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The mouthwatering aroma of Thyme and Vidalia Onions lingered in the air as David Rossi placed the finishing touches on the lasagna He spun around a few times, keeping in beat with the intricate harmony of the classical piece he had playing in the background. He carefully extricated the baking pan and inhaled the cheesy garlic bread, noting that Mama Rossi would have been proud. She made it her own personal mission to teach him every single recipe their family brought over from the old country, especially after she discovered his first wife, though beautiful, lacked skills in the kitchen. He sighed at the thought of his mom, there wasn't a day that went by that he didn't miss her dearly.

The sudden chime of the doorbell startled him. He scurried across the black marble floor, glancing at the Grandfather clock as he made his way down the narrow hallway leading to the foyer. He wasn't expecting his guest for at least a couple of more hours and his rather secluded location prevented unexpected visitors from stopping by. He reached for his gun at his side, but silently swore when he realized he didn't have it on him.

"C'mon, open up!" a familiar voice drifted through the Oak door.

Rossi gritted his teeth upon recognizing the voice and he swung the door open to face his colleague. "Reid, what the hell are you doing here?" he hissed through clenched teeth.

Reid stood awkwardly in the doorway, a mischievous grin slowly spreading across his boyish face. "Actually I-"

"Watch out kid! This pizza is hot!" Morgan barked out as he bounced an oversized pizza box from one hand to another and barreled through.

"Yeah, we already missed kickoff," Hotch muttered as he followed Morgan. "Dave." He nodded in acknowledgement at his old friend and continued down the hall. Rossi remained in the doorway frozen in place, his arm still outstretched and the door still wide open.

"Spencer…" he ground out in a warning as he glowered at the young agent. The young doctor gulped nervously before responding. "But this is our chance Rossi!" The voices of their friends floated through the house, as if on cue.

"Where should I put the pizza?" Morgan inquired.

"Coffee table should be good," Hotch replied, his voice taking on a bored tone.

"And you say he has a big screen, eh?"

"Big screen is an understatement. And the real kicker is, he doesn't even know how to work the remote," Hotch snickered.

Rossi turned to face Reid who still stood in the doorstep quietly chuckling to himself. "Oh sure, laugh it up kid!" He barked out as he tugged Reid's arm and pulled him inside. "Get in here!" he growled before slamming the door shut firmly, and making his way down the hall to find his other coworkers.

"Wow, such a beautiful home, Rossi." Reid observed as he followed the man down the hall and peeked into random rooms on the way. "Is that an actual library?" he questioned as he noticed a room with bookcases on every wall leading up from the floor to the ceiling. "Mmmm, what is that tantalizing smell?" he sniffed out as he continued to follow Rossi, his hands shoved awkwardly in his khakis and he shook out his unruly hair.

Rossi grumbled in response to Reid's plethora of questions and came to a halt at the doorway to his living room. He balled his hands up into tight fists as he took in the less than stellar view before him. Hotch was sprawled across Rossi's black leather sofa, he had kicked his shoes off and they were lying beneath the couch. He had the piping hot Pepperoni and Sausage pizza lying on Rossi's glass and marble coffee table. Not far from the box were Hotch's feet, propped up on the edge as if they somehow belonged there.

Morgan was a vision all his own. He had made himself completely comfortable in the Onyx colored Italian leather armchair sitting across from Hotch. His armchair. The armchair that no one else was permitted to sit in. Morgan had his head leaned back in the chair and he dangled a slice of pizza up in the air, over his mouth in one hand, clutching the remote in his other hand.

Rossi watched as a tomato-ey glob came dangerously close to sliding off of Morgan's pizza and missing his mouth. "If that spills on my chair, I swear to-"

"Relax Rossi," Morgan chuckled. "I'm just messing with ya!" He balanced the slice of pizza in his large palm and chewed on it in a reasonable manner, occasionally swiping at his mouth with a napkin.

"Great. Now LEAVE!" Rossi exclaimed.

