Chapter 11: Everthing

General POV

Once the swirling light had faded away, the familiar surroundings of the Nest became visible, a roaring fire which filled the sitting room with warmth and a comforting orange glow. The windows at this time were dark holes set into the stone walls, tiny specks of light flashing for just moments before the fast moving clouds of the night obscured them from view.

A soft cheeping sounded from one side of the room, and Bill moved over to the pile of pillows which was the phoenix's bed. Spoons, seemingly oblivious to the broken wing she now supported, hopped wildly up and down, rushing into Bill's hand as he crouched low to pick her up. "She seems to be coping with the injury very well; however the healing process should still take a few weeks." Bill was now holding the red and gold mass of feathers out before him in the palm of his hand, small round eyes meeting his own blue ones with an excited curiosity.

Charlie, however, had eyes only for Harry, his expression both pleased and anxious as he traced over the smaller boys form. Harry's skin showed signs of serious beatings, violent purple marks covering his entire left side where he had been struck repeatedly by Greyback. His neck was red where it had been scraped by the metal collar, and his hair was tangled and filled with dust. Despite these injuries, Charlie still felt an overwhelming relief. Although he had never admitted it, even to himself, as soon as Harry had been taken from the Nest he had imagined the worst. His actions, so confident at the time, had been the only things which had held him together. If it weren't for the occupation of his mind and the feeble hopes he had dared to believe, he was sure he would have simply given himself up to a grief that still felt so real. But Harry was here now, and he was safe, and Charlie would never let anybody harm him again.

Charlie raised his eyes just in time to see Harry's eyes close, his thin frame swaying slightly before his knees buckled beneath him. Charlie caught him mid air, his muscular arms lifting Harry and holding him against his broad chest. "Bill!"

Bill rushed to where Charlie was standing, seeing the panic in his brother's eyes and then looking more closely at Harry. With his fingers he felt for a pulse at Harry's neck, finding it and noticing how weak it was. But there appeared to be no signs of injury other than the superficial bruising.

"Don't panic Charlie, he'll be fine. He probably hasn't had anything to eat since he was captured, and that combined with these bruises and the cold temperatures he must have endured down in that station couldn't have made him very strong. We need to get him to the Burrow. Mum'll know what to do with him, and she's probably got more healing potions and salves than we could ever find at St Mungo's." Bill smiled reassuringly up at his brother.

Charlie looked down into Harry's face, noticing for the first time the lack of colour to his usually radiant skin. They moved down the steps quickly and out the door, Charlie tightening his grip on Harry's limp form. Bill tucked Spoons into his coat pocket, her tiny eyes peering over the fabric and into the night. He wrapped one arm around Charlie's shoulders and they turned, apparating.

They landed with a loud crack in the sitting room of the Burrow, the two men placing Harry onto the soft couch which occupied the centre of the slightly warped room. Seconds later the sounds of footsteps could be heard hurrying down the creaking staircase, the quick footfalls filling the otherwise silent house. It was late; just how late they were not sure, but even at such an hour it was rare for the Burrow to be so quiet. Usually the air seemed alive with talk and movement, but with most of the inhabitants either at Hogwarts or living elsewhere, the place seemed strangely empty.

From the top of the stairs emerged Mrs Weasley, her eyes wide as she looked into the darkness for the source of the sound. Seeing the two figures, she drew her wand and pointed it at the fireplace, which ignited to illuminate the room and the forms of her two eldest sons. "Bill, Charlie!" She rushed towards them, her arms outstretched as if to embrace them both. But before she reached them she noticed Harry, his bare skin pale and marked where he lay on the couch.

"Oh! Harry!" She kneeled down beside the couch, checking first for a pulse and then running her practiced hands over the left side of his exposed body. Her face was frustratingly vacant as she concentrated on detecting the slightest injuries; however it took only minutes for her to finish her inspection. Then she rounded on her two sons. "What happened?" Her voice was a mixture of anger and concern, her tone accusing as if she held the two of them responsible for Harry's current state.

"Harry was captured by Greyback and t-" Charlie had begun the long explanation which he knew was necessary when he was abruptly cut off by Mrs Weasley.

