Dragon Ball X

What's up guys? I'm back with a new story! This one is a Dragon Ball Z Fanfic.

Now, like all my other stories, this one takes place in the same universe as the original story, except doesn't feature any characters from the original story, except on rare occasions. This story will have Saiyans and Dragon Balls in it, but won't feature Goku or Vegeta, or any other vital characters, except people like King Kai and King Yemma, who you see if you die. It might have some cameos of characters like Goku, but only for a few seconds. Near the start several real characters will be mentioned, but probably not featured.

Anyway, about the time period. The first chapter of this is about a week before Frieza blows up Planet Vegeta.

The main plot doesn't take place on Earth, but rather on a planet just like it in every way. And I mean every way. The only things that are different are the people that live there. The planet has Dragon Balls, and its very own Hyperbolic Time Chamber (or the Room of Spirit and Time, as some of you might know it as). At the start of the story, for the first couple of chapters, the main characters are on Planet Vegeta.

If circumstances arise, I might have to change some facts from the original series, like how to fly, and stuff like that. Also, I'm going to steal Bulma's Dragon Radar from the future and include it in my story. And, of course, I'm going to invent my own energy attacks, and probably use some other ones that already exist (cough-cough-Kamehameha-cough-cough).


Blitzo was woken from his sleep by a knock on the door. Annoyed, he said loudly, "Who is it?"

"It's me, open up! We have a new mission from Frieza." It was Blitzo's best friend, Rhuna. She was a tough Saiyan, always fighting to the end, and wore her Saiyan Battle Armour with pride.

Pressing a button on a pad next to the door, Blitz let her into his sleeping chambers. Rhuna walked in quickly, and Blitzo noticed that she was holding a large envelope.

"What's in there?" he asked, already knowing what the answer was.

"Mission Briefing. Zeang told me to show you." Zeang was the team's technology whiz, and he handled all the business side of things. While he was not a Saiyan, he was a well-respected member of Blitzo's team, and was easily the smartest.

"Does Makurin know?" asked Blitzo. Makurin was the last member of Blitzo's team, and was equal in power to Blitzo. The two were often arguing over who was the strongest.

"No, but he will soon. Anyway, you'd better read this, we leave in two hours," answered Rhuna, and left the room, leaving the briefing on a small table. Blitzo picked it up, and began to read. He sighed. Almost always, missions involved flying out to some random planet and destroying every being on it, so that Frieza could come along and sell it on the Planetary Trade Organisation. He hated doing it. He hated senseless slaughter and he hated working for Frieza, but had no choice. Frieza had made it clear many times before what happened if you didn't obey him. Death.

Blitzo began walking to his ship when he saw a familiar face walking by.

"Yo, Bardock! What's happening?"

The older Saiyan stopped by. He was donned in his green armour. Unusually, he was alone. Most of the time, his best mate, Tora, was with him.

"Hey, Blitzo," he said cheerfully. "How's training? Reached Super Saiyan yet?"

Blitzo laughed. "That's just a legend. Training's not bad though; my power level's getting pretty high. So what are you doing?"

Bardock's face fell. "Hiring out a ship. Bloody Frieza sent my team out to ransack a planet without me, because I was healing. That stupid alien on Kanassa did something to me."

"You should be fine, you're a Saiyan! I'm on a mission too. I better get going. See ya!"

"Yeah, bye," said Bardock, and walked off.

"Ah, there you are, Blitzo. What took you so long," said Zeang, when Blitzo arrived at the ship. His large head stood out in contrast to his rather small body, but the brain inside well made up for the odd looks. Zeang wasn't really much of a fighter, but could hold his own when needed.

"I had to get ready, what do you expect? Oh, by the way, my scouter keeps playing up, can you take a look at it?" asked Blitzo.

"Of course. Wait till we're on the ship though, we don't have time now," answered Zeang.

"Hey, can I tell you something? In confidence?"

"Sure. What is it?"

Blitzo took a deep breath. "I'm not really comfortable with all of this stuff. All this killing, just so a madman can make a fortune selling empty planets, it's not right."

Zeang looked around nervously. "Do not let anyone hear you say that! Don't you remember what happened to Gohron?"

Blitzo thought for a second. "Yeah, that was a pretty big hole in his stomach. Frieza sure was mad at him, wasn't he?"

"You're right about that. That Death Beam tore right through him. Now get on the ship, we've gotta go."

As Blitzo stepped onto the ship, Makurin saw him. "Well, well, well, the tough guy's finally arrived. What took you so long, Blitzo?"

"I ran into Bardock. We had a little chat."

Makurin was interested. "How is Bardock, I haven't seen him for a while. What was the name of his new kid, Katoro or something?"