"Wow, somebody's touchy" Reid muttered under his breath as he observed the bottle of Merlot perched on a stand near the ongoing fireplace. "Ohh, mind if I crack this open?"

"No!" Rossi growled through his clenched teeth. "Alright," Reid turned to face the older agent. "Really touchy," he smirked.

"Or just hungry," Hotch piped in, his mouth full with his bite of pizza. "He's always cranky when he's hungry. It must be an Italian thing," he snorted.

"Nah nah," Morgan started in, taking on his profiling tone. "My man here is cranky, but it isn't because he's hungry…at least for food," a devilish grin spread across his face as he hopped out his seat and circled around the older man like a predator eyeing it's prey.

"C'mon guys, think!" His eyes met Hotch's and Reid's briefly, before he brought his own back to Rossi. "The not so subtle aroma of Thyme and Oregano…I'm thinking spaghetti perhaps, or maybe lasagna. The apple wood coming from the fireplace here," he waved his hand in the general direction of the fireplace for emphasis. "Then of course there is the classical music playing in the background, the Merlot, the…" he paused and sniffed at Rossi before continuing to circle around him. "The cologne that he's wearing, and Rossi doesn't typically wear cologne. Add on to it this…" Morgan tugged on the apron around Rossi's neck that read 'Kiss the Cook'..." Morgan came to a halt in front of the man and puckered his lips, making kissing noises, before collapsing into the armchair in laughter. Hotch joined in with his own quiet chuckling.

"I don't understand," Reid exclaimed, his brow knitting together in bewilderment. Hotch rolled his eyes and opened his mouth to speak, but Morgan put his hand up in reassurance and shot him the 'Allow me" look.

"Well kid, Rossi here was preparing for an evening with a woman, when we interrupted with our not so impromptu boys evening," He raised a brow knowingly in Reid's direction. "The game was canceled tonight. They wanted to cover that actress or whatever that chick is, when she exited rehab for the twelfth time. They announced the cancellation hours ago…." He narrowed his eyes at Reid, who in turn gulped and fidgeted before breaking out into a sly smile.

"I w-was not preparing for an evening with my woman," Rossi stammered as he snatched the apron off after feeling Hotch and Reid's disapproving looks upon him. "You guys really have to leave though, my…." He scanned the room before his eyes settled on his manuscript. "My publicist is in fact coming by momentarily and we have some business…some professional business…" he emphasized in response to Reid's quirked eyebrow. "That we have to handle." He finished, crossing his arms across his chest defensively.

"Professional my ass, more like an evening of debauchery…" Reid muttered under his breath as he plopped down next to Hotch.

Hotch sputtered and choked on the Pepsi that he had just taken a gulp of, spewing the dark liquid everywhere as his usual rare but quiet chuckle became a hearty laugh. "Okay, I for one, did not expect that from Reid…" he said between laughs. Reid shrugged.

"Hey, hey, hey!" Rossi yelped. "Not on the carpet Aaron, I just had it steam cleaned,"

"Now wait a minute…"Morgan started, shoveling down another slice of pizza. "The kid has a point. I mean cooking Rossi? Classical music? I didn't even think you were the classical music type!"

"I like all types of music," Rossi mumbled defensively.

"Switching it up from Barry I see…" Hotch muttered with a hint of sarcasm.

"What was that?" Morgan inquired, ignoring Rossi's pained expression.

"Dave used to play Barry White for his women on date night. But I suppose, with this being a 'business dinner' and not a 'date night', he wouldn't have Barry playing"

As if beckoned, the final classical piece came to an end, and the deep baritone voice flooded the room from Rossi's expensive sound system. Rossi hurried to the stereo and fumbled with the buttons and knobs, until finally he opted for unplugging the thing all together. He whipped around to face his snickering colleagues, after taking a brief moment to restore his usual confident air.

"The Best of Barry White," Reid mused from his seat on the couch, as he twirled the CD case between his slender fingers.

