Shizuo stood frozen at the sight in front of him, it was mesmerizing…Kida was in front of Izaya on his knees, both of them flushed and panting. They made quite the picture. Shizuo's cock got hard at the sight that those two made. For a few moments the only thing he could do was stare at them…Shizuo felt his pants getting tighter and tighter. He saw Izaya move his head to look at him and the flea grinned widely…

"Came to join us, Shizu-chan?"

Izaya's voice snapped Shizuo from his trance and made him growl at the black haired man. He slowly approached them, getting curious looks from Kida and knowing ones from Izaya. It just made Shizuo even more annoyed with the informant, the damn flea was acting as if he knew everything that was gonna happen, and it ticked him off even more in this situation. Couldn't the flea act like a normal person for once, damn it? His eyes trailed down Izaya's chest, then moving on to Kida's kneeling form. All anger and annoyance was forgotten at the sight that Kida presented, he looked positively debauched like this, cheeks flushed and lips swollen from their previous activity.

Shizuo moved towards them, ridding himself from his jacket and throwing it away. He roughly grabbed Izaya by the arm and pulled him away from the desk, but since the informant's knees were still weak from, Izaya stumble and bumped into his chest with a pout on his face.

"My, Shizu-chan…Do you have to be-"

Shizuo, not wanting to hear Izaya's voice quickly silenced him with a kiss. Kida watched them closely from the floor, getting even more turned on by the sight.

Shizuo quickly positioned himself at Izaya's previous spot on the desk, pulled out lube and condoms from his pocket, then pulled down his pants. He did not have any patience for games tonight. He was sure that the flea would've been with Kida without even telling Shizuo about it…good thing that he had followed him. He handed Izaya a condom while squeezing some lube onto his hand then looked up to see the other grinned at him, then tearing the wrapper open with his teeth. Shizuo forgot the annoyance he was feeling as he watched the black haired man slip the condom onto his hardened member. He groaned as the other stoked him slowly. Izaya kissed him again, and Shizuo moved his hand behind the man, tracing his spine with the fingers coated with the cold substance, and then found his entrance.

Izaya groaned when he felt two cold fingers enter him. Pain shot up his spine and he hissed at Shizuo's impatience, he loved it rough, but sometimes Shizu-chan's impatience managed to annoy him very much. He took a few deep breaths waiting for the pain to subside.

Shizuo felt Izaya tensing and stopped moving for a few moments, giving the other the needed time to adjust. He was feeling generous tonight…for some reason…He looked Izaya in the eyes, his burning amber meeting glowing red, their meshed their lips together in another heated kiss. He groaned into the kiss when he felt Izaya squeeze his member a bit too roughly, but Shizuo supposed it was revenge for earlier. He feverishly searched for that spot inside of Izaya and was awarded when Izaya broke the kiss to groan heavily. Izaya's hand on his erection started moving again and Shizuo moaned at the sensations that were coercing trough his body…but he needed more. Deciding that Izaya was ready, Shizuo grabbed his shoulders and turned the other man around swiftly. He licked Izaya's neck and nipped at his collarbone as he slowly lowered Izaya on his member, earning a groan from the other. When he was fully inside he let out a low moan…Izaya was tight…

Izaya's world spun when he was turned around by Shizuo, then the next thing he knew, he was lowered on Shizuo's member. Damn! Couldn't Shizu-chan learn some patience? Izaya knew that it was short, but it was so annoying at times! He groaned when he felt that Shizuo was completely sheathed in him and he heard Shizuo sigh lowly in his ear. The informant leaned forward and his hands grabbed the edges of the desk on the next row for support, then he began to move slowly back and forth…

He felt eyes on him and turned his head to meet Kida's heated gaze. The boy had changed from his previous position on his knees and was now sitting on the floor, leaning his back on the teacher's desk, jerking off. Izaya licked his lips at the sight and moved his head to beckon Kida to come closer…Kida was not going to be excluded…

