Q- My Russia and America units don't get along and they can't be in the same room without glaring at each other/threatening to dismantle one another. How do I get 'em to cool down and be friends?

A- This conflict is inevitable; they still hate each other and aren't close friends. If you were hoping that they would fall in love and make sweet sweet hentai, you will have to by our New Expansion Pack.

Q-I just bought a JAPAN unit and whenever I try to take it outside it runs away and hides in the darkest corner it can find. Why is it doing this?

A- Japan is not an outside boy, he is much happier in his room with manga, anime and figurines. If you want him to come out, get a CHINA UNIT to come over and harass him or tempt him out with a Yaoi doujin.

Q-My SEALAND unit is always sneaking out and playing pranks on my friends RUSSIA unit. I've told it that it's dangerous to do this but it won't listen to me! How do I get it to stop doing this?

A- Sit him down and explain to him why this is a bad idea, he is a child so it may take some time to get through his thick eyebrows to his brain. Also threatening to take away his comics and cartoons has proven to work.

Q-My CANADA unit keeps going missing, why is this?

A- He hasn't gone missing; he's probably flipped into Invisible Mode so look again. If this fails make a fresh batch of pancakes with lots of Maple syrup and he will appear.

Q- My AMERICA unit constantly keeps eating all my junk food, how can I get him to stop it?

A- Eat your food more secretly or get England to cook for America Before purchasing said junk food. But unless you want your unit to have a malfunction, these options is not recommended and instead simply buy him something instead and scoff yours quick as possible.

Q- My Canada unit seems strange... he's been quiet for days now and when I ask him he only mutters, "Awesome... Gil... New Prussia..."... What had happened?

A- CANADA is experiencing maternal feelings related to most Uke units. In Real Canada, there is a place called New Prussia. Getting your Canada together with a PRUSSIA UNIT will help him relieve some of the tension he is feeling. Also installing him with our new UpGrade pack may help himout.

Q-My LOVINA unit keeps trying to plant tomatoes on illegal land she took, and then running off to play mafia with my DARK!FELI unit. Is this natural, or what?

A- Don't worry; this is very natural for all LOVINO/LOVINA VARGAS Units. Try forcing her to stay with an ANTONIO unit and his natural Pedo-bear mode will deal with it, this w ill make your LOVINA calm down and focus her energy on making him be less of a pedo.

Q-My NATALIA unit wants to marry my RUSSIA unit, but he already has my YAO unit... and she always hurts my TORIS unit when he rejects her, though he has my FELIKS unit. What do I do to stop the wars?

A- Introduce your NATALIA unit to an ALFRED/AMERICA unit; her natural hate for him will distract her from her Brother unit and the TORIS unit. If you want her to have a romance with the AMERICA or another unit, please purchase our new UPGRADE pack.

Q-My FELIKS unit just went on a shopping spree with my FRANCIS unit. I now have to get my IVAN unit to 'barter' for cash. Is this ok? If not, what should all of my other units do for jobs?

A-Getting IVAN to barter is a VERY BAD IDEA! Please make him stop before someone is seriously injured.

As for getting money. Francis would make a very good Bartender, as he is French and good with wine. Feliks would make a good stripper and will do so happily. Enjoy your money.

Q-My Japan unit has started to talk more and more. Even to him, in fact. What happened to him?

A- He has cracked circuits, please call you nearest HETALIA CORP representative immediately and we will send someone to check his wiring.


Congratulations unit owner

We of the Hetalia Corporation would like to show you our new UNIT UPGRADE!


This upgrade will make any unit fall head over heels with another unit. Perfect for those fan girls that want to see Russia and America make sweet, sweet love or for Japan and China have some brotherly love.

It will even work for Girls on girls if you're into that.

Simply call and we will send one of your team to install this upgrade in your unit.

Warning- has been known to cause MPreg in some Units.