"What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be in Romania? Why didn't you visit if you were so close?"

Charlie turned to Bill, unsure of how to explain. Bill's lips twitched up into a smile, his teeth flashing as it grew and turned into a bellowing laughter which filled the room.

Charlie's POV

It was almost an entire day before Harry regained consciousness, and I made sure that I was there by his side when he did. Mum had applied several different salves to Harry's damaged skin, and even in such a short period of time the bruises had already begun to clear. In just a few more days there would no longer be any physical reminders of Greyback's cruelty, and it would be as if nothing had ever damaged him.

Mum had also given Harry several potions, many of which aimed at keeping him unconscious so that when he finally did wake the pain would be tolerable. His hair, previously tangled and dust filled, had been washed and brushed so that now it once more resembled the raven curtains of silky strands which fell across his shoulders and back. That single streak of gold remained, tracing the right side of his face where it fell across his skin. And the golden glow, a thing which had before been cause for concern, had returned in full force. When I had seen him in the station, his skin had been palest white where it was still unmarked. Now it glowed and radiated a soft light, a sign that his strength and his magic was returning.

"Charlie?" Those beautiful green eyes blinked as they tried to focus on me, and I moved my face closer to his own. I could smell the intoxicating honeysuckle scent that was just so Harry, using a great amount of will power in order to resist tracing my tongue along the side of his face.

"I'm here." I placed my lips gently on his own, feeling him breathe in as I did so. It had been Bill's idea to move Harry up to our old room, a suggestion which afforded us a measure of privacy. Nobody besides Bill and Fleur yet knew of my relationship with Harry, and I wouldn't tell anybody before I knew that he was ready.

"Morning, Charlie," he mumbled, his voice thick with sleep as he reached out to wrap his arms around my neck. I shuffled closer on the bed, Harry rolling over to press lightly against me as we faced each other.

"Actually Harry, it's more like evening. You've been out for almost an entire day." I chuckled at the slightly shocked expression on his face before standing up, pulling his small form up along with me. "I suppose you would be quite hungry after going so long without eating? Don't worry, Mum will have prepared enough food to feed the entire family, so you shouldn't be hungry for too much longer... or ever again once she's finished with you."

Harry groaned and I laughed, pulling him out of the bedroom and down the many stairs, our pace slow to allow for Harry's limited movement. Before we even made it to the last flight of stairs the aroma of a home cooked meal reached us, causing Harry to quicken his steps slightly. The table was laden with food, resembling the house tables at Hogwarts which seemed to hold more food than was actually possible. I made sure Harry was seated comfortably before I moved over to where Bill was sitting on the couch.

"So you're sure staying here for a few days is the best thing?" Bill had suggested a short stay at the Burrow and Mum had leapt on the idea, blocking her ears to any form of protest and beginning preparations immediately.

"Definitely. Harry will need at least a few more days before he will be fully recovered, and you know Mum is the best person to have around to take care of him. I know you could take care of him just as well Charlie, but you also need some time to get over the shock of what has happened." Bill smiled warmly at me, and I knew that what he said was true. He was always the one I turned to for advice, not just because he was my older brother but also because I felt he understood me better than the rest of my family.

Spoons, who had travelled to the Burrow with Bill, was nestled against the curse breakers neck, a tiny ball of feathers that moved with the gentle rhythm of sleep. Bill must have seen me looking at the phoenix. "Don't worry Charlie; I'll take care of her for a few days while you and Harry are still here. Fleur will adore her, and I can't say that I don't already." He stroked the tuft of feathers on her head softly, careful not to wake her.

"Thanks." I stared at the small bird for a few minutes longer, trying to find the courage I needed to ask the next question. I knew that Bill would always try his best to help me, but he was still my brother and I was uncomfortable with asking him about things of... certain natures. "Umm... Bill?"

"Hmm?" he replied, still stroking Spoons.

"Well, err... I need to ask you about Harry." He looked up at me, his blue eyes piercing as he detected the discomfort which even I could hear in my voice.

"What about Harry?"