Kida watched as Izaya and Shizuo teased each other, and before he knew it he had one hand down his pants and he was jerking off at the sight…He snorted mentally…What was it now – an automatic reaction to the sight? The sight of the two, kissing was enough to make him moan out loud, but he managed to stop himself. He wanted to see how things would go without his presence… Kida's eyes followed every action, taking in their every movement, before Shizuo lost patience and swiftly turned Izaya around and entered him. Kida almost came at the sight they made, and his hand sped up his movements. They began to move and he made sure to match their pace… And then Izaya turned his head towards him and their eyes locked. Kida did a sharp intake of breath as suddenly his oxygen was not enough. He watched dazed as Izaya motioned for him to get closer. Kida groaned in disappointment that he had to stop, but obeyed, knowing that Izaya was a better choice than his hand any day. He slowly got up on his shaking knees and neared Izaya.

The black haired man grabbed Kida's head and drew him in a harsh, demanding kiss. Izaya could taste himself on the blond's mouth and it made the kiss even more heated and delicious. Izaya moaned into the kiss when Shizuo hit that spot inside of him, his other arm let go of the desk and grabbed Kida's jacket. Izaya pulled it off, wanting more skin contact with Kida. After the jacket was off Izaya fumbled with the buttons of Kida's shirt.

Kida was slightly amused by Izaya's haste, but after a few moments of watching the other fight with his buttons, Kida decided to help him. He did not want his new shirt ruined after all. He had just bought it and Kida was pretty sure that Izaya would soon lose patience and tear the buttons away. Finally when the shirt was off, Kida felt Izaya's arms circle around his waist and draw him close to the man. Kida looked into Izaya's eyes, they were even a darker hue than their usual blood red and were shining with both lust and pleasure. The look sent shivers down Kida's spine… Izaya kissed him again and Kida moaned, the sensations that Izaya's mouth was sending trough his body were divine. He arched his back when he felt Izaya touch his nipple with his fingers. Kida took a few deep breaths, wondering when had it become so hard to breathe. He groaned when he felt Izaya's hand on his pants, it began to slowly unbutton them, then Izaya used both hands to pull Kida's pants and boxers down. Kida took a deep breath when the cold air assaulted his heated skin.

Izaya pulled back to look at his handiwork, red eyes watching Kida standing flushed and panting before him. It made the informant grin and draw Kida for another kiss. At the same time, Shizuo slammed him down particularly hard and it made Izaya moan into the kiss. Izaya's eyes blurred at the overload of sensations, damn Shizu-chan knew how he loved it… just as he thought that, Izaya felt Shizuo bite him on the shoulder. Izaya shuddered and broke the kiss, the feelings were too overwhelming and consuming. He threw his head and arched his back.

Kida groaned in disappointment when Izaya broke their kiss, but grinned mischievously when Izaya's neck was exposed to him. He leaned forward and bit it, making Izaya groan louder, then he licked at the reddening spot. Izaya briefly looked him in the eye and Kida shuddered. Izaya's eyes held a promise that Kida would pay for this… but Kida wouldn't complain…it would be a sweet, delicious torture, he was sure.

Izaya was beginning to lose himself but he resisted, he wanted to prolong the pleasure as much as possible…He tried to clear the fog that had settled in his mind from all the stimulation that Shizu-chan was doing to his prostate and grinned at Kida. Next he pulled the boy flush against him and moaned when their erections rubbed against each-other, the friction sending shivers of delicious pleasure up Izaya's spine. It doubled when Shizuo slammed into that spot again.

Shizuo was solely focused on one thing and one thing only – the soft heat that was around his member. Shizuo mildly wondered how Izaya managed to stay so tight after all the fucking they did, but it was unimportant at the moment, as the heat was threatening to swallow him whole… He slowly pushed Izaya forward before slamming him back, making Izaya moan. He had seen Kida come towards them before that and he had the sudden urge to kiss the smaller blond. The opportunity presented itself when Kida leaned close to bite on Izaya's neck. Shizuo grinned at the action and pulled down Izaya at the same time, making sure to hit that spot.

