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Surprisingly enough, Andy seemed to (shudder) 'approve' of Paul… well as much as a step-dad can approve of the horny teenager who knocked up his step daughter. And knowing Andy and his uncanny knack for forgiveness, he was rather fond of the boy.

"You must be the father, Paul was it?" Andy started off the conversation. One would think that such an opening would be normal, if not expected, considering the circumstances…. Alas and alack, no. It was just awkward. Especially considering we had been just sitting there, looking at each other, for what felt like ten minutes (which was, most likely, no more than three minutes). This uncomfortableness was even more evident considering I sitting there with some guy, who I in fact hated, pretty much telling my overly Christian father that the two of us did IT. The big IT: S.E.X. Bonked. Hit It Off. Screwed Like Bunnies….

Imagine his face if he found out the real father: a long dead, twenty-something year old. I actually think he would have a hernia.

Well, until Jesse opened his Goddamn mouth and professed his guilt, love and presented a dowry-needn't-be-included marriage proposal. Then Andy would probably fall for the gentlemanly-bastard himself.

"Yes, I am…. Pleased to meet you?" Paul's voice lifted in question, a squeaky, pre-pubescent sound not usually associated with teenage-fathers. Paul's extreme discomfort and obvious horror at the events unfolding around him was only bested by that of Jesse.

He claimed he was not going to stay, after all, it was decided that Paul was to take on the role of the father. But it's Jesse. He shirks responsibility about as easily as Doc can stop himself from blushing.

And can I make a sidenote here: They were being such drama queens, and they weren't even the pregnant ones. Wusses.

At Andy's slow nod of acknowledgement toward Paul I cut in. I could not stand this dreadfully awkward silence anymore…. It was worse than limbo.

"Paul has been really great throughout this," I gushed, wincing at the almost hero-worshipping quality to my voice. "He has… errr… offered his full support with child care, both financially and affectionately…. And, ummm… he has offered to marry me, a noble man he is indeed…. And condoms! He has also offered to buy everyone…. Condoms?"

I felt like kicking myself in the head. Not only was I making a complete fool of myself in front of my parents and my child's fake-father, but I more or less just forced Jesse to listen to all the things Paul – the bastard who tried to kill him not even a month ago – become the father he could never be. As I looked up at Jesse I saw something I never wanted to see ever again. He looked dead… for the first time in all the months I had known this man, he looked as dead as the day he died.

His face was pale, his jaw slack with disappointment, oh God, if your eyes truly are the windows to your soul, then either Jesse's spirit was soulless, or his windows were slammed shut with 100% window tint.

I licked my lips and allowed them to part in horror. I wanted to shout his name, but…. My parents were there. Being pregnant is one thing, but… hallucinations? That is about two leagues beyond mum's threshold for the unexpected.

So I just gave a jolly fake smile and pretended that my heart wasn't with Jesse's soul: somewhere barren and unknown.