"Well, you know about his... condition." The incomprehension in his expression was clear, so I continued.

"You know how Harry is... dealing with the 'Blaze of Power'? Well I was wondering whether you could... umm... tell when he needed to deal with that." I felt the blood rush to my cheeks as Bill understood what I was asking. I was thankful then as I turned my head for Harry's hair growth spell, because the long red strands of my own hair now hid the majority of my face.

I felt a hand grip my shoulder and turned to meet Bill's gaze, knowing that he appreciated just how awkward this was for me. "Charlie, don't be afraid to ask for my help. You know that I accept the two of you, just as I know that the rest of the family will accept it when you feel ready to tell them." He looked now over to where Harry sat at the table, still eating the food that would make up for missed meals. "His skin does seem to be glowing again, but I'd say you have a few more days before some of the... pressure needs to be... relieved."

This final word brought a large grin to his face and I smiled back, relieved that Harry would be safe but also a little disappointed. I looked back over to Harry and saw that he was slowing down, the pile of food on the table appearing just as it had when we had entered the room. His eyes were drooping slowly as he stood and made his way over to where we sat.

I pulled him down so that he sat across my legs; his head nestled between my shoulder and my neck. "Tired," he said simply, and I chuckled softly at the exhaustion which coloured his statement. I moved my hand up to his head, stroking it through the length of his silky hair over and over as he drifted into sleep. He was warm where he pressed against my body, soft and light.

"The two of you make a nice couple," said Bill, looking at our entwined forms with something akin to wonder in his eyes.

"Thanks Bill."

*** *** ***
General POV

For the first few days of Harry's recovery, he was occupied mainly by members of the Order who visited at all hours of the day and night. Lupin had sent out a message regarding Harry's capture and the resulting rescue mission undertaken by both Bill and Charlie. As a result, people were appearing at the Burrow fully expecting to find either the beginnings of a larger rescue party or a grieving family suffering from the loss of two sons and the wizarding world's saviour.

After having explained what had happened several times already to different groups of people, Harry finally gave up and feigned exhaustion, leaving the others to explain what had happened while he retired to the room he once again shared with Charlie. A general feeling of joy surrounded the Burrow, its inhabitants filled with relief and happiness. Not only was Harry now safe, but so too were those wizards who had before been threatened by the Dark Lord.

The battle which had erupted in the underground station had seen to it that two of the largest dark forces were now severely weakened if not entirely eliminated. Greyback's army had been all but destroyed by the Death Eaters, who had seen if fit to track down those few survivors and punish them for their treachery. In assembling such a force of Death Eaters, the Dark Lord had lost many of his most loyal and powerful followers to the werewolves. With so few people left to maintain control, the Order had found it quite an easy feat to regain the Ministry of Magic and once more establish a protective authority for wizarding kind.

All this had happened in just the two days following the battle, the dark forces having been so nearly eliminated that they had retreated into those few places which remained for them safe. Harry's plans to hunt the horcruxes could now be carefully considered without the pressure of an impending attack, and he could live in relative peace for the time being.

Owls arrived in an almost constant stream, letters from wizards and witches addressed both to Harry and to the Order. Harry enjoyed most reading those he had received from Ron and Hermione who were both still Hogwarts, feeling only slightly disappointed that he couldn't be there but knowing that if he was given the choice he would rather be with Charlie anyway. Ron and Hermione had been worried when they had not received any letters from him since their return to Hogwarts, but Harry now assured them that he was fine and that they would be able to help him find the horcruxes once the plans were finalised.

The bruises had disappeared altogether, his skin a glowing gold that displayed an obvious strength and energy to even the most casual of observers. But Harry and Charlie were not casual observers, and they knew full well what such a powerful glow meant. Something would have to be done soon if they were going to avoid the catastrophe that Bill had warned them about. Mrs Weasley, however, was adamant that they stay at the Burrow for at least the remainder of the week, arguing that Harry needed proper nourishment and time to fully regain his strength. There was therefore no choice but to remain, having no opportunity for escape that wouldn't draw attention or raise questions. Questions they were not quite ready for.

"Are you ready?"