He grinned with satisfaction when Izaya arched his back and let out a loud moan, and here the flea was acting all high and mighty on him before… Then his darkened amber eyes locked with identical ones and Shizuo leaned forward, his hand made its way to the back of Kida's head and pulled him towards him for a kiss. His action made the three of them press even closer to each other and Izaya who was is the middle moaned.


Shizuo mentally grinned and nipped at Kida's lower lip, the boy opened his mouth immediately and their tongues locked in a fierce battle. Shizuo's mind blurred, but he made sure to continue the pace. He let go of Kida's head when the other blond broke the kiss to arch his back and moan loudly.

Izaya was more aroused than ever and he was seriously beginning to think that those two were plotting against him. They were making him moan way too much, now while Izaya was not one that cared about loudness in bed, this was getting ridiculous…Time to rectify it… Izaya grinned when his hand found the lube, and he managed to squeeze a generous amount on his hand. He licked Kida's ear, then bit on it, making the smaller blond groan with pleasure. He felt Shizuo pull Kida for a kiss and took the opportunity. That had been the distraction he had been waiting for! Perfect! Izaya's hand moved towards Kida entrance, making sure not to touch any skin and alarm the boy of what was to come. He almost failed when Shizu-chan pushed into him again…Damn that was distracting, but the pleasure that was still coercing trough his veins was definitely worth it… Finally he found Kida's entrance and quickly inserted one finger. The effect was immediate… Kida moaned, breaking the kiss with Shizuo and arching his back.

Izaya's mind blanked out when Shizuo fastened the pace, slamming him down on his member with practiced ease. When he managed to gather his thoughts his hand moved between Kida and himself and he grabbed their members together, causing even more pleasurable friction between them.

When Kida felt Izaya grab their members, he moaned and jerked forwards wanting, no, needing more contact. When Izaya's finger found that spot, and set his nerves on fire, Kida groaned…How he loved this delicious torture…

Shizuo was in his personal heaven, the flea just felt amazing around him. The warm tightness made him out of breath and he pulled Izaya on him even harder. Shizuo vaguely noted that there would probably be handprints on the other's pale skin tomorrow, but Shizuo knew that Izaya was never one to complain, besides the flea loved it rough…He pulled out almost all the way enjoying the way Izaya groaned in protest before he slammed back in, turning the protest into a delicious moan. Shizuo grinned in satisfaction and bit on Izaya's ear.

Kida groaned when another finger entered him, his grip on Izaya's hair was probably painful, but he did not care at the moment. It was this familiar pain which he hadn't felt in more than two weeks, and it was this pain that he had missed dearly as it was addicting in its contrast between pleasure and ache. Kida tensed when the fingers began to scissor and bit down on Izaya's throat to stop himself from crying out loud. He had forgotten the feeling of being stretched, the action that made him ache in anticipation. Then a fire spread over his nerves and Kida knew that the fingers had brushed against that spot inside of him. He threw his head back and moaned.

Izaya was moaning very loudly, his mind in a haze of pleasure. He wondered how he was able to do all those actions at once, but he contributed it on his genius mind. He continued to thrust his fingers in and out of Kida, brushing against his prostate again and again, his other hand was on their erections, rubbing and jerking them both, and at the same time, Shizu-chan was pounding in and out of him with his monstrous strength. He admired his own talent for multitasking when Shizuo hit his prostate and returned the fog in his mind. Izaya groaned when Shizuo fastened the pace, making his own knees shake as they were too week to support him, telling Izaya that he was close…He was almost there…Yes! He plunged into white oblivion and he came with a final loud moan. Izaya's knees would've buckled if he hadn't been clutching tightly onto Kida for support.

