*Note: 10 years later Abby and Caleb are all grown up on the new planet to start life over*

Abby starred at me, her beautiful eyes filled with worry.

"What's the matter Sweetie?" I asked taking her hand.

"You are… something's wrong and you're not telling me…" She intertwined our fingers.

My mind drifted back to that day. The last day, for earth anyways…

*flash back fades in*

Abby grabbed my hand. "They said your Daddy is safe… with wherever my mommy is." She could see the devastation in my eyes. Being slightly taller than her I could peek over the window of the ship as it began to take off from the ground. I stared down at my father who looked hopelessly as the ship left the ground. A tear ran down my cheek that matched the one on his. I pressed my free hand against the glass and watched my breath slowly fog the window. Not once did my eyes leave my father.

Time seemed to come to almost a halt. The ten seconds that it took for the ship to get in the air seemed like a life time as tears streamed and father and son shared a final silent goodbye. My heart broke more with every inch of air that separated me and my father.

By now my dad looked awfully small but still my gaze was locked on him. From the corner of my eye I saw a flash of orange as we got farther and farther I saw the flames that were engulfing the earth. My world shattered and I pointless scream escaped my throat
"NO! DAD!" I screamed as dropped Abby's hand and clawed at the window. My dad didn't deserve to die. He did nothing wrong in fact he took care of us. Even through the blur of my tears I watched in horror as in a split second my father reached out to the sky clawing back for me right as the flames of the earth swallowed him whole and with that my father was gone. I collapsed to the floor and all went black. The last thing I heard was the quiet voice of Abby whispering in my ear "They're safe now" and with that I drifted into a meaningless world.

*fades back to reality*

"Nothing Sweetie, it's nothing." I patted her hand and looked her in the eyes

"I know Honey, I miss them too. But, they're safe now."