Harry blinked a few times and looked away from the pages before him, noticing for the first time the quietness which surrounded them. "What time is it?"

"Past midnight. I didn't want to disturb you." Harry closed the book he had been reading for the last few hours, stretching his arms out before him in a catlike manner. His side was pressed against Charlie's muscled chest, warm and comfortable as the larger man reclined on the couch. Charlie had also lost track of time, paying little attention to those who made their way up the stairs and to bed. His mind had been occupied with questions and thoughts, his body only moving where he stroked his hand slowly through the length of Harry's hair.

"Let's go then," said Harry, moving out of Charlie's lap. Charlie rose, wrapping one arm around Harry's waist as they made their way up the stairs to the room they shared. The three beds which had been used by Harry, Charlie and Bill before the wedding remained, arranged in such a way as to form a single, very large bed which took up half of the room. The remainder of the space was occupied by clothes. Charlie had, upon being told that they would be staying for a week, returned to the Nest and packed a trunk of Harry's clothes, also retrieving the necklace at Harry's request. Despite this, Harry still preferred Charlie's loose fitting pyjama pants to any other item of clothing, wearing them until changing became absolutely necessary. Charlie seemed to share this opinion.

The sounds of distant creaking broke infrequently the sleeping silence, Harry making hardly any noise as he leapt onto the comfortable mattress. Charlie fell down beside him, amused by Harry's energy as the smaller boy wriggled into place between his strong arms. Moving one arm away, Charlie reached for his wand, flicking it casually to plunge the room into total darkness.

The only problem was that darkness was not so easily achieved. At least, not when Harry's building magic cast an ethereal golden glow over the entire room. Charlie groaned. "How are we supposed to get any sleep with you so bright I can hardly look at you?"

Harry kicked him playfully. "I can't help it. Besides, if it bothers you so much then why don't you just close your eyes?" Charlie's arms tightened around him in response.

"Because then I wouldn't be able to see you." He placed a quick peck on Harry's forehead, chuckling under his breath. "I'd rather be tired." His voice was casual even as his eyes burned with an unavoidable sincerity

"Well then," said Harry, pressing himself closer to Charlie, "maybe there is something we could do about this problem." His giggle was cut short by Charlie's demanding lips pressing against his own.

Charlie rolled over onto Harry, their bodies pressed together while he supported most of his weight with his arms. The kiss deepened, Harry parting his lips to allow Charlie's talented tongue entrance. He could feel the muscle against his own tongue and moaned softly into Charlie's mouth before they broke apart. Harry was breathing heavily, his hands struggling to pull the larger man down on top of him. But Charlie wouldn't move, instead staring into Harry's eyes with such lust as was irresistible.

Harry extended his tongue, tracing the square jaw of his lover as he felt the satiny skin move beneath it. He inhaled, not out of necessity but purely to gain more of that intoxicating vanilla rain scent that seemed to cling to Charlie. Strong arms moved to his sides and pulled him as their bodies rolled once more, Harry now positioned above Charlie, pressing down all he could on the broad chest which supported him. He felt hands slide slowly up his back, pulling with them the loose shirt that covered his glowing skin.

Once Charlie had removed the shirt, Harry's long hair fell back into place, hanging like black curtains which surrounded both his own and Charlie's faces. Quite forcefully now he pressed his lips against those delectable pink ones beneath him, running his tongue along the outsides before pushing in. The warmth was amazing, the two sharing each breath as their chests moved in unison.

Harry moved his fingers against the hem of Charlie's shirt, who took this as a sign and removed it himself. For a few moments, Harry could not move. Firm muscles clad in tight, smooth skin stretched out beneath him, huge pecs leading down to abs that seemed to pulse as Charlie breathed. With a quick smirk at the larger man, Harry placed his legs on either side of Charlie's powerful thighs, his lips finding the sensitive buds of flesh which were already hard. Taking first one and then the other into his mouth and swirling his tongue around each of them in turn, Harry delighted in the low moans he was eliciting from Charlie.

With something close to regret he moved downwards, reluctant to end those sounds which he could feel right through to his bones. With his delicate tongue he traced the outline of Charlie's abs, a cool trail of saliva left behind by the unbearable heat which was his mouth. Charlie knew where this was headed.