Kida stilled when he felt Izaya cum, and the hand around their members tightened to an almost painful grip while the one that was inside him pressed tightly against that spot. Kida drew a sharp breath when the pressure on his prostate sent stars dancing in his vision. Kida's eyes moved to meet Izaya and his breath hitched when he saw his red eyes dilated with pleasure as rode his orgasm. The sight alone made Kida moan at the amazing sight the informant was making…Why did he have to look so hot? Kida's eyes watched closely as Izaya came to his senses and the red eyes cleared. Izaya looked in his eyes, shot him a weak grin and continued pushing his fingers in and out of Kida, while his other hand began jerking him off again. Kida moaned when the wave of pleasure hit him again, and his vision blurred, it was almost too much…

Black spots formed in Shizuo's vision when Izaya tightened around him and he clutched his teeth, trying to hold on for a little longer. He stilled for a moment to give Izaya the time he needed to regain his senses, before picking up the rhythm again. Shizuo moved his free hand to find Kida's head and pull him forward for a kiss. Their tongues clashed and twisted together in a final game. Kida moaned into his mouth and that delicious moan was the final straw of Shizuo's will power. He came hard with a loud groan then slacked against the desk, making it creak below his and Izaya's combined weight.

Izaya was working on both his prostate and his member and the pleasure was almost driving Kida over the edge... Just a little bit more… Then he felt a hand on the back of his head and he looked at Shizuo, his blond locks were sticking to his forehead from the exertion. He pulled Kida's head towards him and kissed him deeply. Kida moaned. That was it… He couldn't take it anymore, he could almost see the burning pleasure that was about to come…he could feel it…

Then something completely unexpected happened...

Izaya's legs finally gave out on him and he fell forward with a yelp, unintentionally pushing Kida on the floor and falling on top of the smaller blond.

Kida groaned when Izaya's weight fell on top of him and both of them landed on the hard floor. His head hit the floor and he let out a loud displeased groan. Damn it! He had been almost there! Why couldn't the bastard's legs give out a minute later damn it! He had been almost there, damn it!

Izaya's world spun when he fell on top of Kida. He couldn't move for a few moments, but felt Kida shift beneath him and grumble. Izaya grinned and noted that the smaller blond was the only one who hadn't finished. Well it was not Izaya's fault that his legs gave out on him…It was Shizu-chan's fault, the brute could've at least attempted to grab them, Izaya thought with a pout. He opened his mouth to say something but he was interrupted by laughter.

Shizuo couldn't help it, he laughed. There weren't many situations that gave him the opportunity to laugh at Izaya's expense so he relished the moment. He had been too slow to catch the falling brunet, but he was glad for it now.

"Awww….Are Izaya-kun's knees too weak to be able to stay up?~"

Izaya glared at him sharply…

"Shizu-chan…You'd do well to shut up~." He said with a wide fake smile, but his eyes flashed with the unspoken threat and it did not help his irritation that he was still unable to stand up. Izaya moved his legs experimentally but then felt something shifting beneath him and looked down at Kida. The boy's cheeks were flushed and he was taking big gulps of air. Izaya grinned when he realized the cause for Kida's trembling and shifted again, causing the boy to moan beneath him.

"Hmm looks like fingers aren't enough for you, Kida-chan~. You need something more. Hmmm~!"


Kida felt his cheeks redden and moaned when Izaya's hand found his overly sensitive member…The bastard was moving maddeningly slowly! The hand continued with long, leisure jerks, while another grabbed his balls and fondled them. The sensations almost made Kida cum right then and there, but he gritted his teeth and tried to stop it…He wanted something more, because there was no way in hell he was only going to get jerked off after all the trouble he went to get the bastards to follow him! Also he hadn't had sex in three weeks, damn it! He needed a good hard fuck after all the effort he put into studying! He deserved it, damn it! Kida's frustration grew as Izaya continued with his slow movements and finally, Kida could feel his patience snapping.

"Would someone finally fuck me, damn it?"

There was sudden silence in the room as both Izaya and Shizuo stared at him, shocked at his outburst, but Kida just met their eyes. He was way too frustrated and irritated to have the decency to be embarrassed. Then Kida saw Izaya's face change. The red-eyed man grinned down at him and doubled the speed of his jerking. Well, as nice as it was that Izaya finally picked up some speed Kida needed something more. And he was going to get it…A quick plan formed in his mind. He knew that Izaya, being the bastard that he was, would not do anything to change their current position until he felt like it and Kida did not have the patience to deal with the informant's games. Which lead to the only other possible course of action…

At one particularly hard jerk, Kida threw his head back and moaned Shizuo's name, in the way which he knew that drove the older blond crazy. Kida locked his eyes with the burning amber ones that were staring at Izaya and him. Kida almost whimpered when the hands that were touching him left, but he knew that it was worth it in exchange for what was about to follow.

