Sirius walked listlessly up and down the landing at Grimauld place. The entire house was silent, apart from the kitchen, where Molly was making dinner. He couldn't even find Remus, who should have been in the library, or Tonks, who was usually anywhere there was food being made. Where was everyone? Perhaps Remus was in his room? Thinking it was a good idea to check, he climbed the stairs and pulled the door open.


Remus and Tonks were sitting on his bed, both looking rather flushed. Tonks' pink hair was mussed, and she was quickly trying to fix it. Remus did not look impressed.

"No, just me. Although, I've been told the resemblance is startling." Sirius replied. Remus was glaring at him. "What are you two up to in here then?" he asked lightly, leaning against the doorframe and pretending it wasn't at all obvious what they had been doing.

"Nothing." Tonks muttered, zipping her sweatshirt back up.

"Really? I mean, that doesn't exactly look like nothing…" he smirked. Teasing Remus was so much fun.

"Can you leave, please?" Remus said pointedly.


"Why not?"

"Because this is much funnier than anything else going on."

Tonks' hair was a fiery orange now. "Sirius, do you mind? We were kind of in the middle of something."

"I can see that." He said, laughing. She was trying so hard not to get up and hit him. it was amusing watching her try to restrain herself.

"Sirius, honestly. How would you feel if I interfered with your personal life?" Remus emplored.

He thought for a moment. "I'd hate it. That's why I cleverly have no personal life."

"You're horrible." Remus groaned.

"Yeah, but life's more fun this way."

Tonks stood up, her hair bristling. "Right, that's it. OUT. NOW!"