By Karen B.

Summary: Season five spoiler warning. 5-22. Swan Song poem.

Disclaimer: Not the owner by any means.

Author's note: Here it is Saturday night, and I just can't get that image of Sam, arms spread wide, standing with eyes closed, on the edge of hell, out of my head or heart. Words are hard to come by to express the power of that depiction, so I've decided to try my hand at a poem -- instead of a story. Here goes nothing -- yikes.


Earth breaks open, a fiery tempest takes flight.

Blocking the last kiss of sun's warmth from sight.

The tiniest, hushed goodbye of a brother.

A violent, heart-wrenching curse from another.

Eyes gently closing, arms spread wide.

One man… one lifetime.

Flawed, yet, flawless -- sinner, yet, saint.

Determining his destiny, stamping his own fate.

Teetering on the edge of everlasting fire.

Leaving all that's good behind -- for all of mankind.

Laying at the entrance, every earthly tear.

Total abandon, sheer courage, conquering fear.

The winds of darkness converge at his back.

The wormhole churning and burning -- eternally black.

Lifting of eyes, a final look, his very last breath.

A single second -- between brothers -- between life -- between death.

The beast attacks, desperate to buy back, to redeem.

But evil's weapon is turned useless -- a broken machine.

This battle is over, the world no longer dangling on a string.

To all he's ever known, he does not cling.

Letting go without hesitation, falling backward with fierce grace.

Engulfed by the devil's sticky web, a huge, icy chasm to face.

Millions of lives promptly set free, saved from evil's spell.

Only one soul taken

....One brother lost...

……………… Through the gateway of hell………………