"Kakarot," corrected Rhuna, walking into the room. "Actually, I heard that he has a really low power level, three, I think."

"I heard it was two," said Blitzo.

"Who was that other kid, born on the same day? Broly, that's it! HE had a power level of ten thousand!" said Makurin.

"Ten thousand? He's a week old! Are you sure you heard right?" questioned Rhuna sceptically.

"Enough chit-chat! Let's get going!" said Zeang, climbing aboard.

"Rightio," replied Makurin grumpily. He hated the boredom of space travel. The planet they were taking over was a week away, and with little to do on the ship, it was going to be a long one.


Sweat poured down Blitzo's face and neck as he punched at the air, almost too fast to see. He had set the gravity to 2x that of Planet Vegeta, the machine's maximum, and it was beginning to take a toll on him. After another half-hour of training, he stopped, as it wasn't long before they arrived on Nera, the planet they had been assigned to take over. Leaning against the wall, he elbowed backwards in triumph, and accidently smashed straight through the wall.

"Not good," he said. "Oh well, we're nearly there anyway."

Taking off his sweat-stained shirt, he walked to the cockpit, where Zeang sat, poking at Blitzo's scouter with a screwdriver.

"There we go," he said, holding the scouter up to the light. "All done. It should work fine now. Try not to break it again."

"Thanks," said Blitzo, taking his scouter back and put it on. "It says that your power level is two thousand, five hundred. Is that about right?"

Zeang nodded. "Give or take. What's yours?"


Zeang fitted on his own scouter. Seven thousand, two hundred and fifty. Nice."

Blitzo grinned. He began to speak when he heard shouting. Zeang heard it too, and gestured for Blitzo to check it out. Blitzo headed throughout the ship and found Rhuna and Makurin in the training room, yelling at each other.

"What the hell did you do to it?" shouted Rhuna. "Did you attack the wall or something?"

"It wasn't me! I haven't been in here since yesterday afternoon!" Makurin shouted back.

"What's going on?" asked Blitzo.

"I'll tell you what's going on! That moron smashed straight through the wall and broke the Gravity Isolation! Now the chamber won't work!" said Rhuna angrily.

Blitzo opened his mouth in surprise. He knew exactly what happened. "Whoops, that was me. My bad."

"See! It wasn't me that did it!" said Makurin, annoyed.

Rhuna went red in embarrassment. "I'm sorry, Makurin. I don't know what came over me."

"You've probably just been cooped up in this ship for too long," said Blitzo. "We all have."

"Anyway, what did you do it?" asked Rhuna angrily. "Now we can't train until Zeang fixes it!"

Makurin went to agree, when Zeang himself burst into the room, a look of horror on his face.

"Guys," he said faintly. "I'm afraid I've got some bad news. And that's the understatement of the century. Planet Vegeta was just destroyed, along with every Saiyan on the planet."

"WHAT?" exclaimed Blitzo, Rhuna and Makurin in unison. Suddenly, Blitz laughed.

"Haha. Good one Zeang. But you'll have to get up pretty early in the morning to catch me out."

Zeang shook his head furiously. "This isn't a joke, Blitzo. The Saiyans are extinct. All except for you three."

Makurin started laughing as well, but Rhuna stood as still as a statue, a look of shock on her face. Zeang knew that she understood the truth in his words. Blitzo and Makurin were still cracking up and making jokes.

"Next you'll say that Frieza blew the planet up with a giant Death Ball!" snorted Makurin. Zeang hung his head.

"That's exactly what happened," he answered sadly. Rhuna gasped loudly, and Blitzo looked at her, still snickering.

"Don't tell me you actually believe him. This is all a big joke, isn't it Zeang?"

"Enough! This is not a joke!" yelled Zeang. "This is serious!"

Makurin couldn't help but grin. "Frieza wouldn't destroy our race. We're worth too much to him."

"What if we're too powerful?" said Rhuna angrily. "What if he feared us, so we were wiped out so we couldn't defeat him one day?"

Blitzo stopped laughing, and began to look a little worried.

"How do you know of this?" he asked Zeang.

"I got a message from Procktu. He saw the whole thing from Frieza's ship," replied Zeang. Procktu was one of Frieza's henchmen, but he was friendly towards the Saiyans, and considered Blitzo's team good friends. "Bardock tried to kill Frieza, so the bastard blew up the entire planet. Procktu told me to get you guys out, or you'd be next. We have to flee now; Frieza will send soldiers after us."

"Where should we go?" asked Makurin, sadness etched all over his face.