With gentle hands Harry drew down the pair of pyjama pants Charlie wore, large legs sliding and lifting as they sought to speed up his actions. Before he made another move, Harry looked up at Charlie's face, his expression one of deepest want, his eyes shimmering in the golden glow. And then Harry looked down, barely containing a gasp as he saw Charlie's erect member. Had it been this large the last time?

With a mixture of both desire and trepidation now, Harry lowered his lips to kiss the tip of Charlie's cock, hearing the deep moan in response and feeling all anxiety leave his mind. He licked along the length slowly, watching as Charlie writhed beneath him and feeling the pulsing rod as it swelled impossibly larger. Directing his eyes so that they bore into his lovers, Harry took the head into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the hard flesh.

"Uhhh!" The heat of Harry's mouth was unimaginable, and yet the sensation seemed still to intensify as Harry took more of the length into his mouth. Charlie, watching the raven haired boy as he begun to bob up and down, struggled not to buck into the wet heat. He clenched his fists on either side of him, pulling roughly at the sheets in an attempt to release some of the tension. At this rate, it would not be long before he lost control.

Harry enveloped more of the shaft with each up and down movement, tasting the precome as it leaked from the tip. He was determined to take the entire length, and even though he had never done this before, he knew that he would be able to. Relaxing his throat, he pushed down, hearing Charlie growl as he took the huge cock completely into his mouth. Charlie could feel Harry's tongue as it twisted around his member, unable to hold back the moans that were being drawn from him. It was too much, and he didn't want it to be over. Not now. Not yet.


Harry pulled off, hearing Charlie whimper as he did so. The removal of the heat and the wetness was almost too much for Charlie, but he needed to hold on. He needed to be with Harry. As he regained control, he once more reached for his wand, casting silencing charms on the room. Harry saw what he was doing and grinned sheepishly.

"Probably should have thought of that before we made so much noise." His face was an image of such innocence that Charlie could not resist, reaching up with his hands and bringing Harry to his lips. As Harry surrendered himself to the kiss, Charlie moved one hand downwards, sliding it over the lean muscles of his back until it rested just above the beautiful curves of his arse. Placing his hand on the right cheek, Charlie squeezed with enough force to make Harry gasp; his breathing harsh as he was released from Charlie's hungry lips.

"I need you inside me," he spoke, his voice breathless as Charlie continued to stare into his emerald eyes, running his hand over Harry's exposed back.

"You'll need to lose the pants if that's really what you want." Charlie flashed his brilliant white teeth, blue eyes gleaming mischievously as he moved out from under Harry, searching through the dresser for the lube he knew to be there. Having found it, he turned around and saw a sight which knocked the breath from his lungs. Harry had taken his advice, now completely bare and open to Charlie's gaze. The soft golden glow emanated from his entire body, a body which although slim was composed of muscles developed from years of quidditch. His hair fell about his shoulders, perfectly framing those captivating eyes and luscious lips.

"You're... amazing Harry." He had no other words with which to describe the beauty of this creature before him, a beauty he knew extended far beyond his appearance. Harry blushed, looking down as he felt the stregnth of Charlie's words.

"I love you Charlie." He looked up to see Charlie's stunned expression, an expression which quickly transformed so that it conveyed the depth of the older man's emotions.

"I love you more." Harry laughed, the sound sweet and vulnerable.

Moving back onto the bed, Charlie wrapped one arm around Harry's torso, lifting the smaller boy onto his lap, legs wrapping around his waist. Immediately Harry leaned forward, capturing Charlie's pink lips, parting his own to allow Charlie access to his mouth. They moaned together, Charlie struggling to concentrate on the lube he now poured into his hand. Reaching around behind Harry, he carefully parted the smooth cheeks, circling the entrance before pushing gently forward with one finger.