Shizuo watched with amusement as Izaya teased Kida. Shizuo could admit that it was slightly amusing, but he could understand where Kida was coming from. It is really harsh to be left in the dry, when you were used to getting it on regular bases. Hell, the flea had no right to tease Kida when Izaya was the one who sought him out at least twice a week, unless of course, Shizuo himself was the one that initiated the action. To top things almost every time Izaya had set up something Kida joined. It was frustrating how the flea could know when their schedules were empty, or they suddenly got a lot of free time, but it was expected… The flea was good at his job, even Shizuo would grudgingly, very grudgingly admit that.

When Kida demanded to be fucked Shizuo could only stare in surprise… When had he gotten so bold? Not that Shizuo was complaining, since a demanding Kida was a very sexy Kida. Shizuo's member agreed because he felt it jump at the words…And then the boy looked at him with those glowing eyes and moaned Shizuo's name, in that way and it made Shizuo want nothing more but to fuck him on the spot. The brat was manipulating him, successfully too! Damn, Kida was getting more and more like Izaya with each passing day…Not that Shizuo minded all that much at the moment…But damn…. Shizuo's eyes never left Kida's, as if he wasn't able to look away from those amber eyes that were burning with lust and desire…

Whatever plans Shizuo had about letting the flea play with Kida for a bit longer flew out of the window. Kida was watching him very heatedly and Shizuo had a hard time resisting to the call in those eyes. Shizuo looked around for the condoms, grabbing one when he spotted them on the nearby desk. He tore it open and slipped it on his member, feeling Kida's eyes following his every action. Shizuo then got up and hurriedly moved towards the other two. He roughly grabbed Izaya by the elbow and pulled him away from Kida. Shizuo used his power to toss Izaya somewhere, completely ignoring any protests that were voiced from the black-haired male. When the space above Kida was free Shizuo nested himself between Kida's legs and leaned forward for a heated kiss. Shizuo shivered when Kida moaned into the kiss and jerked his hips up, creating some delicious friction between them. Kida then threw his head back and groaned, and it made Shizuo lose whatever small amount of patience he had left. No foreplay tonight… Besides, Shizuo could see that the smaller blond would not last long. He was too sensitive to every touch and every kiss.

Shizuo kissed Kida again, then grabbed his legs, put them on his shoulders and entered Kida with one swift movement, making both of them groan loudly. Damn it, Kida was so tight! Shizuo was surrounded by that heat and he felt like he was being engulfed by it.

Kida's hands grabbed Shizuo's hair when he felt something big and hard finally entering him. He whimpered partially from the pain, but mainly from relief. He pulled the older blond for another kiss. Finally! He got what he wanted, no needed! He shifted, trying to alert the other that he was ready. Move already!

Shizuo had stilled after he entered to wait for Kida to adjust. He knew that Izaya had prepared him before that, but the pain was inevitable. When Kida shifted, Shizuo took it as a sign to move and pulled out, before pushing back in. It earned him a throaty moan from the body beneath him. Shizuo's mind was in haze from the feelings running trough his body. The amazing friction and the heat of the tightness around him, made him want to pound into Kida with all of his strength, but he refrained, not wanting to hurt him. He slightly shifted the angle and Kida arched his back. Shizuo's eyes trailed over the body that was under him, his breath hitching at sight Kida was making. The boy was mesmerizing like this, so close to the edge, yet still so far from it…

Kida moaned, his brain clearing from all thoughts when Shizuo changed the angle and drove into that spot more firmly and directly than before. The pleasure that was coursing trough him was mind-numbing. He was so very close to the edge, he could almost see it, he just needed a little bit more! Shizuo was hitting his prostate again and again, and it made Kida want to scream with pleasure, but the only sounds that left his mouth were rather loud moans and groans. Everything else was covered in a haze of pleasure…

Kida closed his eyes and focused on the sensations. He fisted his hands in Shizuo's blond locks and pulled, making the other look at him. Kida looked him in the eyes and leaned up and pressed their lips together. Kida moaned the second Shizuo's tongue began exploring his mouth, the blond pressed against that spot inside of him. The kiss was so intense that it almost made Kida cum on the spot, but he tried to contain it with all of his will power.

