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Chapter 1 – The 'sex on toast' Boss

'I am leaving for a couple of hours, Miss Robert. If there are any problems whilst I am gone, hold them off till I return. You may call if there is an emergency though. Thank you.'

The secretary called Miss Sara Robert muttered a 'Yes, sir' and quietly exited the office.

That was Mr Darcy. Confident. Concise. Direct. Mr Wilhelm Henry Darcy, Head of the Darcy Companies. And his employees treated him just as they should treat a boss who had inherited the companies at such a young age of twenty five, and who, they all admitted to themselves and some with great reluctance, readily deserved the position as he sure as hell could handle the responsibilities.

The man was extremely intelligent, very decisive and always on his two feet which never had the honour of wearing anything other than Prada. Or so they thought, they had never seen him in other shoes anyway.

His impeccable three piece suits always had a Ralph Lauren or Calvin Klien or Armani tag. The man had probably never heard of ASDA, some workers reflected enviously, but when they voiced out the thought, they were quickly put to right by their seniors.

Of course, the boss knew about ASDA. He knew everything. He read five different newspapers every morning. He had subscriptions to the Newsweek and The Economist magazines. He was very well read and educated. A degree in Business Administration from Oxford! He had perhaps even stepped into ASDA to explore the place. Not that he would buy anything from there, and there was a unanimous agreement about that. The boss had a very high taste and needed everything to be perfect. ASDA certainly couldn't boast of Mr Darcy being their customer, they were sure.

They were also sure that the man was part robot. He built brilliant marketing strategies within minutes, always remained calm and confident no matter what the circumstance, he could solve the most complex problems in seconds. It didn't matter if he stayed late at work, which he frequently ended up doing, he would appear the next morning fresh as if he has just returned from a vacation and not spent half the night reading through complicated contracts.

The females, and even some scattered males, were glad about the latter though. Mr Darcy was, to quote one of his secretaries, 'sex on toast' and they wouldn't want the evil eye shadows, which often plagued them, to ruin that handsome face of his. What they did want was him. A dream, sure, but all of them believed it could come true. Especially when he wasn't dating anyone currently. Hell, they would be satisfied with just a one night stand. But they needed to shag him to quench their curiosity. A man, who looked that good with clothes on, would look scrumptious without them. And, no doubt, he would be absolutely fantastic in bed.

They all realised that there were a few problems though. The boss was strictly professional. He never even called anyone by their first names. It was always Ms This and Mr That. Even one of his secretary: Sara Robert, who had been with him since three years, hadn't had a conversation with him outside of work. It didn't matter whatever the position of his employer, be it a janitor, PA or CEO, he was always respectful and formal.

Mr Darcy was also completely immune to the displays put on just for him. The shortest skirt, high heels and long, tanned legs didn't even get a glance from him. Breasts in danger of slipping out of the skimpiest shirt. Red, glossy, pouty lips. Come hither looks. Nothing worked. But it didn't stop the women from trying. They were sure that some day they would push the boss off the edge, he would grab one of them in his arms, rush to his office and nail her right on his Chippendale desk.

There were a few female employees who, though they didn't deny that he was handsome because, indeed, he was, but they did not have any sexual thoughts about him. Okay, so maybe once or twice they may have imagined… things, but they respected him as a person and not just for his face or bank account size. And these women were the ones who were very rarely rewarded with a look of admiration or a small smile when their work surpassed Mr Darcy's expectations. The boss hardly ever complimented anyone so when the singular smile or word of praise appeared, the person on the receiving end felt blessed.

The men may be jealous of Mr Darcy's power, money, status and the women which came with them. The women may be annoyed at his ignoring of their blatant displays. But both agreed on the point that Mr Darcy was an extremely generous employer. High incomes, clean working conditions, not being overworked, were just three of the several perks of the job. The boss was very fair and highly intuitive. He always knew who was to be blamed for skiving off their tasks. It was absolutely useless trying to lie to him because he always realized when he was being hoodwinked and that made him very angry. And an angry Mr Darcy was not a pleasant sight. Yes, he remained as handsome as ever even with the scowl and a grim face, but his verbal assaults made the liar shudder. He never swore at them, but the biting chill of his oddly tight voice was just as effective. And so, just within six months of the company under Wilhelm Darcy, everyone knew it was better to say the truth if they had a problem and not try to pass it off to someone else. It only meant a slight telling off, or someone else being given the task if the boss thought it to be a genuine problem and he was an understanding person.

Employee loyalty led to improvement in the company and thus there was a high increase in profits. Darcy Companies were raking in more money than ever and that just added to the Mr Darcy's 'good qualities'. A handsome, ridiculously rich, and most importantly, single business tycoon was in the market, and every fickle woman in Europe and America wanted him.

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