Harry moaned, feeling the sting of the invasion and knowing that what was to come would be pleasure and bliss so strong it would render him numb to even the strongest of pains. Charlie began to thrust lightly with the one finger, their mouths battling as a second digit was added. Harry began to whimper, not due to discomfort but instead out of impatience. Charlie sensed this and quickly added the third finger, thrusting upwards and brushing against the prostate. Harry cried out, the sensation washing over him and just as quickly leaving.

"Charlie," he breathed into his lover's mouth, his words strained as the stretching continued, "I... need you... now!"And Charlie could not resist, his will power dissolving as those words were practically moaned. Releasing Harry from his hold, he let the smaller boy fall once more to the mattress, following quickly so that his chest was pressed against that smooth skin.

"Are you sure?" Even though Harry was so obviously willing, Charlie felt the need to ask one more time.


With Harry's legs spread on either side of his body, Charlie positioned himself at his entrance, pressing the tip of his cock against the quivering flesh. Being taller than Harry, he was able to look directly into his eyes, absorbing the lust and the passion which swirled within. Then he pushed, his huge shaft moving forwards at an agonisingly slow pace. Harry whimpered, feeling a slight burn as the thick shaft stretched his hole. But then there was only pleasure, pure and devastating bliss which continued as Charlie pressed forward, stopping only once the entire length of his cock was sheathed within the warmth of Harry's body.

For a moment there was just breathing, eyes locked with each other as Harry adjust to the feeling. Harry flicked his tongue out, reaching for Charlie who pressed against it with his lips. And then he pulled back, thrusting in again just as Harry bucked downwards.

"Uhhh!" Charlie heard these sounds and responded, quickly establishing a rhythm which built in power and speed. Harry was practically purring beneath him as he pounded into the tightness, hitting the prostate each time. When he released Harry's mouth, that purring grew into a moaning that almost drove Charlie over the edge. But he held on, powerful hips driving his huge member as deep into Harry as it would go.

"Fuck, Harry... so... ugh... beautiful... ugh!" His arms shook as they held his muscled body over Harry, struggling with the overwhelming need to give in.

"Charlie ... so... ahh... close!" A final powerful thrust was all it took, sending Harry over the edge and forcing a scream from his lips. He shuddered, losing control as he felt his seed spill onto his stomach.

Charlie followed, the tight walls of Harry's arse clenching around his member being too much. Burying himself to the hilt inside Harry, his cock pulsed as it deposited several loads inside of the smaller boy, filling him completely. His arms gave out beneath him and he collapsed, rolling to the side so that he lay panting next to Harry. There were several minutes which followed, filled only by the sounds of laboured breathing as the two sought to slow their racing pulses.

The golden glow, before so bright, dimmed slowly until it was no brighter than those feeble rays of starlight which sought to illuminate the night. Charlie cast a quick cleaning charm on both of them before letting his wand drop to the ground beside the bed, utterly exhausted. With a final effort, he rolled onto his side, snuggling up to Harry and wrapping his lovers form in two strong arms. He placed a soft kiss to the back of Harry's head, feeling the silky strands of hair beneath his lips.

"Sleep, love."

Harry sighed, closing his eyes and drifting into dreams held by the bliss which had yet to leave.

General POV

It was with a feeling almost of reluctance that Harry and Charlie, on the morning following their final night at the Burrow, prepared to leave for the comforts of their own home. Being forced to remain an entire week at the Weasley household had seemed such a pain to begin with, the presence of family and friends almost constant and always intrusive. Such intimate moments as they would have liked to have shared in their newfound relationship had appeared impossible if they were to have any hope of avoiding questions and possible discovery. But these fears had come to nothing.

That first intimate encounter in the Burrow had been followed by no suspicion at all on the part of Mr or Mrs Weasley. Several times during the course of the following days, Harry and Charlie had become increasingly daring in their displays of love, careful to avoid the eyes of others but passionate none the less. Each lingering kiss, devious caress and gentle embrace would become for them some of the first memories of their love, of being together and sharing their lives.

But they knew that the Nest was their true home, a place safe and comforting in the privacy it provided. A place in which they could explore their feelings without holding back, where they would in time create even more amazing memories. And so this reluctance to leave was only small compared to their eagerness to be alone together, to return to the Nest and to be free. Their smiling faces, Charlie's tight holds and Harry's bright eyes were proof of this as they said their goodbyes.