He wanted this moment to last…He had been waiting for it for so long and Kida wanted to enjoy it, fully. Kida whimpered when Shizuo pulled out almost all the way, before pushing back inside, hitting Kida's prostate with an amazing force. Kida tried to contain the moan and stopped himself by biting on Shizuo's throat. The older blond let out a low groan and doubled his speed.

Kida's body had almost reached his limit… He knew that he won't last very much longer, hell it was a miracle he had lasted that long. Any further thoughts were banished by Shizuo roughly slamming into him and sucking on Kida's throat at the same time.

Shizuo looked down at the red hickey that was forming on Kida's neck. Mine! He grinned with satisfaction before speeding up the pace. He could tell that Kida was almost there. He licked at Kida's neck again and then slowly kissed his way back up. Shizuo locked his eyes with Kida's and meshed their lips together for another kiss.

Kida broke the kiss to arch his back and groan. Yes! He was almost there! He could almost see the end of his rope. He needed just a little bit more! His mind was numb from all the pleasure he was feeling every time Shizuo hit his prostate. Kida closed his eyes and just let himself feel, everything became blurred and unimportant. The only thing that mattered was the sensation that coercing trough his body.

After one particularly sharp and forceful thrust from Shizuo, Kida's vision blurred completely and finally his mind was consumed by the white nothingness as he finally finished. He could feel his nerves burning and the sensations overloaded him.

Izaya had felt comfortable just lying on top of Kida. He was satisfied for the moment so there was no need for him to move. When he felt Kida shifting under him, he reminded himself that the boy hadn't finished. Now, as cruel as Izaya knew he could be, even he wasn't cruel enough to leave Kida like that, after all the boy had been the initiator for once. He needed a reward, and the thought of it made Izaya grin. He slowly and cautiously moved his hand down and grabbed Kida for his still painfully hard member.

Izaya moved his hand up and down the member very slowly. Now now, he would help, but nobody said that Kida-chan won't be tortured slowly with pleasure, until Izaya made him beg for it in the end. Izaya was sure that it won't be long before Kida was begging him to fuck him, as he could see how close to the finish Kida was. That was when Kida made his outburst.

"Would someone finally fuck me, damn it?"

Ooh yeah, the boy was frustrated alright. They should leave him without any for some time more often, as apparently it made Kida very demanding…But then again, they definitely shouldn't. Not that Izaya was that sexually frustrated, or that Shizu-chan wasn't satisfying or something, but Kida was beginning to grow on him and after the second week Izaya had began to miss the smaller blond. He grinned down at Kida and doubled the speed of his jerks, making the boy moan and writhe beneath him. The movement shot directly to Izaya's growing erection, making it even harder then before. He moved his other hand to fondle Kida's balls and gave him a particularly harsh jerk. Kida moaned Shizuo's name…Wait….Who! Why in the seven hells would he call Shizuo's name when himself, Izaya was the one who was causing him to feel like this?

Izaya stopped his movements and opened his mouth to demand an explanation when a rough hand grabbed his elbow.

