Battered Dreams

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A/N 2: Response to the Pulse Anniversary Challenge on Raising Hell, Otto (Ames White's assistant from season two) POV

Prompt: June 1st 2009 was the day the Pulse struck America and to commemorate this important date, we are issuing the following challenge: Choose any canon Dark Angel character and write about where they were and what happened as the Pulse hit.


I have never been the praying-type, not before the Pulse…

On this very day, it so happened that I was invited into the team for the most important finale of College Baseball in the continental US. I was a nervous wreck when I arrived at the grand sports arena, meeting all the stars I ever dreamt of playing with. The great heroes of that time.

Baseball was everything to me, and this play-off in particular was going to be my start into a whole new life as professional Baseballer.

Once the game was on, the thrill of the cheering crowds, the cheerleaders in their colourful uniforms doing acrobatics… it all but blew me away.

Our team was leading right from the first inning, with the others right on our heels all the time. Near the end of the line up, I was walking towards the home plate, blood roaring in my ears – my chance to bat, my chance to shine. The pitcher in my sights, I never noticed the flickering… and then the lights went out. For good.

I have never been the praying-type, not before the Pulse… and certainly not after. Not with the way it changed everything. Forever!

The End