avoid a conflict.

"Yeah Buttons, its not that big a deal, so why don't you take your ass back to munchkin land and go find your brother Mittens?" Sulfur sneered.

"Hey, B. man deep breaths…like go do something outside or something…okay?" Redmist said nervously

"Yeah, sure thing boss….you just keep that bitch in line."

"Bye Buttons!" Sulfur mused as she waved the big man off as he left the room.