"Wha…? Shizu-chan, what do you think yo-"

Izaya was cut off in the middle of his sentence when he was pulled off Kida and pushed towards the side of the room. He stumbled at the force of the push and turned around only to stare and watch as Shizuo swiftly took his place between Kida's legs and entered the smaller blond without any preparation. When his mind caught up with what his eyes were seeing, Izaya finally realized what Kida had done…That little devil…! He knows how his moans affect Shizu-chan and he took advantage of it…! Since Izaya had dragged him into that game that was going on between the three of them the kid had definitely gotten bolder and had learned to get what he wanted. Izaya was almost proud of the boy…almost…if only he had used his newly acquired skills in another situation…Now because of this, Izaya was left out of the action. Oh, Kida will definitely be punished at a later date…

Izaya pouted silently as he watched Shizuo push repeatedly into Kida, both of their voices echoing in the room. He had to admit that they made a very sexy picture…Shizuo driving into Kida and the smaller blond twisting and moaning from pleasure beneath him…Hmm… An idea came to him and the sheer thought of it made Izaya grin like a madman… This was going to be so interesting~. He looked around, searching for his phone. Hmm…Where were his pants again? Oh, over there! Izaya walked to them, the grin still plastered to his face and leaned down to pick up the article. He took a quick look at Shizuo and Kida and was delighted to find that they hadn't noticed a thing. Perfect~! He rummaged trough his pockets and finally took out his phone.

He turned off the sound just in case and turned on the camera…now time to record the action… Izaya grinned and turned the phone towards the two on the floor. They were completely obvious to his actions and Izaya was glad for that, because otherwise he was sure that neither Shizuo nor Kida would be very happy with him… But anyway…He noticed that he was a good distance away and they were too small on the screen. Izaya licked his lips and pressed the zoom button…

Izaya moved around the room, wanting to try different angles. After circling them once, he concluded that the best view was from the front, but there was one tiny detail missing. While Izaya was able to capture Kida's face while he was in the peak of his pleasure, Shizu-chan's face was completely focused on Kida, never once looking up, and there was no way for Izaya to record it. It made Izaya move even closer to them and call to Shizuo.

"Shizu-chaaaan~, look up~!"

Shizuo was so focused on Kida that he had completely forgotten that the flea was also in the room… His head snapped up when Izaya called his name…Huh? Look up, for what? All he needed to see at the moment was Kida as he was writing in pleasure beneath him. The boy really knew how to make heated faces and those moans were driving Shizuo insane…Despite his reluctance his body moved automatically, because his head snapped up and his eyes focused on the shiny black backside of Izaya's phone…


What did the damn flea think he was doing? Shizuo could feel a few veins popping out on his temple. What did Izaya think he was doing? There was no way he was going to let Izaya keep this video! The last thing he needed was the flea blackmailing him… He eyed the distance between Izaya and himself. Shizuo could see that the flea was enjoying this, as Izaya was moving the phone, trying to take everything that Shizuo and Kida were doing and feeling. Shizuo leaned forward, unintentionally thrusting harder in Kida and making him moan louder. He slapped the phone out of Izaya's hands and it fell somewhere with a thud.

"That's….ought to…teach…you…damn flea!"

Shizuo managed to gasp out between pants. He saw Izaya pout sulkily at him, but again focused his whole attention to Kida. His cheeks were flushed and he was taking deep rapid breaths. Shizuo leaned forward and captured Kida's red lips for another kiss. The boy responded immediately and their tongues met for a heated battle. Both moaned into the kiss and Shizuo fastened his pace, earning him more moans from the smaller blond.

Just as Shizuo was about to grab Kida's member, he felt something slick enter him…What? He instinctively whipped around, while his hips jerked forward, trying to get away from the invading finger. He heard Kida moan his name, before everything tightened around his own member, but Shizuo fought the pleasure trying to stay focused on turning around. He managed to hit Izaya with his elbow and he could hear the other falling to the floor.

Kida was beginning to get back to his senses. The fog that had settled into his mind finally began lifting. He felt Shizuo pulling out, and he was about to open his mouth and ask whether or not he was finished, but he realized how out of breath his was and focused on his breathing. Oh well… Whatever it was that had made Shizuo jerk forward like that, Kida was immensely grateful for it…

Izaya frowned when Shizuo slapped his phone out of his hands and his eyes followed the black device as it slid to the floor on the other end of the room. Jeez, couldn't Shizuo keep anything electronic that was near him intact for more than 3 minutes? And this phone was expensive too! Not that Izaya didn't have the money, but if it was broken, he'd definitely annoy Shizu-chan into paying for a new one. When another moan broke the silence in the room Izaya's attention was back on the problem at hand…he was feeling excluded again. Izaya pouted at the thought that Shizu-chan wouldn't even let him take a video of them…How boring and upright, Shizu-chan… Izaya pouted to himself, but then the pout transformed into a grin when another idea came to him…Well Izaya would be included…One way or another… He looked around for the lube, and grinned when he saw it on the desk near him. He coated his own fingers with it and silently sneaked behind Shizuo. Well Shizu-chan deserved it if he wasn't going to share Kida-chan at all.

