The music ended. The pack's ears, not used to the silence, rang aggravatingly. Only Seth made a reaction, pouting.

"Ouch." He whispered, rubbing at his ear.

The blonde at the keyboard gave a rude sigh.

"What now? Can't you see that we're closed? Whatever you want better be pretty fucking important." She huffed, her long legs uncrossing and strutting towards the edge of the stage. She stood a few inches taller than Rosalie—which Rosalie noticed—which Rosalie was the slightest bit annoyed at.

"Oh, Emmanuel. Always so charming." The dirty-blonde haired boy laughed, drawling the word out sarcastically. 'Emmanuel' scowled at him.

"Yeah, Emmy, they look nice enough!" Said the boy at the bass. "Butterscotch eyes, creepy entourage of wolves." He smiled cheekily.

"The bigger one keeps staring at me." Remarked the drumming girl snarkily, giving a sweet yet cautious smile. Jacob reluctantly switched his glance to wall on the left, blushing.

"They're vampires, you guys. Not only are we closed, but if we weren't it's not as if they were going to buy anything. I can't even stand alcohol and I'm more human than all of them combined." Rosalie filled with pride. She was just so delightful.

"Ehem…" Spoke Carlisle. Their heads snapped to face him, their perfect faces, untrusting and untrustworthy. "My name is Carlisle, and this is my coven." The dirty-blonde hair boy laughed.

"You're coven includes wolves? Now that's just messed up." Carlisle was caught off guard by the similarities he had just noticed between him and the boy.

"No—no. Just the vampires. The vampires are my coven." He corrected himself, looking at the boy's shoes to avoid eye contact… with his own eyes.

"Ok. Well hi there, Carlisle. I'm Benjamin, this is Emmanuel, the enthralling young blonde, Alexa-"

"Alex, you dildo." Hissed the blonde boy.

"Whatever. And Renesme, the chick with the hair that looks like someone melted down a bunch of shiny new pennies. And this is our bar. Welcome. Be sure to buy something you'll pretend to eat to fool the goddamn humans." Esme glared at her son. He caught her eye, looking a little frightened.

"Language." She stated, raising her chin slightly. He looked genuinely apologetic.

"Sorry…" Renesme gave a little laugh.

"That's awesome. You made him cower like a little puppy." She gave a shill laugh, but stopped. "Oh. No offense." She said, turning to the wolves. Jacob looked up at her shyly from under his lashes.

"None taken." He murmured gruffly, flashing her a smile.

"Well… As I said I'm Carlisle, and this is my wife Esme. These are our children-" Alex cut him off.

"Alice, Bella, Edward, Emmett, Jasper, and Rosalie."

"You're such a show off. And was the alphabetical order really necessary?" Asked Emmanuel, her face lighting up as she teased him. He smiled at her.

"Only the best." He declared, putting down his bass and gulping down some water. She shook her head at him, giving a giggle.

"Who are they?" Asked Renesme, addressing Alex.

"Jacob, Leah, and Seth."

"Hey, that's like J.J.! Jacob Junior!" Said Benjamin, letting out a laugh. "Maybe this guy's your baby daddy, Nessie." Renesme rolled her eyes.

"There are plenty of people named Jacob in the world, you idiot." She squinted at him, as if she had just noticed something. "Holy shit, you're drunk." She declared in a voice screaming disappointment. "You little fucker." She said, her voice disbelieving.

"Jamie broke up with me." He said pouting, but his face showed no sorrow. Renesme rolled her eyes.

"Shocker. You know she isn't the one. You have that girl… what's-her-name… waiting for you on the outside." The Cullens and the pack began to back up. This was turning into a family matter extremely quickly.

"But that's the thing!" Exploded Benjamin, throwing his arms in the air, his guitar swinging hazardously around his neck. "I don't even know her name. You're lucky, it was pretty fucking obvious that you're man up there is named Jacob because your kid's name is fucking Jacob Junior. And so help me God I'm going to fight this stupid imprint thing… unless she turns out to be like, super hot or something."

"Ben…" Whispered Emmanuel, reaching out a touching his arm, her face a mask of fear and worry.

"Don't touch me." She hissed, storming off. He threw his guitar to the ground. Alex picked it up, placing it on an amp. He sighed. He turned to the Cullens, his smile obviously fake. He gestured to a table.

"Well… that was interesting. How would you like to take a seat?"

Well folks, there it is. Full of curses and what not, but hey, it's rated teen. I can do what I want.