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3rd POV

Ponyboy was always too young!

He can never go to a party because he was too young! He couldn't walk anywhere alone (not that he wanted to) because he was too young! Hell, he couldn't even stay home alone for a few hours because he was too young! This always bothered him; he was 14 years old! If he can dress himself everyday, he should be granted at least a few rights!

He sat indignantly, pouting on the corner of the couch as Darry picked up his keys and tool belt. "See ya later, Kiddo––"

"NOT A KID!" Pony interjected loudly.

Darry raised an eyebrow, something everyone, it seemed, picked up from Two-Bit (other than himself, of course) and sighed, "Watch it, Kid–– Ponyboy." Darry caught himself in time, "I don't need the state haulin' you off for nothing. Two-Bit'll be over later. Anyway, call if anything goes wrong. SODAPOP PATRICK CURTIS, IF YOU ARE NOT DOWN HERE IN TWO SECONDS, YOU'RE WALKING TO WORK!"

This is what astounded Ponyboy even further: Darry would rather Two-Bit, who drinks his weight in beer every hour, watches Mickey Mouse on TV as if it were God himself broadcasting to him, and still gets caught in his zipper, watch him versus allowing him to be alone.

Don't get him wrong, Ponyboy, although he wouldn't admit it to anyone, actually enjoyed Two-Bit's company. More so than he enjoyed Soda's or Johnny's. He's admitted to himself already that he has feelings for the older greaser and the negative feelings towards his preferences had long since evaporated. He was gay, he knew it and accepted it. However, despite his comfort on the topic, he believes it's better to keep it to himself. It is the 60s after all and not too many people take to kindly to gays. There's only one other person on earth he trusts with his secret and that's Johnny, for Johnny was gay also.

Ponyboy, so lost in his thought had barely noticed Sodapop flying by until he ruffled his hair.

Ponyboy scowled while Soda played with his ungreased locks.

"I like your hair, Pony." Soda said, still distracted by the forever moving, redish-brown curls.

Ponyboy had showered this morning and refused to grease it due to the insane temperature that threatened to melt the house. He'd hoped that nobody would make fun of him because he had been cursed with curly hair. Looking back now, he couldn't even fathom how he had believed such inevitable thoughts.

Ponyboy flicked Soda's hand away. "That's because you weren't cursed with Mom's curl gene."

Soda brought his hand back up and proceeded to dissect his hair. He'd twisted his finger in them, pulled the strands down and watched as they snapped back into shape when he let go. What he did next made Pony want to punch a wall (never his brother). Soda had taken his palm and was pumping and primping his hair.

Ponyboy sighed, "having fun?" He asked rhetorically.

Soda laughed. "Lots." His laughter died as he noticed Pony's glare. "Aw, lighten up, Ponyboy! It's not everyday I see a greaser with long, curly hair––"

"What about Curly Shepard?"

"––that I can touch without getting my hand ripped off."

"Who's to say I won't––" before Ponyboy could finish his rebuttal, the front door opened and slammed loudly. In walked the big, burly greaser known as Two-Bit Matthews.

"Hello, Ladies–– whoa!" Ponyboy rolled his eyes as he waited for Two-Bit to continue. "Tuff hair, Kid."

Ponyboy reached a hand up gingerly, touching the reddish curls. "Really?" He asked, ignoring the fact that someone had just called him a 'kid'.

The bulky greaser nodded enthusiastically. "Yup." Two-bit plopped next to Ponyboy on the couch next to the youngest and pulled him close, nestling his nose in Pony's hair.

Ponyboy, who had been frozen form the sudden jerk, came to when he heard a rather large sniffing sound.

"Smells nice, too." Two-Bit said, refusing to or seeing no reason to let go of the younger.

Ponyboy soon realized that he wouldn't be let go anytime soon and blushed lightly praying no one would notice.

Sodapop was completely oblivious to Ponyboy's reaction. "That's what I said but he thought I was making fun of him––"

"SODA!" Darry called from inside the already running truck.

"I'm comin', I'm comin'!" Soda yelled. "Later guys!"

Ponyboy grunted a farewell to his brother as he took in Two-Bit's scent: a heavenly mix of outdoors, booze and cheap cologne ('cheap' meaning he had stolen it).

Soon after the door was slammed closed, Two-Bit let go of Ponyboy and walked into the kitchen for a beer.

Ponyboy liked being under Two-Bit's arm; it was warm and comfortable. Now that he was gone, Ponyboy felt cold and abandoned. He even shivered a few times!

Two-Bit walked back in with a half-downed bottle of beer and arched eyebrow at him.

"Cold, Ponyboy?" He asked.

"A little," Pony lied. "I'll be alright. Don't worry."

"But you're shivering––"

"I'm fine." Pony snapped. There was no way in hell he was telling Two-Bit anything but Two-Bit was pushing for an answer.

"Seriously," Two-Bit said reclaiming his seat. "What's wrong?"

Ponyboy sighed and looked away. "I don't want to tell you."

Two-Bit said nothing and when Pony looked back at him, he saw the brief shadow of hurt in the older's eyes. He sighed, "do you really wanna know?" Two-Bit nodded. "And you won't hate me?"

"OF COURSE NOT!" Two-Bit shouted a bit louder than necessary.

"Close your eyes." Ponyboy whispered. Two-Bit did and Pony leaned in, brushing his lips lightly against his.

Two-Bit's eyes flew open and he froze, pulling away slightly but noticeably. Ponyboy misread the action and leaped up.

"I'm sorry!" He yelled and when Two-Bit didn't even look at him, he ran to his room slamming the door closed.

The loud bang brought Two-Bit out of his thoughts. He hit his palm on his forehead and sighed heavily. "Damn it."