"Bardock, you fool! Did you really think that you could beat Frieza all on your own? His power level is over five hundred thousand!" muttered Blitzo. He was full of sorrow for his race, and for his friend Bardock. Then he realised. "Hang on; if we don't work for Frieza anymore, then we definitely don't need to kill everyone on the planet now."

Suddenly the ship started shaking as they entered the atmosphere of Nera. Zeang ran to the controls and managed to take partial control of the ship before they smashed to the ground. A massive crash echoed out as the ship created a huge crater. Many people around the area screamed in terror.

"Ah, guys!" called Zeang nervously. "The ship was damaged in the landing! We need new parts to repair it!"

"And the Gravity Machine is broken," said Rhuna.

"What happened?" Zeang inquired.

"Ask Blitzo," Rhuna answered.

"Forget that. Come on, let's check out the surface. We'll see if we can get parts from the locals," said Makurin.

Fortunately, the door still worked, and they exited the ship, onto the planet. The sky was purple, and a stream nearby had some strange orange-coloured liquid in it. As they looked around, a humanoid alien walked up to them. It had blue skin, with red spots on top of its head.

"Who are you?" he demanded. Blitzo held up his hands to show that he wasn't armed.

"We come in peace. Don't worry, we won't hurt you, unless you try to hurt us. We need parts for our ship, can you help us?"

The alien nodded. "Our technology is quite advanced, I'm sure that we have what you need somewhere, but it won't be cheap. We don't readily give away our valuable resources. My name is Charon, by the way."

"Mine's Blitzo, and this is Makurin, and she's Rhuna. We have another guy on the ship, Zeang."

"We have a problem," said Rhuna. "We don't have much money with us, so it's probably not enough."

"I'm sure that we can work something ou-." Charon was cut off suddenly by a loud scream. The four of them turned to see a woman running towards them.

"HELP!" she screamed. "An alien is attacking us!"

Behind her was a red monster with six arms. It was three metres high, and had green rolling eyes. Its mouth-hole was twisted into a snarl. Charon turned to the Saiyans, his face a frightened mess.

"Please help us. Our race cannot fight, we will all be destroyed! Save us, and we will give you the parts you need, and more!"

Blitzo quickly put his scouter on. The monster had a power level of ten thousand, and was in a terrible rage.

"Come on, let's kill it quickly before it can destroy anyone!"

"Let's go!" said Makurin, taking off into the air. In a few short seconds, he reached the monster and unleashed a barrage of punches to its face. The monster roared, and swung a giant arm at Makurin. He was knocked down to the ground, making a hole a foot deep. Dashing forwards to help his friend, Blitzo blasted the monster with several ki blasts.

Meanwhile, Makurin was climbing to his feet, and released a devastating uppercut, catching the monster between its legs. The monster retaliated by firing a powerful energy beam at him. Travelling too fast for the eyes to see, Makurin flew out of the way, and the beam exploded into the ground. Blitzo took the chance to fight back, and punched the monster in the face. It yelped, before grabbing him out of the air. In a split second, it turned and grabbed Makurin as well.

Over by the ship, Rhuna rolled her eyes, and launched into battle. Covering the distance between her and the monster in one second, she delivered an explosive kick to the back of the monster's head, sending it flying into a building twenty metres away. Blitzo and Makurin, who had wriggled out of its grasp before the impact, hovered down to stand next to Rhuna.

"Nice kick. You saved our bacon then," said Makurin gratefully. Rhuna shook her head.

"You guys never think, do you? You just charge into battle without a strategy."

Charon ran up to them. "Did you kill it?" he asked.

"Not quite. It's still in there," said Blitzo, pointing at the rubble. There was a bright flash, and Makurin's head snapped back from the impact of the monster's fist hitting his face. Rhuna gasped as a fist hit her in the stomach, and she doubled over in pain. Blitzo dodged the foot that aimed at him, and placed his fist under the monsters chin.

"Burning Dart Beam!" he yelled, and a giant yellow energy ray blasted out of his hand, disintegrating the monsters head. It crashed to the ground, dead, and Blitzo grinned.

"Piece of cake."

Charon was amazed. "You three are incredible! Without your timely arrival, we would have all been killed in about five minutes."

"No problem," laughed Blitzo, as Makurin and Rhuna got to their feet. Rhuna was clutching her stomach, while Makurin was holding onto his face.

"Good job, Blitzo, you did it!"

"We'll get you the parts you need right away!" said Charon gratefully.


I hope you all like it! I've been planning this for a while, but didn't get the chance to right it until now. I'm sorry that I didn't get an Aura Adventure chapter up this weekend, but I'm going to write a bit each night for this week, and put the chapter up on Thursday, and then go back to my usual routine on Friday night.

Well, see you on Thursday (If I don't get too much homework)!