Despite the fact that some part of his brain was screaming that what he was about to do was downright suicidal, Izaya happily ignored it in favor of extracting his revenge on Shizu-chan… Izaya stopped behind Shizuo very quietly, trying not to alert the blond of his presence. Without a warning, he sneaked the coated finger inside of Shizuo. The blond tensed at the intrusion, then jerked forward in surprise. Izaya grinned as he heard Kida moan Shizuo's name. What a chain reaction… How interesting~… Izaya looked at Kida's face briefly when the small blond finally reached his orgasm. Izaya was a bit distracted by the sight, which enabled Shizuo to elbow him harshly, causing Izaya to lose his balance and land on the floor. He pouted, but made himself get up as fast a possible, his mind reminding him that he had just stepped into a forbidden territory.

Shizu-chan is always so stubborn!

What was wrong with bottoming once in a while, and Shizuo hadn't done so in a long time…

"Izaaaaaaya-kuuuun~ "Izaya saw Shizuo pulling out of Kida and turning around to face him, "What did you think you're doing, you damn flea?" Shizuo got up and popped his fingers at him, and Izaya felt a shiver going down his spine… He didn't wait for a warning, he simply sprinted towards the door as he was, stark naked.

He could hear Shizuo yelling after him, but Izaya was too busy focusing on the running, not on what Shizu-chan had said…

Shizuo was incredibly annoyed, no he hadn't felt that annoyed in months! The damn flea had dared to try fuck him! Oh he was going to pay! Shizuo popped his fingers and asked Izaya what he was doing, but the flea's answer was to shoot towards the door. Hmm, so he was going to try to run? It was futile! There was no way that Shizuo was going to let him get away now! No damn way! Shizuo could feel his face twisting into that grin as he mentally prepared himself for their chase. Shizuo sprinted after Izaya with every intention of catching the flea and teaching him a lesson!

At first Kida was just trying to regain his breath, but then he was left speechless of the scene that unfolded in front of his eyes.


What the hell just happened? Did they just start running around my school…naked…What the hell? Then he remembered what Shizuo had said and his mind came to the only possible conclusion – Izaya had tried to top Shizuo…. The thought made Kida laugh. Not that it was not possible, but Kida was sure that if it was to happen it was going to be under completely different circumstances. Damn, but thank whoever was up there that Izaya had decided to do that after Kida had finished! Someone was really going to die if he had been denied his orgasm for the second time!

After that Kida relaxed, tried to level his breathing, because he was sure that those two would be back after awhile. Kida was positive that Izaya would be fucked whenever he was caught. After a few moments he finally gathered enough strength to get up. He sat up and looked around. Oh nooooo!

Why the hell did it have to be this room! Now he was doomed to fail this subject forever! Kida was silently panicking for the next fifteen minutes or so. When the door was finally swung open Shizuo walked inside, followed by a limping Izaya. When Shizuo noticed his expression, the blond asked in concern.

"What is wrong?"

"Why, why did it have to be the biology classroom?"

The week after the event Kida sat in the same biology classroom trying to take his biology re-sit. He answered the questions as quickly as possible and exited the room stiffly, trying to keep the mental images out of his head. Unsuccessfully might he add. He was unable to concentrate in that room anyway. All he could think was what happened in that damned room during the High School Anniversary party. The images popped into his mind whenever he waked past the room, and let's not talk about when he had to enter.

He had had to suffer hard-on's every time he had biology. It was his worst subject, too! He was so going to blame Izaya and Shizuo if he failed the re-sit exam! It was their fault…Somehow!

The End

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