"Please try to visit soon. We know you'll be very busy with planning that mission you are so intent on keeping a secret, but do try to remember us." Mrs Weasley's voice was sweet, the tone slightly sad as her son and Harry, another person she considered to be a part of the family, moved to leave.

"Sure Mum. We'll be back as soon as we have time." Charlie hugged her warmly, knowing that she would be sending letters daily until he kept his word. Harry followed his example, knowing that he had this woman to thank for his health.


The three occupants of the room turned towards the source of the noise, the sounds of apparition having been heard so frequently in the last few days that not one of them had even flinched. In the centre of the sitting room stood Fred and George, their faces almost identical but for the absence of one of George's ears.

"I don't believe this George," said Fred, his tone overly emotional.

"I know Fred, I don't quite believe it myself," George continued, speaking as if only Fred could hear him.

"We travel all this way to visit our biggest brother."

"And our smallest brother Fred, we mustn't forget our Harry." He flashed a broad grin at Harry from across the room.

"Right. We travel all this way to visit two of our favourite brothers, leaving our joke shop all alone, and what do we find George?"

"We find them leaving, not bothering even to wait for us after we travelled all this way."

"Quite rude is what I'd call that George."

"Quite right Fred." And their two faces, complete with expressions of utter devastation, turned towards the small group standing beside the door. Harry burst out laughing, moving forward to hug each twin in turn. Charlie's chuckling followed, while Mrs Weasley placed one hand on her hip, her expression disapproving even as her eyes showed amusement. With a different tone, one of sincerity now, George continued.

"Great to see you again Harry, and you Charlie. We can't stay for much longer, we've actually got a business to run. Just wanted to say hello really."

"And to make sure that we arranged a date to come and visit the Nest. Bill's told us all about it and it's driving us mad not being able to get inside. We'll try to drop by next week." Fred smiled at them both.

"Sure, you're both welcome any time. We'll come to see you next week and you'll be able to come back to the Nest with us." The thought of showing off his house yet again brightened Harry's mood further, his hand absently twirling the golden streak which remained in his hair. Suddenly, George reached out and brushed Harry's long hair away from his face, exposing his neck and shoulders.

"Where did you get that necklace Harry?" Now Fred looked closer as well, observing the delicate golden ring and the sparkling emerald which rested in the hollow of Harry's throat.

Harry tried to hold back the blush he knew would follow, failing as images of the wedding swam through his mind. The dress he had worn and those dangerous heels. The twins by his side, attempting to win the right to have the first dance with Harriet. His distinctly feminine figure and appearance and the wandering hands which had traced his sides seductively.

Seeing this, Charlie hastily stepped in, grabbing Harry's hand and practically pulling him through the door. The twins were stunned; absorbed in their thoughts as they tried to remember where they had seen that necklace before. Harry hoped desperately that their memories were not as good as his own. He felt the tug and spun, and before he could even wave he was enveloped in the pressing darkness as Charlie apparated them to the Nest.

The sky was clear and blue, the morning air cold and crisp as it swept over them and out into the valley below. Sunlight, bright but not yet warm caressed their faces as they made their way towards the small wooden door at the base of the stone tower. Harry turned to Charlie.

"Do you think they'll figure it out?" They hadn't been ready to reveal their relationship yet, and Harry was worried that Charlie would not take this development well.

"I don't know. Not everyone is as bright as you, but I'm sure you must have left quite an impression on them at the wedding." Charlie's voice was calm and warm, Harry immediately relaxing as he saw the small smile spread across the larger man's face. And before he knew what was happening, Harry had been swept up into Charlie's arms, his side pressed against the warm muscles of Charlie's chest. Holding the smaller form of Harry with one strong arm, Charlie twisted the doorknob with the other, pushing it open and stepping into the Nest.

"You don't have to carry me Charlie. I'm perfectly capable of walking on my own." Harry pouted playfully, his emerald eyes locked with Charlie's sapphire ones.

"Oh really? Well then, I think we'd better do something about that, don't you?"

The End

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