Silver and Gold


"Who am I to that person?"

That is what they would think once in a while.

Although it was never really confirmed…

What did they really feel about each other…?

She would usually just lose one animal in her whole zoo of around a hundred pets, and he would just criticize her pets' weird names and help search for them anyway.

"Butao-kun! Where did you run off too? Butao-kun!" She would call as she looked for her lost pet pig.

[*Buta means pig in Japanese*]

After a short while, a pig came running towards her.

"There you are Butao-kun! I've been looking all over for y…" just then, she looked up and Inugami was standing in front of her not looking very happy. Then he showed her a really muddy book.

"Hey, that pig of yours splashed mud all over my textbook!" he said.

"Well how could you blame him? It's your fault for not watching your belongings properly"

"That's right. If you were watching your belongings properly, then that weird pet of yours wouldn't go missing in the first place."

"Don't call any of my beloved animals weird belongings! The only weird one is you! C'mon, Butao-kun. Let's leave this meanie alone." Nanjo said as she walked her pet across the corridor.

To him, this argument was probably nothing. But to her, she might've taken it a little too seriously…


Nanjo had an important meeting with her parents.

"You are aware that you have been engaged to marry the son of a fellow breeding company, aren't you?"

"Yes I know."

"You are to meet this person this coming Saturday." Her father said as she handed her the picture of the boy.

After looking at the face, for some reason, the face of Inugami appeared in her mind, causing her to look shocked. That guy looks just like him!

"Have you met him?" her father asked.

"What are you talking about? Of course I don't." Nanjo replied with a slight frown on her face.

"Very well then."

The next few days, Nanjo has been trying to avoid Inugami. Not because she's mad at him, but because she can't face him well for some reason. Every time she sees him, there would be this sudden urge inside her that forces her to turn and walk away.

This would of course make him a little curious, but he wasn't very much surprised.

"Torako-chan! Where did you run off to?"

Nanjo called as she was looking for her pet tiger. On her way, she saw Inugami. She was about to call him, but then she suddenly froze.

"What do you want?"

Nanjo just stood there, then walked away without a word.

Nanjo then walked around for anyone else who can help her find her tiger, when she met up with the girls from class C. Unfortunately, no one would help, as they would say...

(Becky) "Get a life. Class is about to start."

(Himeko) "A tiger? Maho! Omega Cool! I always wanted to play with a tiger! Maho!"

(Kurumi) "Ehh~? You have a tiger? What if it eats me?

(Miyako) "Try letting me study in peace for once!"

(Ichijou) "I am the class representative Ichijou..."

(Rei) "Why are you asking us…? Don't you usually get Inugami for these kinda things?"

"Well, why should I? It's not like he actually cares anyway! Fine! I'll just look for Torako-chan myself!" Nanjo said.

Before she was about to walk away, a voice called her. "Uhm... I'll help you find your pet. I don't mind at all." Rokugou, the nice girl, said softly.

"Eh~ Really? Thanks a lot Rokugou-san! You're my new best friend!" Nanjo said with delight, so they both went to find Torako.