Accepting that he was busted he explained. "Jordan rather enjoyed it the last time…" he cleared his throat. "She preferred the classical music and we compromised on the Barry White. She wasn't a big fan of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin,"

"The great Dave Rossi sacrificing his Standards for a woman? I'm shocked!" Morgan pretended to scoff as he hiked his feet up on the coffee table across from Hotch's.

Rossi cleared his throat and inclined his head to the right as he stood before Morgan. A satisfied smile pulling at his lips as Morgan removed his feet to allow the elder gentleman by. He sat down on the loveseat with a grunt, scowling when Morgan's feet reclaimed their spot on the table.

"I have a feeling I'm not the only one to allow a woman to intimidate me…" Rossi said with a sparkle of mischief in his eye as he turned to face Morgan. "Am I Derek? I mean, you did rule out a whole 'type' of woman after one bad night with a colleague."

"Don't fall for it," Hotch whispered in a sing-song voice, his voice only audible to Reid.

"Hey!" Morgan's voice rose defensively. "You've seen that woman's crack shot! She pulled a gun out on me when we…" His voice trailed off as the epiphany hit and he realized that he fell into a trap. "Dammit!"

"He fell for it," Reid countered Hotch's prior statement, shaking his head and grinning at the bemused Hotch.

"Fess up, Morgan!" Hotch ordered, raising his brow expectantly.

"JJ pulled a gun out on you?" Reid inquired gently, knowing that his method would better soothe Morgan and therefore elicit a response. Morgan stared at the young agent; he rubbed his bald head in contemplation and bit his lip hesitantly.

The piercing looks of his colleagues finally got the better of him and he cautiously began his tale, his voice low and defeated. "We went out on a date. It wasn't my idea, my instincts told me not to but…JJ, you know?" His chocolate eyes exchanged a glance with each man as they nodded their heads in understanding. "She wanted to take me back to her place. We…" he paused and fidgeted with his hands. "You know she sleeps with her gun?" he caught the surprised looks of his friends. "I mean right there on the nightstand, and at one point I told her it made me a bit uncomfortable. I mean she grabbed it a few times when she got a bit…excited," the last word came out in a near inaudible whisper and he avoided eye contact. "When she realized it made me a bit edgy she said some crap about playing 'cowboy', said it turned her on, and she begin waving the damn thing around and pointing it at me. Later on she kicked me out of her apartment claiming that I said somebody else's name….Hell, after staring down the barrel of a gun while trying to…well,let's just say I didn't mind leaving!" He blinked a few times before peering up at his colleagues hesitantly.

Reid bit his lip, small noises of laughter being muffled by the action. "Wow, that was….unfortunate," he managed before bursting out in uncontrollable laughter. The other two men followed suit.

"Wait…"Rossi gasped holding his stomach. "You and JJ played some game of Cowboy? Like Cowboys and Indians or something?" he asked, holding his sides. "She brought out a gun and everything!"

"I believe JJ played cowboy, Morgan here, was playing the bull," Hotch murmured, trying to quell his laughing but failing miserably.

"She was just trying to enjoy the ride," Rossi exclaimed as he pretended to brandish a gun.

"Huh, you remember that mechanical bull contest she won a while back?" Hotch managed to get out before being overcome by his laughter.

"Wait a minute you guys," Reid started in. "There is one thing I want to know…" he mused as the laughter died down. "What name did you call her?"

Once again surrendering to the others' intense gaze, Morgan replied, his cheeks burning a light crimson. "Baby Girl," he murmured so low that the others could barely hear.

"I'm sorry, what was that?" Hotch asked, a mischievous glint in his dark brooding eyes.

"I said…Baby Girl," Morgan replied, louder this time. "She called me "hot stuff' and I instinctively called her Baby Girl," he sunk back into his seat, a small chuckle escaping his lips.

"Damn kid, that's just…" Rossi started.

"Wrong on so many levels," Hotch finished.

"Talk about kinky," Rossi observed with a lopsided grin.

"It was, "Morgan acquiesced. "Strangely enough, it was kinda hot, when I wasn't scared crapless, damn gun."

"A cowgirl fetish," Reid thought out loud.

"What are you going on about over there boy wonder?" Hotch asked, affectionately calling the young agent one of the many nicknames he collected over the years.

"Actually, I was hypothesizing that perhaps there is some sort of strange yet thrilling Cowgirl fetish among a couple of women at the BAU. Morgan's inopportune tale of his sexual encounter with JJ, reminded me of how our very own Penelope Garcia has her own odd fetish of a similar caliber,"

"What are you getting at egghead?" Morgan had a feeling he would regret asking, knowing it had something to do with his favorite tech kitten, but his curiosity as always, got the best of him.

"Garcia likes to play Cowgirl too. She just uses fuzzy handcuffs….and sometimes rope," he added as an after thought. A bright smile lit up his face as he knowingly taunted Morgan.

"Awww, c'mon kid!" Morgan threw his hands up in the air and tried his best to shake the images out of his head.

"That never gets-" Reid was interrupted by his phone vibrating. He pulled it out, typed away at its keyboard, and returned it to his pants pocket in a matter of seconds.

"Good vibrations," Rossi snickered.

"Funny Rossi," Reid replied sarcastically. "But not necessary, thank you very much,"

"Why not?" Rossi asked as he downed another can of soda.

"Probably has something to do with that extra shower time he had after wrapping up that case last night," Hotch responded in his usual deadpan voice, rolling his eyes over the fact that he pulled the short stick and got stuck rooming with Reid. "He got to 'handle'..." he said while wiggling his fingers for extra emphasis. "…some business." He finished with a straight face. Rossi and Morgan patted him on the back and stifled their laughter.

"I never realized you were so crude, Hotch" Reid grimaced.

"Actually Hotch, I think the kid has had his hands full with the real deal," Morgan teased knowingly, a sly smile spreading across his face as he watched the wheels turn in Reid's head. The younger agent was pondering on what Morgan was referring to and how much he was actually aware of. "Reid here has a lady friend in town,"

"What? Did you talk to Garcia? How did you know Austin was here?" the annoyance in Reid's voice began to elevate with each question.

"Austin?" Morgan responded with a quizzical look. "I was talking about Lila! She has a movie filming in D.C. I didn't know anything about an Austin….she was-"

"The bartender from that case awhile back. She was the one that was infatuated with Spencer's magic tricks," Rossi continued for Morgan.

"Yeah well, apparently she's more infatuated with his magic stick," Hotch muttered under his breath. His low utterance did not go unheard and the three men snickered as Reid's face flushed a bright crimson.

"So you're seeing both of them kid?" Rossi questioned, his brow raised and a grin pulling at his lips in some twisted amusement.

"Well…I…see…well, neither woman nor myself are mutually exclusive-" he sputtered out, his voice taking a defensive tone.

"We're not judging kid," Morgan scoffed, his dark eyes sparkling with amusement.

"I…" Reid was interrupted once more by his phone vibrating. He pulled it from his pocket and his fingers ghosted across the keyboard once again. He quickly snapped his phone shut and prepared to lever himself up from the chair. "I have to go,"

"One of the ladies in question, I take it?" Hotch asked with raised brow as he stretched on the couch, his foot nearly knocking over the half empty can of soda that sat dangerously close to his feet.

"No, actually that was Emily. I'm supposed to be heading over to her place…" his voice trailed off when he heard the crunching of metal. He couldn't hide his surprise nor his suspicions when he seen that his boss had crushed the can in his hand.

"I didn't realize you were so close to Emily," Hotch quietly stated, the observation sounding the slightest bit like a question.

Realization washed over the younger agent and a mischievous smirk pulled at his lips. "Yeah, we've become pretty close. She calls me when J.J and Garcia aren't available. I've become a confidant of sorts…" he paused and winked at Rossi and Morgan before continuing. "She finally told me about you two," he finished with an unshaken confidence that convinced them all.

"She did…" Hotch whispered while putting down the crushed can. "I hoped that she would keep that between us," he said solemnly, a flicker of pain flashing across his usual stoic face. The vibrant room came to a still as the others looked on in a brief silence.

"I'm s-sorry Hotch. I..." Reid shook his head as his struggled to find the appropriate words.

"You're too easy for your own good." Hotch responded as he broke out into a grin. "For one, Emily would have never divulged anything to you. Secondly, I don't care either way," he shrugged. "You want to know what happen with Prentiss and me." The other three men nodded sheepishly.

"She came to my office one night and let me have it. She was really going off about something. I don't remember what exactly," he waved his hand dismissively. "We went back and forth debating, and I don't know….she just grabbed me and kissed me. She threw herself at me, right there in my office, than she pulled away, apologized a few times, and ran off. She still won't let me talk about it, but every so often she just…sort of pounces on me," He slouched back into his seat as the others stared at him incredulously.

"So she just….randomly comes in and kisses you?" Morgan asked dubiously.

"Yeah, pretty much."

"And you just…let her?" Rossi's brow shot up to his hairline in curiosity.

"I have a certain charm that ladies can't resist," Hotch smirked. "So yeah, I just let her."

"You kissed her back," Reid wondered out loud.

Hotch snorted "Hell yeah. Have you seen Emily?"

"If that's what comes out of arguing with you, than I sure as hell won't step foot in your office and debate with you again!" Morgan huffed.

"Aaron Hotchner having random make-up sessions in his office," Rossi chuckled.

"Make-out sessions," Hotch corrected.

"Same difference," Rossi responded while patting his old friend on the back. "You sly dog you,"

Morgan and Reid stared off into space with identical looks of shock plastered on their faces. "Once again feeling as if I'm traumatized for life," Morgan groaned. Reid nodded in concurrence, both oblivious to the older agents throaty chortling flooding the room.

The chime of the doorbell startled them all. "Dammit!" Rossi yelped. "You guys have to go…NOW!" He frantically rushed around the room, shoving all evidence of their evening together in random corners of the large space. The others watched in amusement up until he began ushering them to the door.

Rossi quickly opened the door and stopped in his tracks. There stood Jordan Todd in a slinky crimson dress that fit her form perfectly. It inched up her body with every shift as she impatiently rocked on the stoop in her kitten heels. She brought her hand to her throat in surprise, drawing attention to her plunging neckline, which rendered the four men momentarily speechless.

A bright smile accentuated her ruby red lips. "Good evening Dr. Reid... Agent Morgan...Sir" she nodded in acknowledgment of the three men as she stepped inside.

"Agent Todd," they responded in a collective murmur,once they recovered.

She wrapped her arm around Rossi's waist and brought him into an embrace without letting him go.

"Yeah…" he shifted back and forth on his feet awkwardly. "We should be going. Uhh, happy copulating," he added as Rossi narrowed his eyes, while looking over Jordan's shoulder, still wrapped tight in her hold.

Morgan swayed his hips in an obscene manner and pointed at Jordan, since her back was still to him. He gave Rossi a thumb's up and grinned. "Night Loverboy,"

Rossi used his free hand and signaled for Hotch to rush the young agent out, the frustration evident on his face. Hotch stifled a laugh and nodded in agreement, but not before raising his hand and swinging his arm down simulating a spanking gesture. "Night Dave,"

His actions initiated a few giggles from the other two agents waiting outside for him, and prompted a feral growl from Rossi. Rossi grabbed the nearest knick knack lying on the end table in the foyer and chucked it at the door, inches away from Hotch's head. The usual brooding agent's frame shook with his laughter as he ducked.

"What's wrong?" Jordan asked as she pulled away from his embrace. She didn't give him a chance to answer before she brought her lips to his, with no argument from him. The click of the door behind them was a small relief but he made a mental note to kill his friends the next day.


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